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Best Network Marketing Company to Join in Kenya (Africa)

If you’re looking to join a network marketing company in Kenya, be careful you don’t pick the wrong company. Here is our top pick and the reasons why we believe it’s the best mlm opportunity that Kenya has to offer right now.

First a little backstory.

My sister and her husband spent many years as missionaries in Tanzania, Africa and my wife has a family member doing missionary work in Nairobi, Kenya.

We’ve noticed that a lot of our traffic and visitors come from Africa (mainly Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana).

For some reason, we happen to rank in that area of the world.

Not quite sure why, but if you happen to fall in that category, this post is for you.

I want to go over what we believe to be the best network marketing company to join in Kenya and those surrounding countries.

Let’s Get Started…

Overview of Network Marketing in Kenya

First, let’s consider the market.

This post is relevant to each of the 4 countries we currently get visitors from (Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana), as well as some of the surrounding countries.

I want to highlight some key components of the area because they should be a factor of the decision making process.

On a worldwide scale, Africa is the 2nd largest and most populous continent, 2nd only to Asia (1). Kenya has the 27th highest population in the world, sitting at just over 52 million people (2).

This means the opportunity for growth (just from sheer numbers) is tremendous.

Africa also happens to be one of the poorest continents per capita on the planet when looking at GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

However, anyone in in Kenya or any other area of Africa who is considering network marketing should see this as a potential benefit.

Here’s why.

How Much Does it Cost:
The Best and Worst Part of MLM

The fact is, the network marketing business model works.

The best part is the low start up cost….. AND….  The worst part is the low startup cost.

The problem we run into here in the U.S. is that network marketing has such a low startup cost (relative to the cost of living) that people don’t take it seriously.

However, when the cost to start a business is a higher proportion of a person’s income (as it would naturally be in Africa), they take it more seriously and because they do… they have more success.

Let’s look at an example.
I’ve seen it go down like this many times.

A successful business owner gets in and doesn’t have any success.

They won’t talk to people, they won’t market, they won’t do anything to promote the “thing” they just joined.

But then a young adult joins, maybe with a new family, who was raised poor and is strapped for cash. But they’re hungry for a better life and willing to work hard.

They get to work, hustle, and find some early success.

Why is that?
How is it possible?

Does the young man or woman have more skills or contacts than the business owner?

Absolutely not!

In fact, I would say the opposite is true.

The difference is the  seriousness of their decision and their resolve.

For the young, broke family man, he needed to make it work.

Investing a few hundred dollars a month and then not doing anything with it isn’t a luxury he can afford.

However, the successful business person may use the products each and every month and put off building the business until someday.

But someday never comes.

The decision wasn’t a big one for the business owner because he or she has access to capital and cash.

Quite frankly, spending a few hundred a month is probably a fraction of what they spend to run their traditional business.

So they just don’t see it as a priority.

The great thing about network marketing in Kenya is that the potential for high income hasn’t changed, the potential is still there.

The difference is the mindset that your team members will come in with.

Now, I’m not saying everyone will be successful. Building a business in Africa certainly has it’s own challenges.

But I am saying there are a few potential benefits.

Network Marketing in Kenya – Benefit #1

The first benefit is what was stated in the section above.

Since people in Kenya typically have less money to work with, they are going to take the decision to get started much more serious.

There’s a better chance that if they get involved, they will take the opportunity more seriously, work harder, and produce more.

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Benefit #2 of MLM in Kenya

Financial success is more noticeable.

The first time my wife and I were network marketing, we were making $1,500 a week at the peak of our success.

Unfortunately, even though that was good money it didn’t really didn’t show up in our lifestyle that much.

Yes, we had more margin in our life. We were able to buy more, travel more, and many things with that income.

But for the most part, our lifestyle didn’t change on the outside. Looking at our budget things were very different. But our life in general looked pretty much the same as any middle class American.

In the United States, it’s difficult to know somebody’s real financial situation because people regularly live above their income and go deeper and deeper in debt.

Two people can live next door to each other and their lives may look the same on the surface… but in reality, they have very different financial situations.

One can be completely broke and making ends meet with credit cards, while the other can be debt free and paying for everything with cash… and it’s almost impossible to know which person is actually broke.

In Kenya, other parts of Africa, and other parts of the world, access to credit is limited. So it’s much harder to fake success or mask a lack of success.

The increase in income from your network marketing business can make a noticeable impression on people and compel them to ask what it is your doing.

Those are some of the reasons to look at network marketing as a legitimate option in Kenya.

Now let’s take a look at what we feel is the best network marketing opportunity right now that you can start in Kenya.

BEST Network Marketing
Company to Join in Kenya

Unfortunately, our primary business is not yet open in the Kenya marketplace, so we had to research some other companies.

When we started looking for options for our Kenya readers, we wanted a company with longevity, great products, a powerful compensation plan, and open in the four markets we have readers in (Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria)

After much research, we believe we’ve found the best opportunity in Kenya and if you choose to get started, we will support you in any way we can.

The company we selected is Jeunesse Global and we’ve listed some reasons we selected this company below.

Note: Since Jeunesse is not our primary business and we have blog posts that rank in all parts of the world, occasionally you may run into a technical issue when trying to sign up and get started.

This usually means that we need to log into our back office and update something.

If you run into that, please just shoot me an email at the email below and I’ll get it fixed.

8 Reasons Jeunesse Global is the Best
Network Marketing Opportunity in Kenya

There are a few fantastic reasons we selected this company.

1) Jeunesse Global is an Established Company

When picking a company, often people try to select the newest company in order to “get in early”.

That’s not the way to pick a company, especially if you are picking a legitimate opportunity. There are plenty of people who get in early to companies and never make money.

There’s just too much risk. Companies come and go in this industry.

The worst thing that could happen is that you build a solid business and strong monthly income, only to have it disappear overnight because the company shuts down or decides they are not longer a network marketing company.

Join a company with a solid foundation.

2) Jeunesse Offers Consumable Products

Consumable, high quality products are at the top of our list when it comes to picking a company.

For one thing, you don’t have to buy a bunch of inventory. Your customers and the people you sponsor can order directly from the company.

You buy just what you need for your personal use and consume it each month. Having a business you can make money on just happens to be a by-product.

Another good thing about consumable products is that it allows for steady monthly income when your team starts growing.

A big problem I see with certain companies is that customers have to make buying decisions over and over.

For example, if you’re in a clothing business and somebody buys… next month they need to decide to buy something else.

With health products, once somebody decides this is a good product for them, the decision has been made one time. But the re-order (autoship) occurs every month.

3) Our Jeunesse Upline Leadership Is Top Notch

We joined up with Brig Hart’s team.

He was the top distributor in another company we were with and he’s a solid christian with a heart for helping people.

He’s build massive organizations over the years and is listed as one of the Top 17 Influencers in the Network Marketing industry.

Plus, he does tons of online training and motivation, which would be easy to access online from anywhere in the world.

That way, you can get what you need as long as you have an internet connection, without needing to worry about the time difference.

4) Jeunesse is Based in Florida

We wanted a company based in the United States simply because the U.S. typically has more stringent guidelines than some other countries.

You may think more guidelines is bad, but with the number of companies that come and go, a little more regulation is not a bad thing. Most the regulations are meant to protect the distributors anyway.

Also, most U.S. based network marketing companies are based in Utah but Jeunesse is based in Florida.

We live in Florida about 45 min. from their headquarters…. Coincidence?… I think not.

5) Jeunesse Has Multi-language Support

When you enroll, you’ll be prompted to choose your country and your primary language.

If you’re reading this you either have a strong command of the English language or you’re using some sort of page translation.

But when you’re building your team, you want some kind of support in your home language. So if you’re in Kenya, you’ll want support and a back office that’s in Swahili.

6) Jeunesse Has a Powerful
Binary Compensation Plan

We are huge fans of the binary compensation plan model.

Typically, in a binary there are multiple ways to earn commission and it pays for infinite width and depth.

Since it only has two legs, sometimes people mistakenly think you can’t build wide, but you can build as wide as you want.

You can have 1,000 personal recruits if you want.

The difference is, as recruits join, they are placed at one of the bottom positions in your organization (either the left side or the right side).

But since the compensation plan pays for infinite depth, that means that if your organization grows and a powerhouse joins your organization 500 levels down… you still get credit for ALL the volume that person’s team produces, regardless of depth.

Binary compensation plans sometimes don’t feel like the most lucrative in the beginning, but they are absolutely the most powerful and most lucrative in the long run.

7) Powerful Back Office in Jeunesse Platform

I have looked behind the curtain at the back office in multiple companies.

If you don’t have a back office with good reports that is relatively easy to use, you will struggle.

Jeunesse has a fantastic platform on the back end for managing your business and seeing how you’re doing.

You can even lock your growth. We’ve already covered that Jeunesse has a binary compensation plan, which we believe is the strongest compensation model in the industry right now.

But the back office allows you to lock and control the placement of your growth.

Why is that powerful?

To explain the benefits, let’s take us as an example.

Our growth is currently locked to one leg. So let’s suppose you sign up today and you live in Kenya. Next week, somebody else lands on this page and they live in Ghana. A 3rd person signs up 2 weeks later from South Africa.

Those people will automatically be placed in your overflow leg because you signed up first and our enrollments are currently locked to that leg.

Now everyone is benefiting from each other and your team is growing in multiple countries.

This allows people who take action first to benefit from doing so, but it also allows us to keep regions together.

So everybody who lands on this page will be placed in one leg and all those will be people in Africa because nobody else would be searching keywords that would bring them to this page.

Should that leg start producing, we can always build out the other leg to maximize compensation, but we could do it locally in our country.

We could also place people from our country underneath those in Africa so they can benefit from some U.S. based growth.

I hope that made sense.

8) Jeunesse is Not the Cheapest

When you’re in the marketing space, you can go for the cheapest OR the best.

But the cheapest is rarely the best.

I see lots of shady companies on social media. People posting stuff like “no joining fee”, “never buy anything”, etc.

Nothing is free in this world. Product has to be purchased and sold or it’s not a network marketing company, it’s a pyramid or ponzi scheme.

If you want to waste your time and energy, get involved chasing any opportunity offering something for nothing.

It’s a ghost. Don’t waste your time.

The next thing you could do is look for the cheapest option. Again, you get what you pay for.

Personally, I think the more people invest, the better chance they have of succeeding.

Jeunesse is not the most expensive company out there, but it’s also not the cheapest. I do think it’s products are at a good price point for this industry.

9) Jeunesse Just Relaunched Monavie!

Our quickest and fastest success was with a company called Monavie.

In fact, we were in that company on Brig Hart’s team as well.

The product was awesome, the company was awesome, but in the end some things just got it derailed and it didn’t work out.

My understanding of the situation is that to keep up with growth, Monavie took on some debt and when we had the economic collapse in 2008-ish, everything fell apart.

During that time, Jeunesse bought out the formula for Monavie but they didn’t start producing it and just filed it away.

Recently, Brig Hart and Jeunesse teamed up to bring that product back to the market.

I don’t know if the product will have the same explosive and ridiculous growth it had before or if you can even get the product yet in Kenya.

I do know it’s been sold out quite a few times since it’s recent relaunch, so there is a chance we will see phenomenal growth again.

Conclusion: Best Network
Marketing Company in Kenya

So there are the top 9 Reasons Jeunesse Global is the best network marketing company to join in Kenya.

To see the system we’ve created just for our team to use, simply click on the link below and watch the video presentation that walks you through how it all works.

Click here to get started.

Once you get signed up and have ordered some product, please send us an email and let us know so we can get the system set up for you:

We’d love to connect with you and support you as you build your team!

Most importantly, if you’d like a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you can do it by praying the simple prayer below, right now wherever you are.

“Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. I believe you came to the earth, fully God and fully man, to die for my sins and be raised again. Please forgive me of all my wrongs. I turn away from my sin, please come into my heart, be my Savior and Lord. Please make me a new creation”.

If you said that simple prayer, you have been born again and have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside you.

We’d love to hear about it and help you on your walk with Christ.

Jason & Daniele

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