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49 Best Network Marketing Books of All Time (must-read)

This list of the best network marketing books for 2020 is different than all the other lists out there because of how I compiled it.

These are NOT random books I’ve never read.

When I decided to make this list, I pulled all the  network marketing books I’ve ever read off my bookshelf and began to organize them.

First, I put them in 3 piles:
1. Books that I should throw out (because they weren’t worth reading)
2. Books that were average
3. Books that were top-notch in quality, writing, and information.

Basically, the 3rd pile was the awesome pile and the list these books come from.

Lastly, I sorted the best stack into categories based on topic.

That’s how this list came about and I’ve read (and highly recommend) every single book on this list.

Network marketing itself isn’t really that complicated to learn.

However, leading people and dealing the the psychology of your own mindset is  what makes you a success in network marketing.

Some of the best writers and personal development thought leaders aren’t in the network marketing space, but they still have a lot to say that can be applied to building your business.

This final list of the best books for network marketers covers a variety of topics and skill-sets, all of which are necessary to be successful in this industry.

The books are categorized by the subjects below, just go to the appropriate section and you’ll see my favorite books of all time in that category.

  1. Network Marketing (Industry & Basics)
  2. Leadership Books
  3. Sales & Marketing
  4. Spiritual Development
  5. Books For Men
  6. Motivation and Mindset
  7. Business Books
  8. Books on Influence & Communication
  9. Just Good Books

One word of caution I would give you.

Make sure you don’t get so bogged down in learning theory that you never get to the application stage.

You must take action if you want traction.

You Must Take Action if You Want Traction. Click To Tweet

You’ve got to apply what you learn or it’s useless.

*Note: I’m an Amazon affiliate, so if you buy any of these books through the link provided I’ll get a small commission and you’ll be helping me out. It doesn’t cost you any more but it’s an easy way to support this site with your purchase from Amazon.

Thanks in advance!

Top Network Marketing Books to Build Your Business

These books are focused on network marketing in general and they’re presented here in no particular order. They’re great if you’re new to the industry or just trying to just keep your mindset and focus right.

go for no in network marketingGo for No! YES is the destination, NO is how you get there

Author(s): Richard Fenton & Andea Waltz

Summary: This is a short book and easy read.

It’s a fictional story about how a salesman woke up to meet the successful version of himself in another time. It sounds a little hokey, but it’s really not.

The story follows him learning from himself what it took to be so successful and it came down to focusing on the right activities. It’s one of my all time favorite books for the network marketing and sales industry in general.

It’s also very cheap and can be a great training item to give to your new recruits.


Go Pro: Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

Author: Eric Worre

Summary: Eric Worre is on a mission to help re-position the network marketing profession by teaching people that even though it’s not a perfect industry, the business model is a better model.

This book is focused on teaching you the core elements of building a successful network marketing business.

The author takes a no nonsense approach and covers all the foundational skills you need to get your business up and running.


Magnetic Sponsoring

Author: Mike Dillard

Summary: This is a must read for EVERY network marketer!

Regardless of whether you’re just getting started or have been in the industry for a while, this book is insightful, to the point, and provides very specific how to strategies for generating leads and sponsoring distributors.

Dillard goes through the nuts and bolts of how to build online.

I had already started this site before reading the book.

But magnetic sponsoring provided proof of concept for my own thinking as well as a variety of strategies that I could implement immediately.

If you struggle at all with generating leads, finding prospects, and enrolling new distributors, I really feel that you can change your life for $20 by reading this book.


Your First Year In Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams

Author: Mark Yarnell

Summary: This was one of my first books I ever read on network marketing.

Mark Yarnell focuses on some of the biggest things to watch out for and avoid during your first year as well as how to manage expectations.


Network Marketing For Facebook

Author(s): Jim Lupkin, Marianne Lupkin, & Brian Carter

Summary: This book covers the reasons you should be using social media (specifically Facebook) to build your business.

It also covers what to do and what not to do as well as some tactics and strategies to get the most from Facebook.

Facebook changes their algorithm frequently, so that’s one thing to consider before buying.


Fearless Networking

Author: Todd Falcone

Summary: This is a small but powerful book packed full of wisdom for the network marketing professional.

However, at the time of this writing it is only available as a kindle book. Not sure why, I’m staring at a hard copy on my desk but even if you have to get it on kindle, it’s worth it.

The author gives a great foundation of the nuts and bolts of prospecting, sales, and recruiting.


The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing

Author: Dr. Joe Rubino

Summary: This was also one of the first network marketing books I ever read.

This is a deep dive look at a multitude of topics such as mindset, building systems, attitude, vision, goals, strategy, leadership and persuasion, and other topics.

If you’re looking for something in depth, this is a good pick.


The Business School For People Who Like Helping People

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki

Summary: The first section of this book covers why Kiyosaki recommends network marketing as a business model to be embraced. He goes on to discuss how people build wealth and why network marketing is a good option.

If you’re building a network marketing business it’s a good recommendation for your downline because everyone has heard of Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad series.

Perception is reality and it offers (right or wrong) instant credibility in some people’s mind for the business model.


Best Leadership Books for Network Marketers

If you want success in network marketing, you’ve got to work on your leadership skills or the quality of people in your organization will be of low caliber or if they are high caliber people, you won’t get much out of them.

Strong leaders only follow strong leaders. Additionally, you’re goal should be to build leaders so eventually you can pass over the reigns to them and step out of the limelight while still having the passive income this business model offers.

Leadership Gold

Author: John C. Maxwell

Overview: This book is one of Maxwell’s best work. He spent decades leading and compiling best practices that he has learned and/or implemented over the years.

Then he put them all in one book.


Launching a Leadership Revolution


Author: Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward

Summary: This book is focused on five different levels of leadership that the authors refer to as the “five levels of influence”:
(1) Learn (2) Perform (3) Lead (4) Develop Leaders (5) Develop Leaders who Develop Leaders

The authors bring home their points on each of these levels with historical examples such as Winston Churchill and Benjamin Franklin.


The Mentor Leader

Author: Tony Dungy

Summary: What is a mentor leader and how do you become one?

The author explores this topic in depth and even goes into more specifics in the Q & A section at the end of the book.

The central idea is that “your only job is to help your team be better”.

That idea greatly impacted Tony Dungy and he developed his leadership style around it.


5 Levels of Leadership

Author: John C. Maxwell

Summary: This is my absolute favorite leadership book of all time.

In it, Maxwell describes the 5 levels of true leadership (Position, Permission, Production, People Development, and Pinnacle) and how to work toward the highest level.

If you want to grow as a leader, the concepts in this book will have you thinking about leadership differently and even assessing the leaders around you differently. It’s a fantastic read.


Network Marketing Books
About Sales & Marketing

Yeah, I know… you don’t sell, you just share.

Let’s suppose that was really the case (it’s not by the way). These books will make you better at… sharing.

The Greatest Salesman In The World

Author: Og Mandino

Overview: This book follows the story of Hafid, a poor camel boy who goes on to create wealth and abundance.

In the story, Hafid gets in his possession ten scrolls that have eternal truths on them. It’s a fun read and not a long book.

This book has sold over 14,000,000 copies worldwide so you may want to check it out.


Book Yourself Solid

Author: Michael Port

Summary: This is a book that goes into different strategies on how to book yourself solid with clients (just as the title says).  It’s broken into three modules that cover building a foundation, building trust and credibility, and 7 core promotion strategies.

If you need more appointments and sales, this is a great tactical guide.


How To Sell Anything To Anybody

Author: Joe Girard

Summary: This book was written by a car salesman named Joe Girard, who sold 13,001 cars in his 15 year career, earning himself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

I just did the math, that’s a little more than 2 cars per day. In the book Joe covers everything from building relationships, to finding leads, to closing the sale.

He even covers what to do after the sale. This is a great book for anybody who wants to sell… uh… um… I mean…. “share” more.


The Art Of Closing the Sale

Author: Brian Tracy

Overview: I’m a huge fan of Brian Tracy. Unfortunately, sometimes good speakers have not so good books (and vice versa).

I haven’t found that to be the case for this author. I enjoy his speaking but I also really enjoy his books and find they deliver good value.

This book is hyper focused on teaching you how to close better. It covers personality, psychology, objections, and closing techniques. If you like Brian Tracy you’ll probably get value from the book.


The Official Get Rich Guide To Information Marketing

Author: Robert Skrob (Intro by Dan Kennedy)

Summary: So this is obviously a marketing book, specifically information marketing.

As a network marketing business owner, you should be aware that the word “marketing” is 50% of the name of the industry you’re in.

That being said, you should be learning about marketing. Good marketing can drive leads, drive sales, and increase the income to your home based business. This book is an exhaustive beginning guide for online information marketing.


Marketing Outrageously

Author: John Spoelstra

Summary: This book is all about how to get creative with your marketing so it gets attention and sticks. If you’re just learning marketing, this book will help you understand and implement an effective marketing strategy.

In fact, even the cover of the book is effective.

My daughter walked into the office while I had stacks of all these books laying on the floor. She took one look at the mess, walked over to this book, picked it up, rolled her eyes at me and said “what…. is…   this?”

Outrageous marketing tactics get you noticed through all the clutter.


Spiritual Development Books

You can spend your entire climbing the success ladder. You can earn recognition, money, fame, and even become a good person in the process. But if you neglect to feed your spirit, it’s all for nothing.

We are spiritual beings at the core. That’s why there are a lot of very wealthy, but unhappy and miserable people in the world. They have a void they can’t seem to fill and they haven’t figured out that it was placed there by a Creator and only he can fill it.

You don’t have to believe that. But if you do and want to feed your soul, feast on these books.

The Message (Bible)

Author: Eugene H. Peterson

Summary: The Message is the story of the Bible told in common language. It gets rid of the “thou arts” and “ye’s” and replaces them with modern words.

If you’ve never read the Bible because it felt foreign to you, this is a good book to start with.

It will never replace actual Bible translations from Hebrew and Greek, but it’s not meant to be. It’s simply meant to tell the story in modern English.

Even if you’re not a believer and don’t intend on being one, our world has been shaped by it so much you should at least be familiar with the stories inside.


Embracing The Passion

Author: Jason Shick (ME!)

Summary: This book was written long before I was in network marketing.

After watching the Passion of Christ by Mel Gibson, I sat down and wrote this book as a way to wrap my mind around my new appreciation for what Christ had done for us.

I’ve gotten good feedback from it and would love to hear your thoughts if you decide to check it out.


The Ragamuffin Gospel

Author: Brennan Manning

Overview: This book is about the grace of God.

The underlying message is that we all believe in God’s grace in theory. However, when we try to apply it to our lives we usually fail.

It’s so easy to see God as the great tally maker. As if He’s keeping a scorecard and keeping track of everything we do. But that’s not the grace of the Bible. It’s not true grace.


As A Man Thinketh

Author: James Allen

Overview: This is a top pick book for me. There are only a handful of books I’ve read more than once and this one is on that list.

The book is kind of philosophical in nature, but it does an awesome job of explaining how your thoughts shape your reality.

This book has many publishers and has been packaged with many different covers. Order whichever one you want, just make sure it’s the James Allen book you’re getting and you should be fine.


Books For Men

You’ll have to forgive me for not having a books for women section. Maybe I can have my wife update this sometime and add that section.

But when I was organizing my books for this list I realized I had quite a few good books for men so i figured I’d throw them in here for good measure. They’ve helped me better understand myself and other men and have helped me achieve more because of this understanding.

Wild At Heart

Author: John Eldredge

Overview: This is a book about the heart and soul of a man.

This falls into the read more than once category. I’ve read it at least twice over the years, maybe more.

There is something wild in the heart of a man. This book suggests that this wildness is not something to be feared, but something to be embraced in a healthy way.

Men can’t reach their full potential or find real joy without tapping into this part of themselves.


6 Rules Every Man Must Break

Author: Bill Perkins

Summary: This book is about breaking free of some common arbitrary and man-made rules that often hold us back and aren’t based on scripture.

Breaking these rules and living free from their constraints allows us to live richer, deeper lives.

In fact, the demands these rules place on us are actually impossible to fulfill. So trying to live by them can steal our joy.

This is a fantastic book for a six week men’s book study with your team.



Author: Tony Dungy

Summary: The sleeve on this book starts with this quote…

“Success is uncommon, therefore not to be enjoyed by the common man. I’m looking for uncommon people”. – Cal Stoll

This book focuses on finding success through living a life of significance and meaning.


Motivation & Mindset Books
for Network Marketing

If you’re mindset and motivation is off, your whole game is off. These books will help give you a lift when you’re feeling down and help you keep your goals in focus.

 The Dream Giver

Author: Bruce Wilkinson

Summary: This is one of my favorite books of all time!

This is the story of Ordinary, as he travels out to pursue his big dream. It follows his adventure from the beginning to the end. Obstacles try to stop him, he even considers giving up, but he persists.

In the end, his dream was not what he expected. You need to read this book if you’re in network marketing. I haven’t heard it promoted much but it’s a must read! I’ve read it twice and will probably read it again.

It’s on my best books of all time list.


Failing Forward- Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones For Success

Author: John C. Maxwell

Summary: Are some people just lucky and others unlucky? Are some born to succeed and others to fail? These are good questions at the heart of this book.

John Maxwell argues that the difference between average people and those who are achieving a high levels is how they view (and respond) to failure.

One of my all time top 10 books. I SUPER recommend it.


Thinking For A Change
(11 Ways Highly Successful People Approach Life and Work)


Author: John C. Maxwell

Summary: This is possibly one of the greatest books on mindset ever written.

What does good thinking look like? How do you practice it? What are some different types of thinking and when can it help catapault you forward?

Thinking is a lost art form and the more technology invades our lives and gives us instant access to answers, the less you are going to take the time to really think for yourself.


The Principle of the Path

Author: Andy Stanley

Overview: The principle of the path simply means that if you want to arrive at a specific destination, you must be traveling on the right road or direction to get there.

In our physical life we adhere to the principle of the path so often we would think somebody was an idiot to ignore it. It’s as consistent a force as gravity.

For example, John lives in Georgia and says he wants to get to New York. So he gets in his car and drives south for 8 hours toward Miami Beach…. we can all agree that would be stupid.

So why then, do we believe we are heading in a specific direction (such as a life of freedom, abundance, or wealth) even though it’s obvious we aren’t on the right road to get there?

Get the book. Andy will explore this topic better than I can and you’ll get a lot out of it.


If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat

Author: John Ortberg

Summary: This motivation and mindset section is quickly becoming my favorite. You should read one of these books a month until you’ve been through them all.

Most know the story of Peter getting out of the boat during a storm and walking on water as long as he had his eyes on Jesus and the faith to do it.

As soon as he took his focus off God, he started to sink (which I always thought was interesting because sinking in water is not something you typically do slowly… but I digress).

The point of the book is to help you face and overcome your fears and embrace the unique calling that God has for you. I want to help at least 10 families become totally financially free.

This path (the world of MLM) isn’t something I wanted to do (in fact I fought it a bit). But God is relentless and the longer I do it, the more I realize that he has me positioned exactly where my strengths are so I can help others.

On top of that, he’s uniquely prepared me up until this point to do that which he has called me to.


Start Where You Are
(Life Lessons in Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be)


Author: Chris Gardner

Overview: Can I just say “wow”. Chris or anybody Chris knows… if you’re reading this I would love to have a conversation with you. You are an inspiration to me and others around the world.

If you’ve seen The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith, you know who Chris Gardner is. He is the man portrayed by Will Smith in the movie. If you look closely at the end, I’m pretty sure the real Chris says hello in passing to Will Smith but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the movie.

Anyway, this book is packed full of life and business lessons. Just start where you are and make progress. That’s all any of us can do.

No excuse is a good excuse.


The Difference Maker (Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset)


Author: John C. Maxwell

Overview: Unlike some of Maxwell’s other books, this one is a fairly short read (my copy comes in at 178 pages.

It’s a powerful little book though. The premise is that your attitude can be your greatest asset or it can be holding you back more than you know.

You’ll also learn how to overcome the 5 biggest obstacles of attitude. If you’re struggled with belief and attitude this is a must read.


Network Marketing Books
on Business & Entrepreneurship

You’re an entrepreneur and you’re teaching other entrepreneurs how to have the success they want in life. I try to read at least a couple traditional business books every year.

As your income grows, you’ll want to have a firm grasp of wealth building methodology.

The truth is, running your network marketing business is so inexpensive that when you start to have excess income, you need to be investing it in some traditional businesses. If you aren’t well versed in business concepts, you could lose everything you worked so hard to build.

Think and Grow Rich (Updated Edition)

Author: Napoleon Hill

Summary: This is one of the all time most recommended books in the network marketing industry.

It’s about specific steps that can be taken to achieve great wealth and it’s a book of substance, not fluff.

The original version of this book has sold over 100 million copies since it was published! It should be on everyone’s must read list.


Be Obsessed or Be Average


Author: Grant Cardone

Summary: I think the title says it all. Be obsessed or be average. Pick one.

The concept is simple. If you aren’t obsessed with what you’re doing, even a little fanatical about it, then you probably won’t achieve extreme success.

However, if you want extreme success then you must be so into what you are doing and the vision that you have that it seems like an obsession… in fact, maybe it is an obsession.

It’s worth reading.


Profit First


Author: Mike Michalowicz

Overview: I’m assuming you’re on this site because you’re either in or fixin’ to be in (as we say in the south) a home based business.

If you have a traditional business that’s struggling, this would be a good book for you to pick up.

In it, Mike outlines how to divvy out the income in any business to make sure that your growth and profitability is sustainable. Top notch ideas and top notch book.


The 10X Rule

Author: Grant Cardone

Overview: This piece of writing has gotten a lot of press.

Part of it is because Grant Cardone is a great promoter, but the other part of it is because it’s a great book centered around a very simple idea.

If you want to 10x your income and your results, simply 10x your activity level.

For network marketers, it’s a powerful idea because the majority of network marketers don’t spend the time they need to on income producing activities.


Maximum Achievement: Strategies and Skills that
Will Unlock your Hidden Power to Succeed

Author: Brian Tracy

Overview: There are few books out there that really motivate me.

This one was motivational. It had great ideas and concepts in it, but every time I picked it up I felt inspired and motivated to push myself even harder and see what I could accomplish.

Maybe it will do the same for you.


Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant:
A Guide to Financial Freedom


Author: Robert Kiyosaki

Overview: Rich Dad, Poor Dad gets too much press. Sure, it’s a good book, but this book is just as good, if not better.

In it, Robert Kiyosaki explains the four quadrants that you can earn income in and why some quadrants have advantages over others.

It’s a very good explanation of a complex topic that will help you understand how wealth is created and also why you will never create wealth if in certain quadrants.


The Speed of Trust:
The One Thing That Changes Everything


Author: Stephen Covey

Overview: I read this book a long time ago, but the principle stuck with me all these years.

Basically, the overarching principle is that Trust enable businesses and business people to get things done so fast they are able to overtake their competition.

It examines why trust speeds everything up and also examines the 13 behaviors that build trust.


The Pumpkin Plan


Author: Mike Michalowicz

Overview: This book takes puts a new spin on an old idea. The idea it explores is “how do you grow a remarkable, large, and highly profitable business?”

The author looks for answers by studying how some of the largest giant pumpkins have been grown and then shows you how to grow your business using the same methods.

It’s a great analogy and in my opinion, it’s one of the best business books of all time.


Books on Influence and Communication
For Network Marketers

If you’re not able to influence others you’ll never be able to build a sustainable organization. More importantly, you’ll never be able to help change people’s lives.

The most successful people in any area of life are those who can communicate and influence others. We’re not talking about manipulating here. People can see through that.

We’re talking about communicating and interacting with people in a way that makes them want to work with you. Learning that if you add value to others, you will have more influence with them.

Becoming A Person Of Influence

Author(s): John C. Maxwell & Jim Dornan

Summary: This book highlights ten behaviors that are common among people of influence.

Things they do, things they don’t do, and qualities and behaviors that can be developed to help you become more influential.

I bought this book because I really enjoy Maxwell’s writing.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Jim Dornan was a network marketer.

It seems that Maxwell sees network marketing as a viable business model. I don’t think it will be long before more thought leaders are not only accepting the model, but embracing it.


How to Win Friends and Influence People

Author: Dale Carnegie

Summary: This book has gotten it’s mileage from the network marketing industry.

If you’re having trouble with communication and influence, trouble with recruiting and sales, this is a good place to start.

Stop learning tactics and strategies for a moment and focus on the tried and true tactic of building relationships.

This book breaks down relationship building and influence, explaining not just how to have more influence but also why it works.


Winning With People


Author: John C. Maxwell

Overview: This book pairs well with Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.

The book is broken into five sections, each focused around a singular question about how you interact with people.

For example, the investment question asks, are you willing to invest in others?


Influencer: The Power to Change Anything


Author(s): K. Patterson – J. Grenny – D. Maxfield – R. McMillan – A. Switzler

Summary: This book is all about how to influence change and outcomes.

There are lots of nuggets in this book.

The book is split into two sections. Part one is how to influence others and part two is a deep dive into the six sources of influence and how to leverage them.


Everyone Communicates, Few Connect


Author: John C. Maxwell

Summary: Have you ever noticed that some people are just super good at “networking” while other try to get it right, but never quite do.

Whether in business or career, some people are just gifted in this area of their professional life.

After reading this book, you’ll understand that it’s because they’re doing a better job connecting with other people. Maxwell says that connecting is more skill than natural talent and he goes on to show you how to connect.


Love and Respect: The Love She Most Desires, The Respect He Desperately Needs

Author: Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Summary: This could have probably been in it’s own section on relationships, but since I don’t have a section like that and I don’t read too many books in that category I thought I’d put it here.

My wife and I are constantly trying to grow and get better in our relationship. We’ve been to a few events centered around that and we read books from time to time. Most of them (even the ones that are the most popular out there) seem like a bunch of fluff to me.

But this book is exceptional. It focuses on what I think is one of the major reasons relationships have problems. That is that men and women are wired differently (imagine that). It’s very eye opening and anybody in a relationship or who plans to ever be in one should read it.


Just… Good Books

A Land Remembered

Author: Patrick D. Smith

Summary: This is a historical fiction book about Florida.

The story follows the MacIvey family, who move from Georgia to Florida in the 1800’s.

I have read this book 3 or 4 times. It’s a great read even you aren’t into Florida history or historical fiction in general.

Actually, I think it may be the only historical fiction book I’ve ever read.


The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

Summary: The Alchemist follows the story of Santiago, who is in pursuit of his personal legend.

There are lots of life lessons embedded in the story and it’s a favorite book for literature classes to study.

However, unlike most books you’d read in class, it’s also enjoyable.


The Metamorphosis

Author: Franz Kafka

Overview: There’s lots of hidden meanings and thought provoking questions under the surface of this story. But even if you’re not a deep thinker and get bored by the philisophical… it’s still a pretty good read.

The main character wakes up one day and finds he’s been transformed into a giant insect, basically a huge cockroach.


The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Overview: I’m pretty sure I read this book in high school. But it wasn’t until I was a little older and read it again that understood what a great book it was.

The second time I read it I had a little more appreciation for the power of human nature and that part of us all that wars within ourselves.

If you want an easy read, this books probably not for you. But if you have a fairly strong vocabulary and like reading, I highly recommend it.


The Screwtape Letters

Author: C.S. Lewis

Summary: This is a compilation of letters written by an experienced demon named Screwtape to his nephew Wormwood. It’s a very creative piece of writing.

Screwtape is teaching Wormwood how to trip up the humans that are assigned to him and how to be more successful in getting them to sin.

I thought about putting this in the spiritual development section but it seemed to fit better here.


This Concludes My List of the Best
Network Marketing Books of All Time

That does it for now. I’m constantly learning, growing, and reading. As I come across other remarkable business books I’ll add them to this list.

Thanks for taking a look at some of my favorite reads over the years, I hope you find value in a few of them as well.

These books have helped shape my thinking, improve my mindset, grow my skills, and improve as a person and leader. They can do the same for you.

Great mentors come in many forms and I really believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

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Come work with us to build the life you’ve always wanted.

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If you said that simple prayer, you have been born again and have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside you.

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