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How to Make Money Online

Zig Ziglar said “Money isn’t everything…. But it ranks right up there with oxygen”.

I love that one, so today we’re looking at how to make money online.

All the “make money online” strategies I’m going to discuss in this post are PROVEN methods and models.

There’s nothing here that’s shady, not proven, or just plain weird.

For example, I’m not going to be discussing how to make money online by taking surveys or downloading some search bar extension that gives you 10 cents for every 1,000 searches you do.

That’s ridiculous.

I’m going to show you real, proven ways to earn money online, many of which I’m currently using (or have used) to make money online myself.

If you’re just getting started and beginning your research into the making money online niche, I want you to do a few things as you’re looking for options….

Advice for Your ‘Make Money Online’ Journey

Move Cautiously

First, be careful.

If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is.

There are a lot of people out there who are more concerned with taking your money than they are with teaching YOU how to make money online.

What do I mean by that?

There are a lot of content creators who simply want to help themselves make money online by getting you to buy stuff.

That being said, as long as what they’re offering has real value, it’s okay.

There are times I’ve paid for courses, learned incredible skills, and been super happy I spent my money in order to learn something.

I’ve also been duped on numerous occasions.

Be Thorough, Be Focused

The second thing I want you to do if you’re just getting started is to go through this whole post.

Take notes.

Jot down some of the things that sound interesting and then dive deeper into those topics after reading this information.

Trust me, if you’re going to make money online, you’re going to have to be super focused.

Do one thing at a time and once you master that particular how to make money online technique… then you can layer another one on top of it.

If you try to do everything at once, you won’t get traction on anything.

Be Excited!

The third and final piece of advice I have for newbies who are just getting started is to get excited!

There has never been a better time in history to make money on the side.

Heck, you couldn’t even learn how to make money online before 1983 because the internet didn’t even exist.

Think about that!

Netscape (do you remember Netscape, if you do you’re ancient like me)…

Anyway, the Netscape browser didn’t exist until 1994 (11 years after the invention of the internet) and in 2000 there were only 300 million people online worldwide. (https://www.broadbandsearch.net/blog/who-invented-the-internet-full-history)

From the year 2000 until now, it grew from 300 million users to 4.5 billion!

So really, the How to Make Money Online niche is just a little over 20 years old.

If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is.

20 years may seem old, but when we’re talking about an entire industry that didn’t exist before…. it’s is very, very young.

Everything I’m about to share is what we know has worked or IS working right now.

What I’m not including is the really hard and technical stuff.

For example, yes… you can learn to write code and build your own social media company and if it takes off… yes, you’ll make tons of money.

You might make billions.

But the average person can’t do that, so it’s not on this list.

Blogging is not included either.

Believe it or not, getting a blog up and running isn’t really that technical.

However, getting it to rank on Google and draw in organic traffic is much more technical than people realize.

Alright, sorry for long intro, without further ado here are some of the best ways I know of to make money online.

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How to Make Money Online

*Don’t forget to take good notes for further research.

Sell Your Stuff on Facebook Market

Numero Uno – Sell your Stuff on Facebook Marketplace.

I’ll cover this one real quick.

You won’t be able to make money online every month doing this unless you’re willing to learn how to flip items consistently.

If that does sound good to you and you have a truck, I have seen a few videos promoting how profitable it can be to flip furniture.

You need a truck and some time but it’s a good strategy.

Forget that for now.

Let’s talk about the stuff you already have.

Selling your stuff on Facebook Market is probably the easiest way to make some fast cash online.

As long as you take good pictures and have some decent items, I am always surprised how fast things sell.

If you hate that idea, stick with me.

The rest of these ideas don’t require any person to person contact.

 Amazon FBA

FBA stands for “fulfilled by Amazon”.

Imagine you have a product you want to sell and all you have to do to get it on the shelf at Wal-mart is fill out some paperwork. If you do the paperwork, Wal-Mart will put it in every store and on every shelf, available to every customer.

Do you think you would sell any?


Well, that’s kind of what is happening with Amazon.

Since 50% of all online revenue spent is through Amazon, that’s a lot of potential sales.

Basically, it’s a big pie to cut yourself a slice out of.

But how does it work?

First, you sign up for an Amazon FBA account.

Second, you find (or source) a product you can buy wholesale (that means you buy it in bulk).

Then you sell the individual items for a profit on Amazon.

It’s that simple.

The beauty of this method is that it’s just like the name implies… those orders are “fulfilled by Amazon”.

That means you ship your items to an Amazon warehouse and when an order comes in… they ship it, handle customer service, and handle returns.

Then they send you your revenue check!

Other than signing up and sourcing the products (and any promotion that you do), it’s a fairly hands off business model once you do the front-end work.

Let’s take a step back and look at the products you’ll be promoting.

You may be wondering where you get them.

One of the most popular places is a site called Alibaba, which is one of the largest online vendors in the world.

It feels like Ebay or Amazon but it’s a wholesale website, it allows you to buy in bulk at a discount.

So you find a product, buy it in bulk at a reduced rate, and sell it on Amazon FBA for a profit.

For example, if you buy a widget for a dollar from Alibaba and sell it for $10.00 on Amazon, then hypothetically you would make $9.00 profit.

That’s assuming the one dollar cost is the “landed” cost… yeah, this is true shark tank stuff I’m talking about.

Maybe you have to buy 500 of your chosen widgets to get that price, so there is an investment for this particular strategy.

You’re going to have to have a keen handle on what will sell and what won’t sell so you don’t lose any money.

If you can find a seller or item that you can make a tweak to (or customize a little bit), that can help differentiate you on Amazon.

There are a lot of videos online about this topic so if you like this idea, write it down.

Jim Rohn said “Profits are better than wages… once I learned that… I got rich”.

Well, here’s a way to make some profit.

'Profits are better than wages, once I learned that I got rich' -Jim Rohn Click To Tweet If I could have taken wealth 1 and wealth 2 in high school... I would have taken both courses! -Jim Rohn Click To Tweet

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Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

While we’re on the topic of Amazon and automatic fulfillment, let’s discuss Amazon KDP, which is similar to FBA except it’s for books.

Do NOT skip this part if, even if you don’t want to be a writer.

I’m going to show you how to make money online doing this without writing a word and without outsourcing a book!

Just hang with me.
First a little short history.

There used to be a company called CreateSpace that allowed authors to self-publish books by uploading a digital version and a cover design and WAH-la….

Your book was given a bar code and printed and you were an official author!

Doesn’t mean you’d sell any books, but you were published.

Pretty cool. I used that service for the only book I’ve ever published… (Embracing the Passion of Christ)

Anyway, the cool thing was, CreateSpace was doing what Amazon FBA is doing now… but with books.

When a copy of my book was ordered, CreateSpace would print it, bind it, and ship it.

I would keep the spread between the cost of the book and what CreateSpace charged me to handle the printing and shipping.

It was awesome!

Then something interesting happened…. Amazon bought CreateSpace.

Now people can still do the same thing but it’s through Amazon.

It’s like Amazon FBA for books and it’s called… you guessed it. Amazon KDP.

So how do you make money with KDP without writing a book or without paying somebody to write a book?

Think about it.

Let’s say the average book costs $10-20.

Books aren’t based on text.
They all cost about the same amount to print or buy.

Even short books cost about as much as the long ones.

Have you ever seen a journal with a cool cover?

They cost the same amount as a regular book (sometimes more).

That means the profit margins are the same… BUT the time investment is a fraction of the time.

What you would do is just come up with some basic pages.

Have you ever seen those journals with a quote on the bottom, but it’s really only about 10 quotes throughout the book that rotate?

Or how about a journal with just lines?

There are an infinite number of lined journals that have nothing but lines.

No writing required… I say do that!

Then you just sit around and design cool covers that somebody would want to buy.

How many designs could you make in a week?

I know what you’re thinking…. That’s genius!

Well, it’s not my idea but there are a few videos on it online.

If you like this idea then write down Amazon KDP on your paper…. You do have a pen and paper…. Right?

Don’t just read about how to make money online, you’ve got to do something!

Jim Rohn… that I guy I mentioned earlier… also said “the world responds to deserve… not to need”.

Don’t say I need money, the world doesn’t respond to need. Go out and deserve it.

Add value to the marketplace and the money will come in.

The world responds to deserve... NOT to need. -Jim Rohn Click To Tweet


You can always make money online doing some freelance work.

Maybe you want to make money online but you aren’t entrepreneurial or you just want to work your own hours and get paid.

Have you considered freelance working?

This is easier than it’s ever been.

Sites like Upwork and Fiverr give you a chance to do that as well as getting you in front of people looking for freelancers.

Just sign up and start bidding on jobs based on your skillset.

You can do freelance working for just about anything and I believe it’s going to become even more prominent in the next decade.

It’s going to grow my friend.

I’ve never freelanced, but I’ve hired freelancers for video editing, writing, and logo design.

You can get jobs for just about everything like copywriting, SEO, digital design, writing code, designing apps, or just about anything else you can think.

Here’s how it works….
Somebody posts a job…
You bid on the job…

If your bid is accepted, the person you’re working for deposits the payment for your job into escrow.

When you complete the job successfully, they release it from escrow.

It’s a very good and fair system and one of the best ways to use your skills to make money online.

Build and Monetize a Facebook group

Have you ever been in a Facebook group?

Did you know you could build up your own Facebook group and then monetize it?

This is not something too many people think to do to make money online but some of the highest paid online marketers I know are doing this.

It’s not a hands off method though.

You will need to post to the group and monitor your group every day.

When blogging started, if you started a blog you could easily get a ton of traffic and revenue from it.

Now there is way too much competition and too many blogs and not enough traffic to go around.

Facebook groups are what blogging was 20 years ago.

It’s how to get in front of people.

Facebook prioritizes groups over business pages or posts or anything else because groups keep people engaged the most, keeps them on Facebook the most, and allows Facebook to show more ads and generate more revenue.

So… that means Facebook favors showing people posts from groups because it makes them the most money.

Right now can be pretty good time to build up a group.

First, find a broad topic you are passionate about.

Then start the group and start inviting people to it and posting good content in it.

The key going to be to get group members engaged and posting to the group.

Once group members are posting and sharing and inviting it will start growing organically.

Once it’s big enough, you can monetize it because you created it.

But how do you monetize it?

How to Make Money Online with a Facebook Group

There are a couple ways to make money online with Facebook groups.

One is to sell merchandise.

Maybe you roll out a shirt or hat or something with your logo on it.

People like to be part of something and you would sell some.

Another way is to create a Patreon account with different membership levels and inviting everyone to support the group that way.

Patreon is just a way fans can pay to support a person or a vision and get some benefits for being a paid member.

Another way is to have a private and paid Facebook group that is more in depth.

For this strategy, I would still use Patreon and make it one of the membership levels.

For example, let’s suppose your Facebook group is about losing weight.

For $10 bucks a month, a person can be a bronze member and get a free shirt.

It’s not really free… that’s the kicker.

If they pay $10 a month for 5 months to be a bronze level, you just sold a shirt for $50.

Maybe they could also choose to be a gold member for $35 per month and at that level they can join your private daily coaching and motivation group.

If you have a Facebook group of 10,000 members when you roll that option out, maybe 100 people sign up for your private group for $35 per month.

In that case, you just went from zero to $3,500 per month over night.

Don’t EVER underestimate recurring payments.

Of course you’ll have to provide value to keep them in the group, but that’s one way to make money online with Facebook groups.

I know a guy who has a paid group of 10,000+ people who each pay $20 per month to be a part of it….

Do that math on that one…. YEP…. I Know…

So for now, write down “paid Facebook group” and you can research it more later. But trust me, you’ll want to implement this one.

Plus, this particular strategy can be combined and stacked with some of the other strategies I’m going to share to make it even more powerful.

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Rank and Rent

This is an oldy but a goodie.

If you want to make money online and you have (or are willing to learn) some basic web design skills, you can create some small niche websites, build up the traffic, and then rent them out.

For example, let’s say you create a local website for lawn care.

It’s very basic and it has a form for people to fill out their information to get a free quote.

Then you put some content on it, get some backlinks, start getting traffic, and leads start coming in.

Now you can rent that website out.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a lawn maintenance person who wants a website.

If you can offer them one already made that is generating leads for $30 or $50 per month (or whatever you can negotiate), then you’ve got a good little side hustle.

If you set it up right and they ever decide they don’t want it, you can swap out their information and phone number and start funneling the leads to the next person who decides to rent the website from you.

It’s like commercial real estate.

When a client leaves, the developer cleans it up and rents it to somebody else… right?

You can do the same thing with websites!

Get 10, 20, or 50 of them going and you have a nice little income.

Also keep in mind, if you go after industries that traditionally make more per sale, you can charge more per website.

A website generating leads for insurance, annuities, or legal defense is going to be worth way more per month than one for lawn care.

So have a plan from the start and get to work building.

Create an Online Course or Do Coaching

Another method to make money online is to do coaching or create an online course (or both).

I bet you know some stuff.
We all know some stuff.

But what you might not know is that if you package what you know into a digital course, you can make money online selling it.

Maybe you know another language and can teach an introductory course.

Or maybe you play an instrument like my friend Lauren.

She built a YouTube channel to over 100,000 subscribers by teaching guitar and selling a course on how to play guitar.

What an incredible story.

When I interviewed her she had just hit 91,000 subscribers and now she has many more.

Maybe you know SEO, website design, how to self-publish a book, how to lead people, how to make money online, how to… yada-yada-yada.

Do some research, find a niche with a market around it, and then create a course.

You can find out if there’s a market for your thing by doing a quick search on Ubersuggest.

If I type in how to play the flute, Ubersuggest shows me there are a few thousand searches per month for it, so I know people are looking for it.

But if I type in how to play guitar, there are over 10 times the number of searches for that phrase.

So if I played both instruments, I’d probably lean toward teaching guitar.

Actually, not probably… I would for sure.
The bigger the number, the bigger the market.

Once you decide on a niche, then you can create an account with Teachable and put a course together, start getting people to it, and start making money online!

Yes, it costs a little for teachable to host it, but if you’re not willing to invest in yourself and your future, then honestly, you’re reading the wrong blog.

I’m a firm believer in taking calculated risks.

Everything that can change your life for the better will require some degree of risk whether it’s risking money, risking time, risking your reputation…. no matter what, success requires risk.

Affiliate Marketing

I’m glad you stuck around so far because affiliate marketing is absolutely one of my favorite strategies to earn online income!

In fact, it is perhaps the easiest way to make money online out of all of them.

Well, the process is easy.
Here’s how it works.

You sign up to be an affiliate for a product and then you create content online and when people click on the link AND BUY, you get a commission.

So it’s easy because its’ very simple and straight forward.

It’s difficult because you have to build up content and traffic to make good money doing it.

Once your content is created though, it is very passive.

Again, it is hands-down one of my favorite ways to make money online.

To get started, you simply find a vendor with a product you want to promote and sign up to be an affiliate.

Here are 3 good places to start.

ClickBank is on online platform for affiliates.

When somebody creates a course or something they want to sell, they can go to ClickBank to offer a commission to online marketers who can help sell it.

Or, if you’re creating content online, you can go to ClickBank and look at hundreds (maybe thousands) of products to find one you want to promote.

It’s also a good place to find high ticket affiliate programs which means high commission.

For example, maybe you find a program that costs two thousand dollars and it would be perfect for your audience.

Maybe it also pays 50% commission.

That means for every sale you get you’re going to make $1,000 bucks!

Bring IT ON!

A few sales a month and it’s worth it.

If that sounds good, here’s a quick video of how you can start doing high ticket affiliate marketing and go from zero to $1,000 fast.

The next easy affiliate program to get your feet wet with is the Amazon associate affiliate program.

Same concept as all other affiliate programs.

You just sign up with Amazon and then you can promote any product Amazon sells.

Since 50% of U.S. ecommerce sales goes through Amazon, most people are already pre-programmed to order from them.

Most months I have a 10% conversion rate, meaning 1 out of every 10 people who land on Amazon from one of my links orders something.

If you haven’t done much online marketing, 10% conversion is pretty hard to attain.

But again, people are just super comfortable ordering from then.

Heck, we have one click ordering turned on in my house.

So the moral is, if you get people to a page (an Amazon page) for something they are interested in, they might just make an impulse buy.

Just keep in mind that Amazon commissions are usually in the 1 to 3 percent range so you’re not going to get high commissions but you can make money from volume if you can get enough traffic.

I recommend focusing on higher ticket items so your commission is high enough to at least add up.

I try not to spend time creating content for any product less than $50.

It’s not hard to do product reviews.

Here’s a very short example of how simple they can be and this on gets me sales all the time.

Lastly is my favorite affiliate marketing model, and that is stacked affiliate marketing.

This works in much the same way as traditional affiliate marketing except there are a few key distinctions.

The biggest differences are higher commissions, recurring revenue, income compounding, and bonuses.

I won’t go into all the details but stacked affiliate marketing is my favorite affiliate marketing strategy.

You can learn more about how that works and about being mentored by us here.

For more information on how to start making money online by launching your own affiliate marketing program, here’s a quick video I made on the topic.

Building a YouTube channel

Next up- Build a YouTube Channel.

Don’t knock this one until you really think it through.

Youtube viewership is growing faster than creators because nobody wants to be on video, which is a great opportunity for those who ARE willing to create content.

The secret is… you don’t even have to be on video if you don’t want to.

Many of my videos don’t have me in them much, if at all.

Maybe just for the intro or maybe just when I say stuff like…

“Do me a favor and help the algorithm out by clicking the like button”.

So again, you can do it without putting your face on the screen.

There are so many ways to make money online with a YouTube channel that I couldn’t NOT put it in this post.

First, just by growing a channel, YouTube will share ad revenue with you.

If you watched my video interview with Lauren Bateman mentioned earlier in this blog post, she shared that she makes $4,000 a month off her guitar channel just from YouTube adsense revenue.

But that’s just the icing on the cake, when you combine YouTube with some of the strategies I’ve already mentioned, it can be that gasoline that supercharges them all.

Lauren also shared that she makes MORE money online by selling a guitar course she made.

She didn’t give me a specific number, but it does mean she makes more than  $4,000 per month from selling her course.

That’s $8,000+ she is making online even if she stops working tomorrow because the ad revenue and online sales will continue to flow in.

Youtube can drive traffic to courses, affiliate links, paid Facebook groups, online courses, Kindle books or journals, and even sales forms to simply generate leads for your business… the possibilities are endless.

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