Below are some of the network marketing tools and resources we use to build our business.

Over the years we’ve invested in quite a few programs for building our business. These include online and offline courses, books, training, and events.

Some were great and some were… well, not so great.

Some of the topics we’ve studied are the network marketing industry, marketing in general, affiliate sales, search engine optimization, social media marketing, prospecting, sales, and much, much more.

I frequently get asked…
where did you learn (this or that)?
How did you know how to (fill in the blank)?
Who do you follow for (fill in the blank)?
What’s the best tool for (fill in the blank)?

We thought it would be helpful to share the most beneficial resources with you.

The truth is, we’ve pretty much built our business following a simple 3-step process:

  1. Learn from Somebody
  2. Implement the Idea or Strategy
  3. Evaluate the Results

After all the programs, books, online tools, etc. that we’ve been through, these resources are our favorites. They’re the ones we use consistently and have gotten the best results from.

We will update this page as we find other useful network marketing, personal development, and business resources so take a moment right now to bookmark this page so you can come back to it in the future.

To be totally transparent, some of these are affiliate links so if you’re considering a tool, we would love to have you support this site by ordering it through one of these links.

But either way, thank you for checking it out. If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to reach out to us.

SIDE NOTE: We only endorse products that we have used and benefited from personally.

(That means we have used or are currently using every tool listed below)


Email List Builder Tools

Sumo– This is my go to. One powerful tool. Many powerful options.

It’s easy to navigate. It’s intuitive. It’s easy to implement. And it works!

My email list grew by 40% the first 10 days I started using this tool!

Keep in mind that I had already had traffic, but this tool helped me capitalize on that traffic.

Adding Sumo was like flipping a switch on email capture from “off” to “on”.

You may have different results, depending on the amount and type of traffic you have.

Basically, you can create forms, exit intent popups (hey, they work), static sign up bars, social sharing icons, and much more.

If you’re serious about the “marketing” part of your business, this is the tool that can help you build a list.

Once you have the list, you can follow up using a good email system like mailchimp.

The fortune is in the follow up.
The fortune is in the list.
Grow your list.
Consistently follow up.
Sponsor new reps.

It’s that simple.


Email List Management

MailChimp– Again, only one recommendation here. We’ve used mailchimp for awhile.

It’s simple and easy to use. It’s also quite reasonably priced and it’s FREE until you get a few thousand people on your email list.


Flipping Land

Okay, this has nothing to do with network marketing.

However, if you’ve been on our site for long, you may have stumbled on a few of my most popular posts that mention my side hobby- Land Flipping.

It’s one of my favorite ways to generate extra income and many of my regular readers have asked about it.

If you have extra cash or it’s starting to pile up from your mlm commissions, this is one of my top 5 ways of flipping that cash.

If you decide to go down this road, the land flipper course is an intensive study on how to do it.

From finding the land, to developing the land for maximum profits, to selling the land – This course covers it all.

If you use the coupon code ‘WEALTHANIZE‘ you’ll get a steep discount.

Buy The LandFlipper Course Here

The program has been climbing in price over the last few months, so you may want to act fast if it’s something you’re interested in.

Network Marketing Books

Looking for personal development?

Head on over to our list of the best books for network marketers.

There you’ll find all our favorite reads in the following categories:

Network Marketing Business Building Books
Leadership Books
Sales and Marketing Books
Books for Spiritual Development
Books for Men
Motivation & Mindset Books
Business & Entrepreneurship Books
Books on Influence & Communication
Other Good Books (that don’t fit one of those categories)

It’s no secret… personal growth and learning is a key component to business growth.
Never stop learning and if you’re on a budget, books are the cheapest way to keep learning.


Prospecting and Recruiting

Cesar L. Rodriguez, one of the biggest names in the industry and certainly one of the most prolific prospectors.

Casar started where many of us do, fired up and excited, but shooting blanks.

He quickly learned that he needed a mentor and turned to one of the top recruiters in his company.

After convincing the guy to let him shadow and follow him around, he picked up a few techniques.

Over the years he’s continuously worked on his skills as a prospector.

That’s the kicker.

It didn’t come easy or natural for him. Maybe his story is kind of like yours. It was hard for him in the beginning.

But he kept at it, kept learning, kept growing, and kept improving.

After prospecting thousands of people (literally, it’s documented), over many years and climbing the ranks of his company, he finally came out with a course.

The thing that’s different and so helpful about his course is that it’s done reality show style.

Hidden cameras, REAL cold market prospecting, and play by play follow up and commentary.

Company events are powerful.
Rah-rah and motivation has it’s place.
But without learning the tactics and strategies, it’s kind of pointless.

I could get my 8-year old daughter pumped up and excited about driving.

But if I give her the keys and send her off to drive, there will be disaster… GUARANTEED.
Regardless of how much I explained to her before she left, it would end bad.

As soon as I saw Cesar’s program, my background as an educator kicked in.


Because research shows that people learn in 3 ways: 
1. From Hearing (information, lecture, etc.)
2. From Modeling or Seeing (actually watching somebody do it)
3. From doing and practicing.

The 1st is the least powerful, the last is the most powerful.

The middle is where Cesar’s program is and it’s the missing piece of the puzzle for most network marketers.

It’s kind of like golf.

If you practice before you learn technique, you’ll form bad habits that are hard to break and if you’re never taught correct form… well, you may never break those habits and never be as good as you could be.

If you’ve exhausted your list of friends and family you only have a few options.

One is quit. You can always quit.

But if you’re committed and have already drawn that invisible line in the sand and said “I will make this happen”, then you’ve got to develop yourself and your skills.

The fastest and most efficient way to generate leads and recruit more is through active cold market prospecting.

The fastest and most efficient way to learn those skills is by going through Cesar’s Course.


Online Marketing & SEO

This section is full of great industry leaders, experts, and teachers in the online marketing space.

The majority of the success I’ve had online can be attributed to those listed in this section.

Who is Neil Patel?

Neil Patel– If you’re just getting started in online marketing you’re probably thinking… “Neil Patel? Who is Neil Patel?”

But if you’ve been in this space for any length of time and you don’t know who Neil Patel is, then you’ve been spending your time consuming the wrong content.

Neil Patel has played an integral part in building companies and software such as HelloBar, KISSmetrics, CrazyEgg, Ubersuggest, and QuickSprout.

The great thing about Neil is that his strategy (as far as I can tell) is to help and teach others what works and what doesn’t, as well as offer valuable tools to help businesses grow.

He believes if he does those things often and well, the revenue will come.

It’s the old Zig Ziglar mentality, “If you help enough other people get what they want, then you can have everything you want”.

He focuses on teaching you how to grow your business through effective marketing and SEO.

He’s not in the network marketing niche, just general business and effective online business practices.

Plus, he’s always running fun (and expensive) experiments to see what actually works.

Smart Passive Income: Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is the creator of the website Smart Passive Income.

He’s well known for being one of the first people to publish his income reports, where he documents the income generated by his site.

Aside from being very authentic and very knowledgeable, Pat also motivates me because he allows me to see the possibilities of the network marketing industry.

How can that be when he’s not in network marketing?

Well, it used to be, that not only did the top earners make the most money from their primary multi-level marketing (mlm) company, but they were also the only ones who made extra income marketing products.

At this point, there’s not a leader I know of in the network marketing profession who has completely figured out how to combine online sales and revenue with building a network marketing team.

Most the big mlm trainers are former network marketers and coaches who no longer build teams.

Imagine combining the power of internet monetization with your primary company compensation plan.

Pat Flynn’s Income Reports give you a good picture of what is possible on the product and training side.

His teachings and trainings will help you learn how to be more profitable as well as grow your audience.

Brandon Gaille: The Blog Millionaire

Brandon Gaille focuses on how to create business revenue through blogging and content marketing.

His most valuable content for me has come from his podcast and his personal website, where he documents his journey and the findings of his experiments.

In his journey to 1 million monthly visitors, Brandon has learned a thing or two about marketing and SEO.

If you’re planning anything more than moderate success from your network marketing business (in other words, you want to build an empire), then you must master the art of marketing.

It’s my belief that we live in a time of huge opportunity for our profession.

Network marketing is just beginning to grow up. It’s beginning to mature. Companies are beginning to use proven compensation models instead of experimenting on their distributors.

It’s the industry that was one a boy and is slowly becoming a man.

Franchising went through the same basic developmental process.

If you learn to leverage social media, YouTube, and content marketing, your potential reach becomes virtually limitless.

Network marketing is still a numbers game. He (or she) who shares what they are doing with the most people wins.

But now technology allows anybody (yes, even you) to leverage the internet to build faster, recruit more, and amplify your results.

For example, here are my unique visitor counts for this website in the last 6 months.

99% of that traffic is organic traffic that I earned by ranking on Google.

I accomplished this using the strategies openly shared by Pat FlynnNeil Patel and Brandon Gaille.

That’s 5,015 unique visitors so far this month who have been exposed to what I am doing!

When was the last time you shared information about your business (you can count even the tiniest comment) to 5,000+ people in one month?

Unless you’re using the same type of content marketing strategies as I am, your answer is probably “never”.

I highly recommend you follow and learn from all three of these marketing experts/SEO geniuses.

If you don’t, you’re slowing your growth.


Keyword Research Tools

Not all keyword research tools are created equal.

Some work better than others. Some you may just like better.

Online software is like people, sometimes you just like one better than the other.

Maybe you like the design or usability.
Maybe you don’t have a reason… you just like it better.

So make sure before you pay for any that you check them all out and see what you prefer.

Whatever the case, you won’t grow you online presence without mastering keyword research and search engine optimization.

SEMrush (My #1 Pick)

SEMRush– I’m going to just say this bluntly and you can agree or disagree if you want.

If you are NOT using SEMrush for the majority of your keyword research… then you’re doing it wrong!

Harsh statement, I know.

So now you’re thinking “but you just said that some of these fit different people better than others”.

That is true… in the beginning.

Once you decide to enter the competitive arena, you need to be driving the right car.

I don’t care how much a racer likes his luxury SUV, it won’t win him a medal in the Indy 500.

It will be comfortable while he’s driving it, but winning a race isn’t what it was designed for.

If you’re in a professional race, you better be driving an engine built for performance and a car that can handle it.

SEMrush is that car.

It is hands down the most powerful keyword research tool on the market today.

I know, it’s a bit pricey.

But just like everything else in life, you get what you pay for.

Whether you’re doing keyword research, backlink research, studying your competitors, or just about anything else you can think of, SEMrush can handle it.

Plus, you want an online research tool that’s accurate.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

Whatever you’re doing or trying to do online, SEMrush should be a key component.

If it’s not, then you are doing it WRONG and your results (even if good), aren’t what they could be.

I’ve got some other options listed below. If you can afford it though, go with SEMrush.

It’s outperforms the other options and their data is super reliable.

You can do a few searches for free, so give it a shot right now if you’ve never used it.

Keyword Finder– This is a great resource. They have a free option and a few paid options.

It’s probably the easiest to use with the simplest layout. It’s user friendliness is fantastic. To be honest, this is the Platinum Pathfinder edition of keyword research. It’s fun, easy to use, and simple to understand.

However, I’ve found an occasional hiccup with their keyword difficulty score.

Sometimes it ranks keyword phrases easier than I think they should be.

Other times, phrases are ranked harder than they probably should be.

I’m sure they have their own way of evaluating ranking difficulty, but their ranking parameters don’t always line up with my estimation.

In addition, for the past few months it often delivers an error message saying that they are too overloaded so free users access has been limited.

If it wasn’t for these reasons, it would actually be my top pick. But because of those reasons, it’s not my top recommendation. For the beginner though, it’s a pretty easy place to start.

Ubersuggest– This one is not my favorite either. It’s 3rd on this list because it’s my 3rd favorite.

BUT… (and this is a big but),

Ubersuggest is in the early stages of development.

It’s one of Neil Patel’s babies and I have full faith that when he’s done building it out, it will be as good (or better) than SEMrush.

To top that off, my understanding is that Neil is planning to make it free.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

As of this writing, I would consider it a great free option, but I wouldn’t put it up there with SEMrush quite yet.

If you’re looking for the most robust and the best results, use SEMRush.

These are the top shelf tools for growing your organic traffic.