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MLM Lead Generation: Redefined for the Modern World

MLM Lead generation is not for amateurs. It’s reserved for serious network marketing professionals.

It’s the lifeblood of any profitable home business.

It’s for those that wake up one day and say to themselves, “ya’ know… no other business in the world tries to get sales like the network marketing industry… why would an mlm business be any different from other industries?”

That’s an extremely powerful question!

In fact, the moment you ask it, you start to evolve from an amateur into a professional.

In this post we’re going to cover why generating leads online is such an incredible strategy and also touch on some of the best ways to do it.

If you want an extensive, in depth look on mlm lead generation, you can check out our infinite lead generation system.

That being said, let’s start with the why?…

Why Generate MLM Leads Online Anyway?

online mlm lead generation with marketingLet me clarify a couple things.

Even though the typical method for building an mlm organization is unorthodox compared to other industries, it still works.

You can still use traditional prospecting to build a business and move product instead of using online mlm lead generation tactics.

What do I mean by traditional prospecting or traditional business building?

I mean… belly to belly, person to person, home meeting, hotel meeting, one-on-ones, cold calling, and 3-way calls.

Don’t hear me wrong, these methods and tactics will still get the job done.

This article isn’t meant to slam that method of building.

In fact, it should be part of your system for building, but it shouldn’t be the entire enchilada.

You should have a multi-faceted approach if you want to build a solid and epic team.

That’s because there are a few problems (strategically speaking) with only using traditional methods:

  • They’re time intensive
  • They’re random and unpredictable.
  • They’re NOT scalable and NOT compounding

Let’s unpack each of these a little further and then I’ll teach you some ways for you to start going online for your mlm lead generation.

If you’re looking for infomation on all sorts of ways to generate leads, you can go here for our ultimate guide on lead generation. (It’s very comprehensive).

Okay, let’s get started with some issues of traditional lead generation and then I’ll show you some ways to move the needle quickly and generate a ton of leads!

Top Problems with Traditional
MLM Lead Generation

#1) Traditional Lead Generation and Business Building is Time Intensive

mlm lead generation takes time

I built a business the traditional way once and once was enough.
It was a home based business and interestingly…. I was never home.

I worked all day, then I came home, changed clothes, ate (if I had time), and was out the door to run a home meeting or event.

It was fun and exciting… at first.

Then it became a grind.

Not to mention all the times I showed up somewhere and the person hosting the party had nobody show up (usually because they only invited one or two people or nobody at all).

That translates to wasted time and energy.

Traditional business building inside the network marketing industry is extremely time intensive, even if people do show up to home meetings and parties.

You have to drive to the location, do the meeting, answer questions, pack up, and drive home.

If you’re never home, you’re missing out on that family time.

I know I was.
Well, forget that.
The old model is out for me.

I don’t want to be the dad who is never present- no matter what the potential payoff is.

It goes against every belief system I have.
Being a father is more important that building a business.

In fact, if I listed my priorities, it would look something like this.

Priority 1: God
Priority 2: Family
Priority 3: Business

That’s my priority list (in that order) and I’m stickin’ to it.

Don’t let anybody tell you the first two should take a back seat to the last one for any period of time.

Don’t sacrifice the truly important for what feels important when we’re distracted or excited.

#2) Traditional MLM is Random and Unpredictable

What other industry do people think they will build their entire customer base from friends and family and people they run into at the mall?


That’s because most industries don’t take a random, unpredictable, throw mud at the wall, shotgun approach to marketing.

They actually attack it strategically with a purpose and with a plan.

Most businesses take far more than a few hundred dollars to get started and because of that, people actually take some time to formulate and implement a plan.

#3) Traditional Business Building is NOT Scalable and NOT Compounding

Now, I know what you’re thinking… of course it’s scalable, it’s network marketing!

That’s the whole point, right?… That the entire business model is scalable?

Well, yes and no.

The whole thing is scalable if we’re talking about BTE- Before Technology Era.

In fact, that was it’s claim to fame before technology changed the game by connecting the entire world.

But the standard measurement of successful scalability has changed.

Technology has changed the standard measurement of successful scalability. It's now cheaper, faster, and easier than ever to scale. Click To Tweet

For example, let’s suppose you have 100 people on your team giving at least 2 presentations a week.

You know that at least 200 people a week are being exposed to your message (100 x 2=200).

Then the internet came along.
Social media soon followed.

I’ll get into this a little later, but the fact is, it’s easier to scale bigger and faster online than you can on an individual basis because of the speed of technology.

In the above example, you may have 200 presentations being shown, but it’s being shown 200 different ways by different people who have different skill levels.

You’re results are a guessing game.
Half chance, half luck.

Plus, you’ll never really know for sure if people are doing what they say they’re doing.

In addition to that, you’re relying on people for your success instead of systems.

What if you could stop chasing people and start talking to people who want to talk to you about your business or products?

You’d save time, energy, and frustration.

What if you could systematize and scale your own efforts and anything that your team did was just gravy?

That’s the power of building a business from your computer and the benefit of online lead generation.

By learning how to use your computer to attract people who are interested in your business, you can change everything!

Change your outcomes.
Change your life.
Change your destiny.
Change your world!

So if you want to build using only traditional methods, this article is not for you.

But if you’re looking for a more efficient way.

A better way…

If you want to attack this thing systematically and scale your business building by using the internet to generate mlm leads online- then keep reading.

If you read and consistently apply the strategies I’m about to share, over time they can change your business and your financial life forever.

Top Reasons for Online MLM Lead Generation

You Can Take a Systematic Approach

I’m a systems and automation guy.
My time is very important to me.
That’s part of why I chose this industry.

My advice to you is simple but not easy.
Nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Simply put, start creating content online preferably in the form of a blog (or video content).

Building online will take time and commitment if you want to get to the point where you have boatload of leads coming in every day.

I’m learning as I go, but I’m getting better at it every day.

I still remember the first true online lead I generated and was able to talk with on the phone.

I didn’t enroll that person, but it was at that moment I knew the game had changed for me forever.

At that moment, I realized that building online was hands down the best way a serious network marketer could practically guarantee their success.

The Internet Allows You To Build Teams Anywhere in the World

One of the main reasons building your team and generating leads online is so powerful is that it expands your reach.

I can probably illustrate this best with a story.

I’m not much of a fisherman. My brother loves it but I’m a little too impatient to get into it.

However, anytime I can go deep sea fishing… I’m all over it.


Because the fish in the ocean are more numerous and usually bigger.

It’s less waiting and more catching. It’s more fun (at least for me).

Using the internet for your mlm lead generation is kind of the same thing.

You put out bait in the form of valuable content, such as a blog post.

For example, this piece of content is like bait.

You’ll either read it or pass it by, but the key is… some will read it.

Then you may want to work closer with me or come back for more content and continue to learn from me.

That’s called content marketing.

I offer valuable content for you and maybe, just maybe, you’ll want to work with me in the future.

It’s like deep sea fishing because when you put content online, the entire world becomes your ocean.

When you’re doing traditional prospecting and recruiting, it’s like you’re fishing in your neighbor’s pond.

Your circle of influence and contacts can only go so far.

But by using the internet, you can literally reach people all over the world.

I have quite a few readers in Canada, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe as well as other areas.

I get people reaching out to me from all over the world.

There would be no way for me to get to know those people or sponsor them without the use of an online platform such as this blog.

Let’s use you as an example.

If you’re reading this from anywhere other than Florida, it’s highly unlikely we would ever run into each other, nor would you even know who I am.

But because of the power of the internet, me and my message are just a click away.

Now that we’ve connected on this page, if you really wanted you could call me, email me, text me, or reach out to me on social media.

You could comment on YouTube.
You could comment on this blog.
You could subscribe to my mailing list.

Get it?

MLM lead generation allows you to reach the entire world when you build an online platform and put out quality content.

If you’ve had trouble in the network marketing industry before, but you’re committed to using it as a vehicle to change your life, I highly recommend finding a mentor and starting to build an online presence.

And of course, I always suggest at least checking out what we’re doing.
Just click the picture below. 🙂

Generating MLM Leads Online is Compounding

This is one of the best parts about building your business online.

When you prospect somebody the traditional way, you’re done when the conversation is done.

Sure, you can follow up, but you’ve done the work once already and if you want to prospect again, you must do the work again.

When you build something online, things are different.

Even follow up is different.

If you can trade valuable content for an email address, you can even systematize most of your follow up.

It takes the same amount of time to email 3 people as it does to email 3,000.

But following up on the phone is a one-on-one event.

Additionally, your content is there forever working while you sleep.

In fact, over time, it usually becomes more effective.

For example, let’s suppose you decide after reading this that you’re going to focus on social media.

The shelf life of a social media post is short.

However, as you build out your social media profile and posts, they stay there forever.

One day, let’s say you post something or tweet something and it really resonates with people.

They click on your profile and start scrolling through your other content.

If you have 3 weeks of content, that’s good. If you have 3 years of content, it’s even better.

Now let’s talk about blogging.

Blogging is something every serious network marketer should be doing to generate mlm leads online.

Once you’re set up, it’s almost like typing into a basic program like Microsoft word.

The difference is that I’ve found it to be the most compounding of all the online activities I’ve tried (with the exception of YouTube, which is fantastic for content marketing).

When you post an article, such as this one, it slowly starts to rank in Google.

Not all your stuff will rank, but the more you do it, the better you’ll get because it’s a little art… and a little science… and a little passion.

Anyway, if you’re putting out quality stuff, your posts will start to bring in traffic.

They’ll start to get shared and start to get backlinks, which will help them rank even higher in the search engines.

More and more people will be exposed to you and your message.

They’ll have a chance to connect with you.

If your content is great, they’ll come back to learn more. As they continue to come back, they’ll continue to learn from you but also to get to know you.

If they like you and trust you, at some point they may want to work with you.

Most posts I put out don’t get any organic search traffic at first.

But as they are noticed by google and bing, they start to climb and the traffic starts to climb with their rankings.

The more traffic I have, the more people fill out my form and want to work with me and be mentored by me.

It’s truly a numbers game.

The cool thing is, the internet allows you to expose people to your message, company, and brand on a scale you would never be able to do by yourself.

Your Leads are Free MLM Leads

As you build out your online presence and the leads start to trickle in, they will be free mlm leads!

Of course, they weren’t free in the sense that you had to put in the time, energy, and effort to get them.

But they are free in the sense that you don’t have to pay for them every month.

If you’re building a site like this and offering great content, your traffic will grow.

As it does and as you refine your site to increase the conversion rate of those landing on your site, the number of leads you get will go up.

The higher the number goes, the better you can test what is working and what isn’t and the more you can optimize for conversions.

The cool thing is, there is no limit to how high this can go.

If you’re building your business the traditional way, there is a defined limit to how much time you can put into showing your presentation to people.

There are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.

What if you could work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and spend the entire 24 hours exposing new people to what you’re doing?

People who went out looking for the information you were showing them?

That’s exactly what you can do and what I am doing with this site.

You could be reading this at 1 PM in the afternoon or 1 AM in the morning.
It could be the day after I publish it or 3 months later (or 3 years or 30 years later).

If this site generates 3 leads, 30 leads, or 300 leads (or more) in a month, it’s all from work that I’ve done in the past and it just compounds over time.

The Best MLM Leads are Always the Ones You Generate Yourself

So I already told the story of how my first conversation with an online prospect made me realize that everything had changed.

Part of this realization came from the fact that in my previous network marketing business I didn’t generate any leads from marketing.


I prospected everybody with a pulse.
I puked my information on anybody within a 3 ft. radius.
Any lead I got was directly correlated to my prospecting activity.

So when I generated my first lead online, I knew as soon as he answered the phone that the game had changed.

But what I didn’t share with you yet was the second part of that story, the 2nd reason for my ah-ha moment.

After hanging up the phone with that prospect I was sooooo excited.

In fact, I rushed into the living room to tell my wife how much of a game changer this online “stuff” was.

It wasn’t just because I knew over time I would be generating more leads than I could keep up with.

It wasn’t just because I knew that at some point I would have so many leads I would have to automate everything…

Even though these reasons are really exciting, they’re not the reason I was most excited.

The real reason I was so excited was because it was hands down the best prospecting call I had ever had inside of the network marketing industry.

I had no script, no real plan.

I wasn’t sure how that conversation would go.

But I quickly realized something was different… Then I realized it was the perception of the prospect.

It was positioning.

The energy of this call was different than any other prospecting call I had ever had.

I’ve had more calls like it since then, but that was the first time I’d ever had a call with that energy before.

This person actually wanted to talk to me.
This person actually understood the basics of the industry.
This person had legitimate questions instead of “oh, this is one of those pyramid scam things”.

The energy was totally & completely different.

In the end, the prospect let fear hold him back.

He was afraid of not being able to retire, but he was more afraid that he would be unsuccessful in this industry so rather than fail… he just resigned himself to not try.

What a shame.
But that’s neither here nor there.

The point is, when you generate your own mlm leads online, most of them will be the best leads you’ve ever talked to.

The energy will be different.
The dynamic will be different.
There won’t be so much internal pressure that you put on yourself.

After all, they are contacting you and probably know you pretty well from consuming your content.

They know, like, and trust you.
The want to work with you or at least learn more about working with you.

They probably just want to know what company it is and whether or not you’re a real person who will support them.

I’m very laid back when I talk to people. I know the people who are meant to work with me will and the ones who are not, won’t.

But there’s not longer a need to “get somebody” to join.

How to Multiply Your Online Lead Generation Efforts

If you’re planning to go down this road, I highly suggest partnering with somebody who is on the same road.

If nobody in your upline or company is building online or they’re just telling you to post to your social media, they aren’t going to be able to mentor you and help you actually build online the right way.

Social media is good and useful, but it will never be systematic enough to sponsor people while you sleep.

Now, if you’re wise, you’re probably thinking this is a plug for working with us.

And you’d be right! Of course it is!
Let’s see what we can accomplish together.
We’d love to be your mentor.

But I want you to understand, though it benefits us, it benefits you as well.
We really want to help as many people succeed as possible.
To help you live the life of your dreams.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past, what matters is that you get up, brush yourself off, and try again (or try for the first time).

As odd as it sounds, I feel this part of God’s purpose for my life. It’s not about the money.

Unlike the guru’s out there who are not currently building a business, we are in the field.
We’re in the trenches.
Our team will succeed or fail together.

We’re not selling an expensive training program, we genuinely are looking for people to join us.

The fact is, this online stuff (even though it’s been around awhile) hasn’t been adopted as common practice by the network marketing industry overall.

Many of the leaders in this industry right now are charismatic folks who are naturally gifted at sales and recruiting.

Because of that, they teach their methods, which don’t work for the everyday person or the new network marketer.

They’re usually great speakers- Very motivational and inspiring, but they aren’t good at breaking down exactly what they did.

They certainly can’t make people have a personality like theirs.
They just advise that you talk to more people and be more excited.

Most of it’s fluff.

MLM Lead Generation: Redefined for the Modern World Click To Tweet

Many of them might even look down on trying to do something like this online.
They would say “it’s not duplicatable”.

Well, I would argue that recruiting people based on charisma and charm isn’t duplicate for an introvert like myself.

Sure, there are successful leadership traits you want to develop in yourself, but the non-duplication comment or excuse is usually a sign they don’t know how to teach it.

If one person can do something, so can another if they put their mind to it.

Building a business using the internet can be done by anybody if they’ll put in the time and effort to do it and have the right upline mentoring them.

As of right now I’v spent the last 2 years figuring out what works and what doesn’t on a blog.

My blog isn’t fancy but sometimes I meet people with fancy sites who get very little organic search traffic.

If it’s not effective, I don’t bother with it.

If you’ve got a blog already and want to monetize it by supplementing it with network marketing, I’d love to teach you what I know.

MLM Lead Generation Recap

There you have it, some of the best reasons to go online for your mlm lead generation efforts.

It’s not rocket science but it does take time.

The good news is, once you do the work it’s done forever.

If you’re serious about generating your own mlm leads and implementing proven strategies to grow your business, you may want to dive deeper with this guide on the topic.

If you’re in a company already and you’re happy— fantastic, keep it up!

If you happen to be looking for a company with great products, leadership, and a powerful binary compensation plan, we’d love to discuss our opportunity with you and see if we’d be a fit for each other.

Lastly, I want you to know you were created on purpose and for a purpose by the God of the Universe.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

He sent his son Jesus Christ to atone for your sins, my sins, and the sins of this world.

Check this out if you’d like to learn more about having a relationship with Jesus.

“If Nothing Changes… Nothing Changes.”

God Bless.

Jason and Daniele