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Finally, A Facebook Marketing Strategy that Works

Facebook is the social media giant right now, so you need to leverage a Facebook marketing strategy that works if you want your business to grow fast.

By learning to leverage a solid Facebook marketing strategy to attract interested prospects to your business, you can change everything.

Change your outcomes.
Change your destiny.
Change your life.
Change your world!

If you read and apply these social media strategies for 90 days (maybe less), it could change your life forever.

For a long time, this information was only available to my email subscribers as an e-boook called SECRET MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR FACEBOOK, where I showed my subscribers exactly what to do and how to do it.

Now I’m sharing that information with the world.

Right now is the best time to utilize Facebook marketing ads because it will only get harder and more expensive as time marches on.

Lastly, this was written to help people in the network marketing industry generate leads.

If you’re NOT in the network marketing industry, no problem. This Facebook marketing strategy will work to generate leads for any type of business.

Just skip over the words network marketing and apply it to whatever industry you’re in.

Alright, it’s time to get comfortable, grab a notepad and pen, and let’s get started.

Here’s an overview of what you will find in this post.

  1. Our Story: The Beginning
  2. The Truth about Network Marketing
  3. The Most Common Lie About Network Marketing
  4. Our Story- 10 Years Later
  5. The Tipping Point When Everything Changed

Our Story: The Beginning

My name is Jason and my wife’s name is Daniele. We have four children and 1 dog.

Here is a family photo, taken at a downtown fountain in our home city.
You’ve probably have some pictures like this of your own.

Everyone is hot & tired, the photographer is trying to get the perfect shot, us boys are ready to go home…

A picture is a powerful thing.

Don’t forget this because later I’m going to show you step by step how to change your financial future with a picture and a story.

Let me go back to the beginning.

I got into network marketing soon after college and shortly after starting my career as a teacher.

I was told all I had to do was find two people, they would find two… and you know the drill.

I didn’t know enough about human nature or the industry to know that people talk a good game, but relatively few take action.

I found my two, they did nothing.
So I found two more and again… nothing.

Long story short, I went on over the next few years to find 38 people to join me in that company.

Most those people didn’t do anything, but some did.

I made some good money working with the few people who did do something.

We’ll call them the “Do’ers”.

The people who brought their “A” game and weren’t afraid to put up or shut up.

The ones that were willing to get off the sidelines and get their jersey dirty.

That first run wasn’t life changing, but it proved to me that the mlm business model works if you do, regardless of what your friends and family say.

Years later, my best friend and I were talking about that time period of my life.

When he found out how much I was making in that company he seemed surprised.

His comment was “no wonder you kept doing it… I always wondered why you were still working on it”.

The funny thing is, you’re never a prophet in your own land.

I told him what was going on when it was happening because I was in his downline and kept telling him he needed to build his other leg (we were in a binary compensation plan).

But people hear what they want to.
That’s a different story for another day.

The Truth in MLM

All that experience, combined with all my mlm research made me understand a few things.

The truth is, to make the really big money in network marketing you have to do one or two things well (or both).

Option #1: Be a charismatic salesperson and master recruiter. Enroll lots of people quickly.

Of those you enroll, some will have the courage, hunger, ambition, and tenacity to build the business.

That’s where the growth and your large income will come from….   It will come from a small few.

Option #2: Somehow get people to replicate what you do (even if it’s a little).

Then you’ll have a lot of people doing a little bit of work and growth will be organic and massive.

In the network marketing industry, this is typically referred to as duplication and it can create large empires.

However, it’s the false belief that this happens easily or automatically that lures people into the industry with false expectations.

The other hard truth is that nobody will ever have 100% duplication.
It just won’t happen.
The numbers won’t even be close.

The MLM Lie

There’s a myth in network marketing that people are lazy and just aren’t willing to do the work.

I disagree.

People are willing to work AND work hard for what they believe in and want bad enough.

I know, I tried as hard as I could the first time I went down this path.

The problem was, I didn’t have the time or personal capacity to put in 100-200+ people.

I just didn’t.

No training or rah-rah meeting was going to change my ability or capacity in the near future.

Plus, it’s not what I signed up for.

I signed up for 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = massive results.

What I needed and wanted was for the network marketing model to work as well FOR REAL as it does on paper.

I needed a “system” to help others, as cliché as it sounds.

So I searched around.

Unfortunately, I found that every time a guru talked about a system for building a downline, it really wasn’t a system.

It was either buy their product for $399 (or some other arbitrary price) or buy their tool to help me enroll people (and usually the tool came at a price).

Shouldn’t the “system” be included as part of the process?

After all, the better everyone does, the more everyone succeeds and the more everyone makes.

The problem is, most the big earners are charismatic and try as they may, they can’t replicate or teach their personality to others.

In fact, all the “systems” I found could be summed up like this:

Buy my tool or “system”…. THEN:
Talk to more people.
Enroll more people.
Help more people.

My tool IS the system and it will magically create duplication & results.

Yeah, okay McFly.

Thanks… forgive my sarcasm but the best “tool” in the world doesn’t give people the courage to talk to people.

What would give people the confidence to talk to somebody is to see a system that would really work.

But Alas! I didn’t find the answer at that time.
Then the mortgage crisis came.
My business fell apart from the bottom up.
When it wasn’t profitable anymore, I walked away.

So ended my journey into network marketing… or so I thought.

Our Story: 10 Years Later

After vowing to never do network marketing again and ten years of clocking in on the job, I grudgingly admitted to myself that I MUST do something else.

I wasn’t getting any younger and I was basically in the same place financially, just ten years older.

I started searching for an opportunity again. What did I find?

Well, the biggest potential with the lowest risk, was still network marketing… go figure.

So I reluctantly got involved in this industry one more time.

But… something had changed.

Yes, I changed.

I was successful in my career, had better contacts, and had some leadership experience.

But a more important change had occurred over the past 10 years.

A technological and societal change.
While I was asleep at the wheel, the world had changed.

It got smaller.
The reach of the average person had grown.

So I started to build again, but this time I went in with my eyes wide open.

I knew what to expect this time around.
More importantly, I knew what NOT to expect.

I decided to focus on really figuring out what’s necessary to cause the domino effect (duplication and massive growth).

I needed to be able to create success with my personal recruits and make it so simple they could teach the same thing in a way that would make people want to at least try it before giving up.

If I could figure that out, I could change the lives of everyone who joined us and we would be working smarter, not harder.

Since the world had changed so much in 10 years, I vowed to try everything and figure out what actually works, then help others do the same.

So I scoured the internet looking for anything and everything about prospecting, recruiting, and generating leads.

I watched webinars.
I listened to podcasts.
I read books.
I went to events.
I literally went on an epic search for the answer as if I was solving a puzzle.

AND- I tried everything!

Here’s My First Experiments and Corresponding Results:

  • Make a list, talk to all my friends and family (I got roughly the same results as 10 yrs. earlier)
  • Cold calling (zero enrollments from this)
  • Phone purchased leads (lost money i.e…. no enrollments)
  • The 90 Day “Blitz” (that’s where you talk to so many people that you enroll 20 per month, thus creating massive momentum that carries you like a tidal wave to the top of your compensation plan!!….)
    ….Well, my results were so bad I won’t even share them here
  • Paid Advertising (lost my money)
  • Direct Mail (ended up just being another expensive experiment)
  • Sending a video link to prospects instead of driving all over town (Epic Fail)
  • Posting free ads to Craigslist and Backpage (Another Epic Fail & my ads got “ghosted” by craigslist)
  • Attraction Marketing via a blog (Success… but very time and labor intensive!)
  • Facebook ads to drive traffic to a lead capture page (Lost more money)
  • Facebook Conversions with a pixel to track conversions (Lost even more money to the tune of $250 per ad)

Nothing was working easy enough to be a system I could share with somebody.

I was about ready to quit or just plug along enrolling people over time and hope for the best.

But HOPE is NOT a strategy!

Then, something happened….

The Tipping Point When Everything Changed

I was watching a webinar meant to sell me something.

It was 2 hours long!
Yes, one of those.

I didn’t have time to watch that much fluff!

So I fast forwarded through most of it, stopping at different points along the way.

One of those stopping points gave me a nugget that didn’t have anything to do with whatever they were selling.

BUT, combined with all the learning (and spending) I had done on social media advertising, it triggered something in my thought process.

It made all the pieces come together.

Right there, laying in my bed, staring at a cheesy video, I had a breakthrough!

I realized immediately that everything just changed.

I called my wife from the other room. “Why didn’t I think of this sooner!”

I was excited and I hadn’t been excited in this industry in a long time.

How had I missed it for so long?

I missed it because it was soooo simple.


If you’ve tried network marketing before without success, keep reading.

The Secret Facebook Marketing Strategy that Works

What I’m about to share is exactly how you can build a network marketing business that grows organically AND do it without friends and family.

Keep in mind, this is just one online method of creating leads.

This entire process you will be talking to people who are interested in doing what you’re doing.

In fact, they will ask for the information.

If they aren’t interested or give you a hard time, forget them and move on. You don’t need them.

Desperation breeds ineffectiveness. Click To Tweet

It only takes a few people replicating this to have a large and massive group (a.k.a substantial paycheck).

The key is to make sure your team knows how to do this.
Maybe they implement it, maybe they don’t.
But teach them how and let them decide.

That’s the key… your team.

If somebody isn’t enrolled and hasn’t ordered product, don’t teach them or give them this system.

If you do, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.

It’s what differentiates you from everyone else on Facebook.

This method will get lots of people to raise their hands, but some of them will want to know the how in order to apply it to their own networking business.

The HOW is the secret!

It’s why there are gurus who sell programs like this for hundreds of dollars.

I don’t sell it, but I do give it away because if I add enough value to people, I know it will come back to me.

That being said, here’s my secret Facebook Marketing Strategy Formula.
What you do, step by step, from beginning to end.

Keep in mind that things, images, screenshots, and details change.

Some things work and stop working, some details don’t work and then do.

The key is to always be experimenting, learning, and growing.

So these instructions might not be exactly the same when you get them.

But you can figure it out if you’re determined to.

Move forward every day and have fun!

If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong!


 Step 1: Create a Business Page of Facebook

The first thing you’ll do is log into Facebook from a desktop.

This will make it easier to use than trying to do everything from your phone.

  • Go to your Home Screen:

  • On the bottom left of your screen- Click “Page” to create a page

  • Click Company, Organization, or Institution

  • Follow the prompts to Create your Page

 * It’s important to read and understand Facebooks Terms of Service.

**They can and will change them over time. You definitely don’t want to violate their terms of service or they can shut your advertising down. We’ll talk a little more about that later.

*** Also, don’t start inviting your friends to this page. This page is for advertising and once you start getting results, you can confidently approach your friends and family.

That confidence will be contagious.

Step 2: Facebook Marketing Requires Engagement

Understanding the Facebook Algorithm- Choosing the Right Picture

For your Facebook marketing strategy to work, you have to understand that the Facebook algorithm gives weight to engagement.

When people interact with the ad (likes, shares, comments, etc), Facebook sees it as more relevant.

That’s why things “go viral”.

A lot of people start sharing it and not only does it get more eyeballs, but it also flags to Facebook that it’s more relevant content than other stuff out there.

When you create an ad you will choose what you want to optimize it for.

You can help the algorithm by choosing an engaging picture (even better- experiment with videos).

I like funny or lively candid pictures.

Remember, what works is what works. Do what is effective.

Sometimes things will surprise you in their effectiveness or ineffectiveness, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Also, these should be your own pictures.

You’re asking people to get involved in building a team with you so use your own pictures.

This is one picture I’ve used in the past with moderate success.

Anything that is funny, interesting, or creates curiosity can be a great picture to use.

It also helps when you tell an engaging story, which is the 2nd part of this facebook marketing strategy.

People like stories.
Think about it.
You’ve been reading this post and it’s not a short one.
You’re halfway through my material and I started off with a story.

Remember: What’s effective is what works. Stories Sell. 

So be sure to use stories as part of your Facebook marketing strategy.

Step 3: Share a Story in Your Marketing Strategy & Encourage Engagement

Next, you want to share a little bit about the picture you choose in order to draw the reader in.

Remember, Facebook will cut the text off to show the picture (see below).

You want the wording to be as engaging as possible to encourage people to click on “see more”.

The key is to be authentic and tell a story that describes a little about the picture and about what you’re doing.

Then dovetail into your products or business.

Finally, you’ll encourage anybody who is interested in learning more to comment.

Just like the pictures, you’ll need to experiment and explore what works best.

This is all about experimenting and running tests to see what works.

Once something works well, share it with your team and so everyone can replicate it in their own advertising.

Note: Don’t break Facebook rules, terms, or conditions!

When you finish your post and finally submit it to Facebook, it will go into review.
During the review process, it will either get approved or denied.

Your aim should be to get them all approved.
DO NOT walk the line with this.
The penalty (account shutdown) is too fierce.
There is no gray area.

Let’s take some time to focus on the DON’Ts for your Facebook Marketing Strategy:

  • Don’t say anything that suggests Facebook is endorsing anything. I wouldn’t even use the word “facebook” in any of the writing. Just use “social media”
  • Don’t promote network marketing directly. Use Home Business or another phrase.
  • Don’t guarantee that anybody will get any specific result.
  • Don’t do before/after pictures (yes, those work well, but not having a Facebook account because you stepped over the line would be considered an ineffective strategy).
  • Don’t leave or give a negative user experience

(this is all open to interpretation and constantly changing. If you’re unsure, just don’t do it)

Below is my full text of the ad that went with the above picture so you can get a rough idea and template to start with.


The girl flashing “deuces” is my daughter.

Technically, she’s my stepdaughter, I came into her life when she was just 3 years old though so she’s family to me.

I’ve tried to teach her to always be authentic and true to herself.

I tried to instill in her the value of hard work, perseverance, and never giving up on your dreams.

When she was younger, I started a home business and had moderate success.

But I wasn’t able to give her and my family the freedom I so desperately wanted.

At some point along the journey, I lost my mojo.

I quit recruiting because nobody seemed to want it as much as me and I could never attain the holy grails of this industry (momentum and duplication).

I got tired of bugging friends and family so I tried direct mail- Too little return for too much spending.
I tried buying phone leads- same problem (and it sucked).

Eventually, I fell away.
I vowed I would never have a home based business again.

But the fire inside never died.

Time passed and the world changed.
I decided to get involved again and this time I knew technology had changed the game.

I just needed to figure it out.

I went to the internet.
I tried online advertising.
I posted on Craigslist.
I tried social media.
I became an online social media creeper (Yuck! I know- the spam man).

None of it worked.
But I refused to quit.
I kept digging, searching, and trying.

Then one day I cracked the code and figured out the secret to not only getting prospects to reach out to me, but being able to teach them how to do the same thing.

Truth be told, I was overthinking it.
It was simpler than I imagined, as good solutions usually are.

I build teams. I’m not a “trainer”. I don’t have an affiliate program.
There is no course to buy. There is no webinar for you to sit through.

If you’ve tried and failed in the past, I’m telling you, there is a way.

And anybody can do it.
It can “duplicate”.

One of my favorite lines in the Rocky series is when Rocky Balboa gets back up, holds up a finger, and says “1 more round”.

I love that!

If you’re curious about what my team and I are doing to get results and think you might have 1 more round in you…then leave a unique comment below and I’ll be in touch…

I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible fulfill their dreams.

SIDE NOTE: Give me some time to get back to you. This isn’t an autoresponder, bot, or an overseas outsourced employee. It’s me, the guy in the picture.

I personally respond to everyone so don’t expect to be automatically redirected anywhere. That won’t happen. You just comment… and wait. I’m old fashioned like that.



That is the wording on one of the ads that I had some success with.

When people comment, it increased engagement and gave me the opportunity to reach out and share what I am doing with them.

Comments and engagement also drove my ad cost down.

You could set it up to share however you want.

As long as the market wants it and it’s crafted right, you should get some traction.

Step 4: Correctly “Boost” the Post

You’ve set up a post on your business page.

Now you’re going to market it using the “Boost Post” feature.

This is where the simplicity of this concept comes in.

You don’t need to set up intricate sales funnels or conversion pixels, etc.

They can help, but if you have a funnel it also has to be reviewed by Facebook.

It’s better to generate a lead and then share the link to your funnel with them via messenger.

Keep it simple.
Simple gets results.
Simple duplicates.
Simple Replicates.
Simple is Effective.
Simple is what you want.

The goal is to get people to express their interest by leaving a comment or reacting.

For best results, follow these Facebook marketing rules of thumb when you boost a post.

  • Make sure you Optimize for Engagement.

This will tell Facebook that your goal is to get people to engage with the post.

That is the result you want, so you want your Facebook marketing strategy to be focused on showing it to more people who are likely to engage.

Specifically, you want comments.

  • If you have the budget and the ability to respond back quickly, you could try to optimize for comments.
  • I don’t know how effective and/or expensive it would be because I haven’t experimented with that yet, but it’s worth a try.
  • Make sure “No Button” is selected.

  • Under Audience, Select “People you choose through targeting”
    and click “edit”

  • Here’s what I used for my ad, you can (and should) experiment to see what gets you the best results:
    1. Gender: All
    2. Age: 25+
    3. Location: Choose Your Home Country
    4. Interests: Multi-Level Marketing

  • Scroll Down to See Your Audience Size, then Click “Save”

  • Set Your Total Budget for $50.00 and a 7 Day Run Time

Things to Consider:

  • This budget and timeframe will give you a week to check how your ad is performing without spending too much.
  • You will typically get some results, even if the ad isn’t real good because the Facebook algorithm is great at what it does.
  • Some ads will give you exceptional results! Those are the ads you’re looking for.
  • When you find an ad that goes crazy, you can scale up by adding more dollars and days to your ad (before the ad runs out)
  • If your ad doesn’t do as well as you would like, the next week try creating a new one.

Optional: To speed up the process, you may run multiple ads but keep the budget and timeframe on all of them the same until you find one that rocks.

  • Keep in mind, in a binary compensation plan, you only need two personal people to replicate your results in order to get to large compensation checks.
  • The more people you get started, the more stability, speed, and growth you will have.

Step 5: Hurry up and Wait…

Patience is a Virtue.
Especially when it comes to Facebook Marketing.

Once you’ve started the ads, it’s time to hurry up and wait.

When you start any Facebook marketing strategy, the Facebook Algorithm is going to attempt to get the best results for you.

Let it do the work!

If you start and stop it, change things, turn it off and on, etc…. it will not produce quality results.

It will take at least 3-5 days before you start seeing the real results of each particular ad.

Don’t rush it, trust the system and trust the Facebook algorithm.

Basically, Facebook is taking the data from the group you targeted and seeing where it can get the best results.

This is what you want.
Again, let it work.

That’s also why you want a large audience size.

The larger the audience, the more data points the algorithm has to work with and the more effective it will be.

Remember, Facebook wants you to get positive results because if you do, you’ll spend more and do it again.

I can’t say this enough!

Let Facebook’s computer programmers earn their keep by allowing the Facebook machine do what it’s programmed to do!

While you’re waiting 3-5 days to see what’s going to happen, start learning about ad copy and marketing, Facebook strategies, etc.

Anything you think would help you.

Start planning your next ad.

Start Dreaming Again!

Step 5: Follow Up With Those Who Comment

After 3-5 days (maybe less) you should start seeing some comments pop up on your ad.

These are the results you’re looking for. More is good.

Let them know you’ll send them a message in the comments section (that’s important because your response is also counted as engagement and others see that you’re responsive).

Then send them a private message and start the conversation.

If you get some negative comments, don’t respond poorly and don’t get upset.

Regardless of how they respond, the fact they commented actually just saved you money because it pushes ad costs down.


Well, the Facebook algorithm can’t think (yet).

It doesn’t distinguish between a good and bad comment.

It just sees a comment as engaging, then it increases your ad’s relevancy score, (which makes it cheaper to run).

So in a way, even bad comments help you.

Follow up for your Facebook Marketing Strategy

When you follow up, get people on the phone if possible.

This is the ultimate goal.

When you reach out to those who commented, all you want is to “hop on the phone” with them and see if what you’re doing is right for them.

You don’t want to send a link or spam and you definitely don’t want to reveal all your secrets until after they sign up.

Signing up is how they commit and show they’re serious.

You just let them know that your Facebook marketing strategy (or whatever you’re promoting) is available only to your team.

Once on the phone, you can explain that you have a system they can plug into that is actually systematic.

You can and should explain that it involves a very simple but effective Facebook marketing strategy so they know they’ll need to spend some money on ads to get the best results.

If they’re willing to give it a shot and commit to 90 days, then they qualify.

Move on to the next step.

Click here to see how we share our opportunity with people.

Step 6: Enroll in appropriate autoship program

Once they’ve qualified and agreed that it’s worth giving a try, double check… make sure they know they will need to spend a little on Facebook ads to implement your strategy.

The recommendation is at least $50 per 7 days minimum, but they could stretch it out to $50 per 14 day period (roughly $100 a month minimum).

They could also spend more to go faster.

So they say they’re in?

Be sure to enroll them in your program.

Hopefully your program is a binary.

If it’s not, but you understand the potential of a binary, you are welcome to join our growing team.

Binaries are the easiest ones to create substantial income in.

There are many reasons for this, but one reason is they allow you to get hefty checks even if you don’t qualify for the higher “ranks”.

They also organically promote teamwork better than other compensation plans and allow for infinite spillover and infinite growth.

For an overview of the 4 basic compensation models, go about halfway down on this article.

Step 7: Share This Information

AFTER they enroll with you and order product, then (and only then) do you send them a link to this page.

It works better if you’re on our team, but if you’re not, just tell them you stumbled upon it, which is true.

The truth of it’s effectiveness will be that you’re talking to them.
Because they found you through the type of ad that I’m describing here.

Teach them to do the same thing with their people.

If you’re in a binary, you’re just two serious people away from changing your life!

You will have to enroll more than two people in order to find two serious builders… but now you know a Facebook marketing strategy you can use to find prospects all day long!

Don’t rush it.
Don’t be desperate.
Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Don’t rush it. Don’t be desperate. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Click To Tweet

If you weren’t taking action as you were reading this…



Lastly, we’d like to invite you to start a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jason & Daniele

I hope you found this post useful and helpful.
If so, I would love to hear about it.

If you’re looking for a way to replace your income working from home, consider reaching out to us to see if we’d be a fit for you.