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Amazing Eagle Facts, Principles, and Lessons That Will Change Your Life

American eagles are my favorite birds. Especially the bald eagle.

I’ll unpack some amazing american eagle facts, principles, and lessons that if applied, can change your life and your business.

For example, fact one is that eagles have extraordinary vision.

We’ll look at the importance of having a compelling vision in your life if you want to create massive success.

Life Lessons From the Eagle
(Physical Attributes)

There are number of lessons we can learn just from the physical characteristics of an eagle.

Let’s take a look at those and I’ll attempt to analyze them for you so you can better apply them in your life.

It’s not good enough to simply extract the principles, traits, and effective habits of an eagle.

That’s simply step one.
The next step is application.

Only when you apply them in your life and business will you have a competitive advantage.

Let’s get started.

Eagle Fact #1: Eagles Have Extraordinary Vision

bald eagle facts exceptional visionMost people have heard the phrase “eagle eye”.

This eagle fact is commonly known.
We know eagles can see very, very well.

That’s why the phrase “eagle eye” exists.

According to wikipedia, eagle eyesight is 4-8 time stronger than human eyesight.

This allows an eagle to see prey from long distances and it’s estimated an eagle can spot a rabbit from 2 miles away.

What would happen if an eagle went blind?

It couldn’t fly, couldn’t hunt, couldn’t do anything an eagle can do.

The same is true for humans when it comes to having vision.

I’m not talking here about sight.
Sight and vision in a human is completely different.
Helen Keller had no sight, but she had extraordinary vision.

You must develop vision in your life if you want to succeed on a massive scale.

The vision to see far into the future.

The vision to formulate a plan and the fortitude to implement it.

Unfortunately, vision is one of those cute words that’s thrown around flippantly because it sounds good.

However, if you talk to most people (I mean really talk to them), they have no vision or their vision is unclear.

Most have no clear vision of what they want and no clear vision of how they will get there.

Massive success will not be a part of your life without a well defined vision.

Unlike the eagle though, you can develop and grow your vision through personal development and experience.

Fact #2: Female Eagles are Super Strong

This may not be popular with some readers.
But it is what it is.
The female eagle is not just strong.

Female eagles are are actually larger and stronger than male eagles.

This is a common attribute of birds of prey.

The application part of this is really just permission.
Give yourself permission to live out your potential.

If you’re a woman, be a strong woman.
Be bold. Be fierce.

Develop yourself.
Grow your leadership and your potential.

If you’re a guy, don’t be a prick.
Don’t be insecure.

I know some male chauvinist types who are totally asinine when it comes to women.

The way they run their mouth, I truly believe they think everyone views the world the way they do.

News flash: Not everybody feels the way you do if you think this way.

In fact, when you open your mouth and say something ignorant, the intelligent people around you lose respect for you.

There’s a saying… It’s better to leave your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

That being said, men and women are not the same.

God didn’t create us the same way and I have found that even though men and women can do the same things, true purpose and fulfillment comes when we operate in roles that fit our personality.

But strength in a woman is not something to be feared or pushed down.

My wife is a very strong woman and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s one of the things I love most about her and she isn’t afraid to challenge my thinking.

If we’re going to achieve what we want to achieve in life, marriage partners must operate as a team.

A team is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

The strategist in me is confused by those who want a weak partner.
As a team, it does no good to have a weak team mate.

I want my woman to be like the queen on the chessboard- a force to be reckoned with.

You should too.

Learn how to build emotional resilience.

Eagle Fact #3: Eagles Have a Relentless Grip

eagle facts strong gripThe muscles and tendons in an eagles leg are what gives it the powerful grip it has.

An Eagles grip is ten times that of an average human and can exert 400+ psi (pounds per square inch).

Basically, this means when an eagle grabs it’s prey, it’s won’t be letting go unless it chooses to.

In your life and business you’ve got to do the same thing with what you pursue.

Once you lock onto a dream or desire, you mustn’t let go… no matter what.

Dreams and goals are your prey.

Once a dream takes root in your mind, it’s comparable to an eagle seeing a prey from a mile out.

You must focus in on the steps needed to accomplish it and then move swiftly and rapidly toward bringing those goals to fruition.

Another interesting fact about an eagle’s talons is that they have a special mechanism that allow them to lock into position.

This allows steady themselves on a branch so the eagle can sleep.

It’s a fail safe.

If you’ve never heard the term before, a fail safe is a system or plan that minimizes the chances of a high risk event occurring.

Take some time to look at your goals and build in some systems or processes that minimize your risk.

If you implement the right systems, you can mitigate risk, protect your investments, and decrease the chances that your plan will fail.

That’s one reason we’re such big fans of network marketing.

Our financial risk is minimized by sharing the corporate risk with all other distributors in our company.

This allows us to not risk a large amount financially and still be able to build a large profitable organization.

We can focus on helping people change their lives while the corporate entity takes care of all the mundane day to day operational details.

Fact #4: Eagles Have Super Speed

eagle flying at fast speedEagles can fly fast… like, really fast.

When diving for prey, an eagle can reach speeds of 200 mph.

To put this in perspective the best I can, when you jump out of an airplane you are dropping at a terminal velocity of 120 mph.

If you were to put your head down and dive in the air while skydiving, you would decrease drag from the wind.

Even then, you could only get your speed up to 150-180 mph.

Keep in mind that you weigh a lot more than an eagle so gravity is doing most the work.

I’ve jumped out of a plane.

Before my jump, people told me that you don’t really feel like you’re falling.

That’s absolutely not true.
You know you’re falling and falling fast.
You drop out of the sky like a rock.

I must admit, I’ve never tried to position myself in a diving position to go faster.

I imagine the closer you get to the ground the more you feel your speed.

Eagles dive with precision and speed to snag prey right from the water or ground.

That’s how you’ve got to attack the goals you want to achieve.

With great speed and precision.
Success loves speed.

Life Principles of the Eagle
(Psychological Attributes)

when you soar like an eagle you attract the hunters carl sandburg

Fact #5: Eagles Battle to Protect their Territory

Eagles will defend their nesting territory with ridiculous airborne dogfights.

Once they’ve established an area as theirs, they will defend it relentlessly.

Often they will give a warning and if the other bird heeds their warning, they’ll sometimes fly with them and escort them off their premises.

But if their warning is not met with submission, they will launch an airborne attack.

When two eagles go to battle like this, they will circle each other to try to get an advantage before colliding in battle.

Life is hard. Life is tough. You should be too.

There’s a scene from The Pursuit of Happyness that I love.

It’s when Chris Gardner (Will Smith) tells his son that he must protect his dreams from the naysayers, even if that naysayer is him.

Check it out.

Fact #6: Eagles Fly at 10,000 ft.

We’ve all heard the statement that your attitude will determine your altitude.

It’s a cute catch phrase and we’ll explore the attitude of the eagle later in this post.

But right now I want to focus on altitude.

Eagles like to fly high.
We’re talking 10,000 feet high.

If we go back to our skydiving example, when I jumped out of a plane it was at about 13,000 feet (that’s me in the pick below- the one not covering my eyes).

eagle altitude example skydiving

That’s a heck of a ways up and you can see a lot from that height, especially if you had the eyes of an eagle.

This allows the eagle to see the big picture.
To analyze the situation; find rivers, valleys, streams, and prey.

When you can see as much as possible, you can formulate a better plan.

In the human world, flying high can mean taking a step back to look at the big picture.

That way you can be more strategic and analytical in your approach, thereby increasing your chances of success.

But flying high in the human world can also just mean achieving massive success in any field.

If that’s your end game, just recognize going in that not everyone can (or will) go with you to that height.

Sure, there will be other people living life at that altitude, but it probably won’t be who you think.

Unfortunately, people are people.

If you have the ambition to rise to the top, you will have to leave some people behind.

I’m not saying that to be pessimistic or uncaring.
It’s just the facts.
Some will go with you and some won’t.
Some have what it takes and some don’t.

Remember, “you can put wings on a pig, but it doesn’t make it an eagle” (Bill Clinton).

You can put wings on a pig, but it doesn't make it an eagle. -Bill Clinton Click To Tweet

Fact #7: Eagles are Fearless and Confident

This is a cool eagle fact.

Eagles are one of the only birds of prey that don’t glance over their shoulder to see if another predator is behind them.

This comes partially from their confidence and partly from their fearlessness.

This is the attitude I mentioned earlier.

eagle fact confident fearlessThe eagle knows on a fundamental level that any bird would be stupid to attack them.

They don’t try to convince themselves of this fact, they just know it.

Unfortunately, we have a lot to learn from an eagle in this regard. People have insecurities and fears in different areas.

Many people like to project that they don’t fear anything, but I imagine people like this are lying to themselves more than they’re lying to those around them.

The good news is that your fears and inadequacies don’t define you.

You can overcome them by being courageous.
Courage is the art of taking action in spite of your fears.

The more you disregard fear (even if it’s there) and take action anyway, the more fearless and confident you will become.

I have a confession.
I fear making videos.

Not sure why, I just don’t like myself on camera and it’s just not something I’m completely comfortable with… yet.

However, I still make videos when it makes sense and the more I do it, the more comfortable I am with it.

That’s how fear works.
You kill it by overcoming it.

My favorite eagle fact is the eagles fearless nature.

Not only do they not look behind them for other predators, but eagles are the only bird that will fly straight into a storm instead of flying away or around.

In fact, eagles often use the winds of the storm to rise higher, but I could write another entire section on that.

Suffice to say, they are an example of how to be fearless and courageous.

Fact #8: Eagles are Loyal, They Mate for Life

We can learn a lot just from the courtship and mating rituals of a bald eagle.

The most famous courtship ritual is typically known as the death spiral.

Two eagles meet each other in the air, lock talons and begin a free fall at breakneck speed to the ground.

It’s really kinda cool so I posted a short video of it below.

eagle facts mate for life

After that intense courtship ritual, they decide if they’re good for each other.

If they both think they’re a good match, they will become partners for life.

They will often return to the same nest each year and will remain together until one dies.

At that time, and only at that time, will the surviving eagle find another mate.

This is natures story of faithfulness and loyalty.
We should all be as loyal as an eagle.

Whether it be to our own spouses, to a dream, to a worthy cause, or to something else that you are uniquely designed for.

Our world is becoming more and more devastated by people who don’t know what commitment looks like.

Follow through on your commitments.

Even through the rough times; those tough times are the very reason why the word commitment exists.

It is during the hardest times that you learn the most about yourself and grow the most as a person.

Fact #9: Eagles Hack the System

Eagles have figured out how to conserve energy and use the system (nature) to their benefit.

As the sun beats down on the earth, different surface areas heat up faster than others.

If you’ve ever seen the heat rising from a black top surface or road you know what I’m talking about.

As these surface areas put off heat, the heat rises. These rising heat waves are called thermals.

And it in these thermals the eagle finds the hack.

eagle flying high above mountain and river on rising heatAs an eagle passes over this hot, rising air it catches the rising heat in it’s wings and rises up with it.

Eagles have been known to soar for hours on a single wing beat by utilizing the conditions around them.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Eagles can also circle the center of these updrafts to rise even higher.

By circling and staying right on top of the rising air, an eagle can use the rising heat to climb up 3 miles into the air, all without doing the work.

Like I said, eagles hack the system.

You can do the same thing.
Use the conditions around you to your benefit.

One example of this is to learn from others like you’re doing right now.

Fifty years ago you had to figure out something by trial and error, unless there was a book about it that you could get your hands on or you knew somebody personally who could mentor you.

Now you can learn from others who are already a few steps in front of you.

The internet has made it possible to learn anything.

This allows you to use other peoples experience like the eagle uses thermal rising heat.

You can use the life experience of others to rise higher and faster using less energy.

Fact #10: Eagles are Legendary

variety of eagle flags and coat of armsI know… legendary is a strong word.

The fact is, eagles are so respected that they show up everywhere.

Sports teams are named after them, bands have names after them, and over 25 countries have them in their coat of arms.

The eagle represent courage, power, and strength.

You may be wondering what the life lesson is here.
After all, we can’t all be legendary, right?

Probably not on a worldwide scale, but you can and should aspire to greatness.

You can’t play small and have big dreams… they are mutually exclusive, they can’t exist together.

Too many people dream small and show up to their own lives small.

People do this because it’s easier to achieve small dreams and feel like a success.

The bigger the dream, the less chance you’ll make it happen.

But if you aren’t trying to accomplish a big dream, it’s guaranteed you won’t accomplish it.

You can be legendary.

You can be legendary in your family by leaving a legacy, by changing the family tree.

200 or 500 years from now, I want my family to look back on our family history and see my life as the moment in time when everything changed for our family.

Don’t get me wrong, things are pretty good for my family.

But they aren’t legendary.
Not yet.
Leave a legacy, live like a legend.

Fact #11: Eagles Embrace Change (But not really)

I’ve saved the best and most interesting eagle principle for last.

This is something I stumbled upon while researching this article.

This spiritual lesson is presented as a fact about eagles.
But it’s really just an allegory or metaphor.
My research suggests it’s not true in the life cycle of an eagle.

But it’s a great story to illustrate how we can and should embrace change in our lives.

It also illustrates my point that eagles are legendary.

I mean, hey… if you’re so legendary that a video about your transformation is circulating as fact (even though it’s not), you have reached the epitome of legendary status.

So we’ll say this video is based on a true story since sometimes the only thing true about those types of stories is sometimes just that the character existed.

In this case, the character is an eagle and yes, eagles exist.

Without further adieu, here is the story of a difficult decision every eagle must make… but not really.

Hopefully these eagle facts and life lessons have given you something to think about and something you can use in teaching others.

Get creative with your teams.

These eagle principles can be modified as spiritual lessons, leadership lessons, biblical lessons, success and motivational lessons, or any other type of lesson you want.

You just need to take some time to think about how to frame them for your audience and purpose.

If you liked this post, consider sharing it on social media so others can benefit.

Also, if you’re not currently applying the principles of the eagle to your life, consider locking arms with us to change your life and attempt to build legendary status by joining our team.

You really can turn that last video into the true story of your life.

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