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How to Create Momentum in Network Marketing

How to create momentum in network marketing is one of the key pillars of success you’ll have to master.

The problem is that many beginning network marketers and even those who have been in the industry have difficulty with it.

In this post, we’ll look at:

  • What momentum is and why it’s important in your business
  • Some of the misconceptions and lies floating around about momentum
  • How a network marketer can set themselves up for success and implement consistent rolling momentum based on some of the teachings of Eric Worre at Network Marketing Pro.

How to Create Momentum in Your Network Marketing Team

Erric Worre, (if you don’t know him), is on a mission to help redefine the industry and get rid of some of the preconceptions and misinformation floating around out there.

He teaches one of best knows strategies for creating momentum in your organization and why it is so important that you do it based on his own experience and research.

This is known as the 90 day blitz or 90 day run.

The principle is simple, you attempt to create massive momentum through massive action.

This strategy is laid out below by Eric Worre.

I highly suggest you watch the video below before going any further because we will be discussing some of the principles and how to apply them in the 21st century.

If you’re serious about your network marketing business, get out a pad and paper and make this a training exercise.

You’ll want to take some good notes from the video and the rest of this article… and then implement those ideas!

After you watch the video, I’ll show you how to take the strategy and automate it!

The overarching idea form the video above is to try to personally recruit 20 people in 30 days.

The idea is simple, success likes speed.

If you go fast instead of slow, excitement goes up and attrition of distributors goes down.

Eric claims that virtually all massively and highly successful networkers followed this route at some point.

If everyone on your team participates, the compound effect sets in and momentum shoots through the roof.

If you don’t yet have a team, the idea is to quickly launch one.

Sponsor 20 people in 30 days?
Fantastic! Where do I sign up and how do I do it?

90 Day Blitz Your Way to Momentum:

network marketing momentum - 90 day blitzSmall Problem…

It’s hard.
Very hard.

Even if you’re fully committed, it’s a difficult thing to do.

I’m a big fan of this industry (if you haven’t already figured that out).

Mr. Worre is a great communicator and for the right person, the plan he lays out would probably work.

My wife and had recently started with a new company after a few years of a hiatus.

After seeing Eric Worre’s video, we thought it sounded like a good idea.

Let’s hit some massive numbers and recruit 20 people in one month.

We didn’t commit to 90 days but we figured a month would give us a good launch and a good test run.

So we informed our team, we made our lists, and we got to work.

When we started, my goal was to focus on activity, not the result.
You can control activity, but you can’t control results.

My plan was to talk to 10 people a day, set appointments with whoever was open, and the numbers would be the numbers.

It was an experiment.

I also shared our company plan via video links instead of meeting with people which is something I had never done before.

So what happened?… Glad you asked.

The Bad News: More Prospecting Didn’t Lead to More Sponsoring

My activity level went through the roof.
I always track my activity.
I was able to prospect more people than the previous two months combined.

The problem I ran into was that it just wasn’t my style.

Even though I “prospected” so many people, it was forced.

I still got about the same number of appointments and enrolled the same number of distributors.

Typically, I use a non-threatening, low resistance prospecting style with my warm market that I bring up at a natural moment.

To hit my numbers for this experiment, I had to catch people off guard… calling them out of the blue, Facebooking them, etc.

So even though my activity went up, my final results were about the same (but with a lot more work and a lot more mentally exhausting).

I also think sharing the plan via video was not something that worked for me at the time.

I found it works better for me to sit down with my warm market and talk about it.

In fact, I recruited nobody who just watched a video and then allowed me to follow up.

All my recruits were people I met with face to face.

I know… not what you wanted to hear.

But this site is about authenticity, so there it is.

I’ll test stuff and let you know what works and what doesn’t for me. Maybe that will help you.

There’s too much hype in this space and not enough honesty.
If it were easy, everybody would be super successful.

Keep in mind that you may have different results.

So if you’ve never tried to do this, you should still pick and month and go for it, because there were some good things about it as well.

The Good News: I Planted Lots of
Seeds and Got Massive Exposure

network marketing momentum - plant seeds to harvestIt was a good run overall.

I was unable to connect with some people, we just couldn’t work it out.

However, even as I started working on this blog post today, I had somebody get back to me saying he was back in town and ready to meet about it.

Even though the month is over, there’s a good chance I will still harvest some seeds that were planted during my “blitz”.

In addition, I was able to get lots of exposure to what I’m doing.

One of the things that could really suck about network marketing is if you were to hear that someone you know (who you never got around to talking to), signed up with the same company through somebody else.

It happens.

At least I was able to inform everyone that I’m back in the game and going to do network marketing again.

If they sign up with somebody else now, it wasn’t meant to be.

Now comes the exciting part.

You may be wondering how things can get exciting when my results weren’t as wonderful as described by Eric.

The reason is that Eric Worre verifies my entire business model strategy.

My model is based around creating momentum all year long.

If you’ve explored this site for long you know I’m into the long game.

I like to go fast, but I’d rather build a marketing machine to make it happen consistently and predictably.

You know… the way most successful businesses run.

Besides, trying to recruit friends and family who aren’t interested is exhausting and for my personality, cold market prospecting is also exhausting.

It’s just not a natural fit for me because I’m an introvert.

I can do it and have done it successfully, but doing it consistently enough to manufacture momentum would kill my spirit.

If you’re not having fun you’re doing it wrong!
If you do it wrong too long, you wont’ last.

Network Marketing Momentum:
The Oceans Eleven Method

network marketing momentum oceans eleven method

If you’ve ever seen Oceans Eleven you’ll understand this explanation a bit more than the person who hasn’t.

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend the entire series.

They’re pretty darn good.

The movie has an all star cast and is centered around a Vegas heist of a Casino.

The heist takes place on a high profile boxing fight night.

The specialized crew put together to rob the casino estimates there is $160,000,000 in the vault.

I call what I’m about to share the Oceans Eleven Method because of a few reasons.

I’ll list them here and then unpack them; you can see if this method makes sense to you.

Oceans Eleven Strategies for Building
Network Marketing Momentum in Your MLM

  1. Choose a Target & Goal
  2. Recruit a Solid and Specialized Crew
  3. Plan, Prepare, and Execute
  4. Have Patience with the Plan and Process
  5. Remember that Success Equals a Massive Payout

Now let’s discuss how these key ingredients and strategies relate to network marketing and the creation of momentum.

Proper implementation of this method will cause sustained momentum and growth in your business.

First let’s unpack each of those five points.

#1) Momentum Requires a Target and Goal

I won’t go into this too much here.

I just want to mention that Danny Ocean picked his target because of the large payout possibility.

You should make sure you understand your company’s compensation plan and make sure it won’t limit your income in the future.

Choose a company.
Choose an income.
Use the income goal to choose a rank.

It will take work to climb to the top.

You don’t want to leave money on the table simply because you didn’t spend enough time thinking it through.

I made this mistake with my higher education and I regretted it later.

The fact is, the business model & company is important.

I recommend the binary compensation model but some people like other models.

Choose one that makes sense to you and that you will have the most chance for substantial earnings.

There are some models that make it very difficult to earn large checks.

Nothing would be worse than making $25,000 a month after 3-5 years and realizing that if you had just performed at the same level in XYZ company, you would be making $25,000 a week.

That’s a big difference!

Then you’d be in that horrible position of deciding whether to walk away from 25k a month or just try to enjoy it, even though you know it could be so much more.

It would be hard to be happy (even with those big numbers) if you knew your checks could have been 3-4 times larger.

I believe the binary model is the best way to ensure a massive team equals a massive income.

#2) Danny Ocean Recruited a Solid and Specialized Crew

How to Create Network Marketing Momentum - Danny OceanDanny Ocean had just gotten out of prison.

His intricate plan was meant to destroy his enemy and win him back the girl.

To do this, he had to recruit a specialized crew.

Each person in this crew had a specific skill set that could be utilized to pull of the heist.

If you’re going to create massive network marketing momentum, you’ll need to think like Danny Ocean did.

Everyone is different and has different skill sets.
You’ll need at least 1-2 of each of the following on your team.

  • A promoter and motivator
  • Some solid recruiters
  • Some teachers (not necessarily actual teachers, but people who are gifted at teaching your system)
  • Tech Specialists (think website design and content creation)
  • Writers (think SEO)

Network Marketing Momentum
Step #3- Plan, Prepare, and Execute

danny ocean plan prepare execute

After putting the team in place, Mr. Ocean needed to create and execute on a well thought out and well constructed plan.

If you’re treating your network marketing business like a business, you should have a plan for growth that expands beyond your friends, family, and people you run into at the Circle K.

This plan should be focused around creating a system for generating leads and recruiting.

There are a few key elements to this plan

Foundation Recruiting- This is how you build a foundation for your business.

It’s the traditional warm market blueprint that everyone teaches but not everyone does.

What most don’t teach is that it’s just the beginning.

You make a list of everybody you know (and I mean everyone).

This list includes people you barely know and people you know well.

It includes everyone who is a friend or connection on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Then you systematically reach out to these people and prospect them.
Pick a number you can do every day.

Obviously, the higher the number the faster you go, but consistency trumps inconsistency.

You are just sorting through these people.
Don’t put pressure on yourself.

You just want to expose them to the products and business and plant a seed.

You should sponsor some people this way, but if not, no worries.
You’re getting your message out there and letting people know you’re in business.

You’re likely to get a few people started but that’s just your foundation level.

This is your base.

Even if you sponsor nobody, it’s good experience.
Some things you learn only by doing, so don’t beat yourself up.

You want to expose your friends and family early because when you start building a large organization from your marketing efforts, you want your friends and family to be positioned well.

If you start climbing ranks and then they decide they want to start building, they will have a head start if you’ve already positioned them at the top of your organization.

These friends and family are kind of like wine.
They can age better with time.
If they don’t do much in the beginning, that’s okay.

Inspire them by building a large downline and changing your own life.

At this point, you’ve started reaching out to some people daily from your list.
You also start focusing on marketing and lead generation.
You do this at the same time.

Paid Advertising- This is advertising you pay for (go figure).

The goal should be to generate leads with it.

Understand that you’ll need to study marketing and become an expert in whatever channel you decide to focus on.

I would choose just one channel unless you have really deep pockets or unlimited time.

For example, I focus on Facebook.
I try to learn the algorithm, what is engaging and what will get me the most leads.

I’m still working on figuring this out and haven’t had massive success with that yet, but it’s a channel I’m exploring.

Be careful here, advertising can burn through your cash reserves quickly.

This is a long term strategy.

The goal is to learn what works for you and what doesn’t.
I would set a monthly budget and stick to it.

This is your budget for learning.

If you find something that’s getting you incredible results, that would be the time to put more money into the ads that are producing.

The paid marketing strategy is NOT a necessity.

You can leave it out if your budget doesn’t have enough for it.

Do not go into debt for it, do not just throw money at the wall and hope something sticks.

The beauty of network marketing is that it’s something you can build on a shoestring budget.

Please don’t over leverage yourself, especially in this arena.

Build a Lead Generation Machine- This is the key. Network marketing allows you to build teams all over the world.

For that to happen, they need exposure to you.
If you want to consistently sponsor lots of people you need to have a strategy.

This is where a blog like this one comes into play if you like to write.

It’s fairly cheap to set up and easy to maintain.
If you can’t set it up yourself, find somebody to do it for you.

I started with those out of the box companies (Wix, Squarespace, etc.) and I do NOT recommend them.

You want to use WordPress.
Period. End of Discussion.

WordPress is much easier to work with and it seems to do better getting traction in the Google rankings.

Picking the right theme (i.e. design) is important too.

My strategy here has been to get something with fast loading speeds.

Leave the pretty at the door.
You want effective.

You can add pictures and stuff but if you get a cumbersome design, it will slow the load time and google tracks every millisecond.

You will be penalized and you won’t rank.

You don’t want to do a ton of work only to never have your stuff found because you shot yourself in the foot from the beginning.

If you’re site takes .1% longer to load than the next site for the same search term, you won’t rank as well.

If you’re thinking, oh I can’t do all that…. It sounds like a lot of work.

Well, it is a lot of work.
But can’t and won’t are two different things.

I believe you can learn anything or figure out a way to get it done if you want it bad enough.

Plus, it’s called net-WORK-marketing.

Why A Blog is an Essential Strategy for Network Marketing

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of using a blog as part of your business and marketing strategy.

Eric Worre talks about the importance of creating momentum by recruiting 20 people a month in a frenzy of activity.

A blog will slowly grow over time and your leads will start to trickle in.

Then eventually, if you’ve executed on your plan well, the leads will start to pour in.

I still remember the first few leads I got.

An email popped up on my phone that a lead just came in from somebody who has been reading my stuff and wants to talk about working with me.

Are you freakin’ kidding me?
That was my response, I still feel that way sometimes.


Because instead of trying to convince people to change their lives, my blog allows people who resonate with me to connect with me.

Then we’re just having a conversation on the phone and deciding if we gel.

Think about it.

Your articles will be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Anybody ever heard of the google going down?… Me neither.

Let’s talk small numbers.
What if you generated 10 leads a month?
10 leads a week?

This is 10 people who want to talk to you about your business, about getting involved and possibly joining your team.

Do you think you could sponsor a few people if they were already interested in working with you?

What if it was 25 leads a week (that’s only 100 a month)?
What if it was 25 leads  a day?

Now imagine that these numbers are consistent each and every week.

How would that change your business?
How would it change your posture?… I’ll tell you how.

It will change your attitude from “I hope I can make this happen” to “I’m doing this… do you want to come along?”

Instead of trying to fake your posture on the phone, you will actually have true posture.

True Confidence. Your prospects will see and feel that.

You’ll be more confident and you won’t care as much if they join because it really won’t matter.

You’ll know somebody will, even if it’s not a fit for them.

Your fundamental belief that it doesn’t matter will actually make you more effective and you’ll sponsor more people.

At Rah-rah meetings they talk about getting and keeping your belief up.

It is true that the battle is the one that takes place between your ears in your mind.

However, this battle is hard to win if you’re not totally convinced of how you’re going to grow your organization.

It’s a different story entirely once you believe that you’re truly unstoppable.

Once your blog is producing, you’ll be recruiting consistently.

What’s better, you’ll actually be able to teach your prospects how to succeed by doing the same thing you’ve done.

Solid execution of attraction marketing and lead generation is how you position yourself for success.

This industry (like any other commission based industry), has a large turnover rate.

To guarantee you make it to the substantial earnings, you need to stop hoping that the next person you put in will be wildly successful.

Instead, determine that you will become that person.

To be that person, you’ve got to recruit and train a LARGE downline.

You can’t recruit 5 people a year and hope to have massive success.

That’s a lottery mentality.

This is a business, treat it like a business and it will pay you like a business.

Treat it like a hobby and you’ll pay for it like a hobby.

Note: It doesn’t have to be blogging that you use.
Just something that is scalable and can be done online.
If you have a big personality and want to build using YouTube, we’re looking for somebody to mentor in that area.

Just let us know. 

#4) The Oceans Eleven Plan Requires Patience

In Oceans Eleven, the plan changed over time.

But for the plan to work, they had to be patient until the time was right.

Many network marketers try to force this business model on people which ultimately turns their prospects off.

Not just to your opportunity, but to the industry in general.
We must get better at this as an industry.

Timing is everything.

When you leave a person after talking with them and “prospecting” them, they should feel good about it.

If they’re dodging every call you make, you’re probably pushing too hard on somebody who isn’t ready.

It’s understandable and easy to do this accidentally because (1) we all want to be successful quickly and (2) you have to balance pushing too hard with not pushing hard enough.

Not to mention, if you’re like me, when I learned about this business model I got excited.

It woke something up inside of me and I felt like Neo in this scene from the Matrix.

network marketing momentum mindset

It’s hard to imagine that some people want to take the blue pill and go back to sleep.

Never learning that there’s a way for an average person to live a life of their dreams… without using debt.

Okay, I got sidetracked again.

So how do you be less pushy when you can’t fathom how somebody would not want to take advantage of this wonderful industry?

Simple answer… The Lead Generation Machine you will build with your online presence.

If you had a constant flow of incoming leads, you’d be less desperate and less pushy.

So you must implement a plan to generate leads or you’ll keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.

The absolute best and cheapest way to get leads, as I’ve already discussed, is to have a blog like this one or some other sort of online presence.

Just understand that it’s not the fastest… at least not at first.

Not in the beginning.
Especially if you create a blog.

Ahrefs, a site dedicated to researching what ranks in Google, estimates that 60% of pages that rank for the top ten slots on competitive keywords have been around for 3 years or longer.

That means they’ve been slowly climbing in the ranks of Google for over 3 years.

The results are similar for the #1 positions.

You can read all about it on their post how long does it take to rank in Google.

This is where the technician and the writer come in on your team.
The technician can help get the site going, the writer can produce content.

Ideally, you want distributors who are also going to think long term.

But if you don’t have those on your team yet, you can hire out content writing and creation.

If you don’t have the money to hire out content creation and website design, learn to do it yourself.

I actually like doing it, so I’ll probably never hire it out.

Content creation is where your sustainable network marketing momentum will come from.

It’s what will bring the visitors to your site.

You’re here learning because I’ve put out content you feel is valuable.

You can do the same thing on your site and over time create the ability to recruit 5-10 people (or more) each and every month…. indefinitely.

That is… forever.

In fact, once the number starts to grow, you’ll be able to be selective and still recruit a good solid number of people every single month.

Most people (especially those in network marketing) won’t make this level of commitment.

They don’t have the patience.

It turns network marketing into a long term plan and a real business, instead of a get rich quick and easy plan.

Unfortunately, many people are brought into this business with the false notion of quick riches.

Additionally, the barrier of entry in this industry is so small people don’t treat it like the cash cow it can be.

Network Marketing Momentum
Content is King

content is king for network marketing momentumContent is king is a popular phrase and there is good reason for it.

Imagine you start creating content around your product, personal development, or this industry in general (as I am doing here).

You continue to do it consistently and publish high quality content.

Three years from now your content is bringing thousands or tens of thousands of people to your site to learn about your product or about the network marketing industry.

What if you didn’t enroll anybody for 3 years but after that time you started getting consistent leads and enrolling people in your business every single week?

Again, think about how that would that change your business?
What if you had a few team members that were doing this as well?

Imagine never needing to do traditional prospecting after you put that foundation and system in place.

Would it be worth it if you made very little money for those three years, but then after 3 years you were able to create massive momentum which shot you to the top of your company’s compensation plan?

If you’re a part of a reputable company and you know the numbers, I’m positive it would be worth it.

Long term thinking is thinking like a real business owner and is something many people in this industry don’t do.

That’s what gives the advantage to those who do think like business people.

This content marketing strategy (also known as attraction marketing) is like building a bridge.

Nobody can cross until the bridge is complete, but once it’s finished, there will be a constant flow of traffic.

People will start coming across the bridge and some will reach out to you because they want to work specifically with you.

#5) Success Would Mean A Large Payout

Danny Ocean’s plan also involved a massive payout if he could pull it off.

That’s the same with network marketing momentum.

If you create a logical and systematic approach to sponsoring people quickly and consistently, instead of just hoping momentum kicks in, you will succeed.

Hope is not a strategy.

Hope is NOT a strategy. Click To Tweet

This point is pretty much the same in all reputable companies.
You can make big money.

Just remember to pick a company with a solid compensation model.

Preferably one in which you’ll make really good money even if you’re not at the very top of the compensation plan.

In the next section, I’m going to discuss how to pull all this together and create a system that makes you unstoppable.

How to Create Network Marketing Momentum
Using The Oceans Eleven Method

Let’s review.

To create sustainable momentum in network marketing you must implement the following.

Choose the Right Network Marketing Company or “target”

binary compensation planThis won’t matter at first.

But once you start recruiting a large downline and start to climb through the ranks, this will become very important to you.

Once again, I recommend the binary compensation plan because it pays for infinity on your depth.

In other words, if you grow a team of 50,000, you get paid on all 50,000.

There are bonuses and stuff that pay down a certain amount of levels like in unilevel plans, but those are bonuses on top of your regular commissions.

With a binary plan you can make tens of thousands of dollars a week just on your regular commissions.

If the company has a system where points roll over, you can create a predictable cash flow because you’ll bank points for the next week payout, which will stabilize your checks.

You want stable cash flow.
You want stable cash flow.
It makes life easier even when the numbers are big.

Recruit a Solid and Specialized Team

This crew should include people with different skill sets than you.

Some people are great promoters, some are great sales people, some are fantastic public speakers, some are exceptional leaders, and some are passionate customers.

You get the idea.
A good team has people from all walks of life with all skill sets.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone should build this business the same way.

A charismatic sales person could (and should) go about building their organization differently than a shy, calculating introvert.

Plan, Prepare, and Execute

Build a Foundation – This is made up of your warm market.

Friends and family, acquaintances, etc.

You need to go through everybody and you should find some customers and some business builders in that group.

This is an ongoing process because you will meet new people for the rest of your life.

Never stop building relationships and following up with people.

Implement Marketing and Paid Advertising– Remember to be careful with this strategy and stick to a budget.

This is the one element that can be left out if you’re on a shoestring budget.

It’s not necessary but it can help speed things up if you get it right.

Create a System for Lead Generation– This would be a website with a heavy blog presence or other online presence like YouTube.

Funnel everything to a lead capture page.

All your blog posts should gently encourage people to reach out to you.

If you resonate with them and get enough traffic, you’ll get leads.

If you go this route (and you should), I imagine you may be one of the only people in your company doing it.

Your upline may even chastise you for it.

Just make sure your company allows it or you may want to look for a different company that does.

Have Patience

mlm momentum requires patienceThis can be the most difficult of all the principles I’ve discussed.

We all want quick success, but the stories of fast success are full of hype and lots of pieces are left out.

For example, you go to a company event and hear about a couple that went to the top of the compensation plan in 3 months.

What you don’t know is that they spent the last 20 years serving people and becoming a pillar of influence in the community.

They already had a Rolodex of 5000 people (literally) who liked and trusted them.

The speed this person or couple goes is deceptive.

It’s based on who they have been and how they’ve showed up the last 20 years.

This phenomena is referred to by Stephen Covey as the Speed of Trust.

Your online presence will be the key to building your own group of 5,000+ people who follow what you’re doing online.

Some of them will want to be involved with you.

They’ll see your personality and decide that you’d be fun to work with and potentially travel the world with.

So they will reach out to you.
Seriously, it will happen.

Enjoy Massive Momentum and Massive Success

Once all these pieces are in place, you’re on your way to creating sustainable momentum that will exponentially increase your chances of reaching the top ranks in any organization.

I hope you found this article valuable and useful.

If you have a long term business mentality and are currently looking for a team to work with for the next 3-5 years and beyond, consider joining us.

We have recently signed on with an exceptional company that utilizes the binary compensation model.

I know I’ve talked about it a few times.

You can learn more about all four of the main multi-level marketing compensation plans on our blog post What is Network Marketing (scroll about halfway down the article).

The leadership of our company is top class and have years of experience in this industry.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting and feel this company offers the best opportunity for average people to make substantial income.

We’re looking to dramatically change some peoples lives in the coming years and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

Come dream with us.
Come grow with us.
Come travel the world with us.
Come work with us.

In the words of Zig Ziglar, We’ll “see you at the top”.

Finally, we like to end with an invitation.
If you’d like to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we’d like to give you that opportunity.

Jason & Daniele



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