Money Tree vs. Income Stream Concept

Creating a money tree that produces a healthy crop is a skill that can change your financial life. These money tree basics will give you a bountiful crop of consistent cash.

First, this is how to grow a financial money tree, not how to grow a physical money tree.

You may have heard somebody (probably a parent) say “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, but what do they know, they probably never had one.

Problems with the Multiple Income Streams Analogy

There’s a lot of talk about creating multiple streams of income, passive income, cash flow, etc. All that talk is great, we need more of it. But the other thing they say about talk is also true- talk is cheap. At some point, action has to become a factor.

Using the stream of income analogy is a great tool for training your mind to think in terms of passive income. If you ever want to be at a point where you are not trading time for money you must make this type of thinking a habit.

This is especially true if you want to get to earn 6-8 figures a year on the side.

But where does one find these magical and mythical income streams? You hear of people creating them… but how?

This is where the income stream analogy breaks down because it’s difficult to understand its point of origin. Where does a stream start? How does it begin? If you wanted to create a stream… where would you start?

However, the purpose of the income stream analogy is to help you think in terms of something that flows continuously. That’s how you want your finances to look, a steady stream of incoming money flowing into your bank account.

Sometimes it seems overwhelming when you are first staring off because you wonder how you could ever create that type of money stream.

Income Stream Simplification:
Create a Money Tree

money tree producing cashSince this site is dedicated to helping people build wealth from scratch, I want to challenge you to switch gears and think about this concept a little differently. This will help us reverse engineer the abstract idea of an income stream to the beginning.

Instead of a stream of income, try to picture a money tree that produces a cash crop. Just like a stream of cash would be continuous, so would the benefits of a money tree.

Every season the fruit (money) could be harvested and deposited in your bank account… season, after season, after season.

With this analogy, it’s a lot easier to trace it back to its beginning. Where does a plant that produces fruit have its beginning?

sunflower seeds in a handIn a seed, of course.

Let’s pretend that your current cash (capital for investing) equals seed for your money tree. It’s your job to find some fertile land (an opportunity) to sow and plant that seed (your cash).

Still with me?

From there, you must nurture and grow the seed with the intent of eventually producing a crop that yields a harvest (money and income). You then continue to plant seeds until eventually you have an entire orchard of money trees that produce cash crops year in and year out.

You have no idea how potent one idea, some sweat equity, and just a little bit of seed (money) can be.

You can create a crop that multiplies that first seed exponentially. But you must plant and nurture those first seeds or nothing will ever happen. Nothing happens until a seed is planted.

If you want to create massive wealth, you must discipline yourself to replant all the new seeds your crop produces. Think about it.

If a man planted an orange and grew an orange tree in his back yard, he could take the seeds from the oranges and plant more trees over the years until eventually he would have more oranges than he could possibly use for himself or his family.

However, if he takes the fruit every year and uses it all, he will only ever have the oranges that his one tree produces.

Be sure as you begin building wealth that as your seeds produce a crop, you begin to plant more seeds in an effort to create an even more bountiful harvest!

Stick to that one principle and you will eventually have a virtual orchard of money trees that will all produce wealth for you year after year.

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Jason & Daniele

“You can count how many seeds are in an apple,
but not how many apples are in a seed”. Ken Kesey