We are Jason and Daniele and this site is about building wealth for beginners and also for those a little further down the road.

I hope you’ll take some time to explore and find something of value.

Below is a definition of the word wealthanize and also a synopsis of what we’re about, what this site is about, and more importantly who we are.

Author’s Note: The word “I” is used on many of my first blog posts (including this one) as this was originally an endeavor of my own. As the blog portion of our business has grown, my wife has joined with me to help add useful content.

Wealthanize [wealthanizing]

(verb): (1) the process of creating great abundance (wealth) out of very little (scarcity); (2) to change paths from a dead end road to a road of infinite financial possibilities (3) the process of learning new strategies and implementing them until your life and finances reflect your potential.

Henry David Thoreau said “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave  with the song still in them”. Often times there is a gap between where we are  and where we want to be.

Many times, this gap is financial and can be bridged through knowledge AND ACTION.

Knowledge is NOT power.
Application of knowledge is power.
Proper implementation and execution of knowledge is power.

We live in the information age and knowledge is just a click away. It’s actually the action part that slows people down.

The first website I started was focused on helping people in all areas of their life… finances, marriage, family, spirituality, self-development, motivation, etc.

But the one area that continued to crop up was the area of finances.
It quickly became apparent that this area affects everything else.

So though you can find articles and information here on different areas of your life, you’ll find a strong emphasis on personal finance and financial wealth, specifically using network marketing as a viable wealth building tool.

If a person’s finances are out of whack, all other areas of their life suffer.

Most importantly, the marriage suffers and the family suffers when money is an issue.

These two areas (marriage and family) are the building blocks of our society and this foundation is crumbling across the nation with roughly 50% of all marriages ending in divorce.

That percentage increases dramatically in a second, third, or (dare I say) fourth marriage.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it’s crippling our families and society.

What do married couples fight about most… money!

Based on this, the best thing I can do to add value to people, is to help them strengthen their families and marriages by strengthening their financial affairs.

After much thought and deliberation I scrapped my old websites and decided to focus my energy on building a site dedicated to helping people financially.

This site was born out of my deep conviction sometimes we all need some guidance, coaching, and insight in the area of finances.

The old adage that “the rich get richer” has very little to do with the wealth that is passed on from generation to generation. It has more to do with the habits, knowledge, and strategies that are passed down in each generation.

Generational wealth has little to do with the actual money that is passed on. Rather, it's the habits, knowledge, thinking, and strategies that are passed down in each generation that keeps a family wealthy. Click To Tweet

You could say “the poor get poorer” from generation to generation because like the wealthy, they are passing down bad habits, ideas, and philosophies about money and finances that do not produce results.

What are the wealthy doing that the poor and middle class are not?
How do you generate wealth?
Does it really take money for you to make money?
How can you change things when life keeps coming at you from every angle?

These questions and more are the topics this site is dedicated to answering.

I get bored easy and I realize that to lead an abundance life, you’ve got to master all areas of your life. So you’ll also find articles on other topics. But for now, the emphasis will be on financial freedom.

This is where my story intersects with your story. As they say, when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

I believe anybody can build wealth if they follow certain principles.

I’m passionate about helping people make strides in this one area of life that affects all the other areas.

Are you where you want to be financially?
Do you have the freedom you want in life?
If not, Tony Robbins would tell you “when would NOW be a good time to make that change?”.

Hopefully, you will find the resources you need to turn your finances around and begin to not only have enough money to meet your daily needs, but also to start building wealth (i.e… begin to wealthanize your life).

It’s simple once you know the fundamentals.

That being said, it isn’t easy.

​Simple and easy are two different animals.

Losing weight is simple… consume less calories than you expend.

But anybody who has tried to lose weight knows it’s never easy. You can become wealthy and financially free by taking certain actions consistently and building momentum.

There is great power in momentum!

But remember that it won’t always be easy and nothing in this world is free, so expect to invest some time, energy, and resources to gain traction.

Dave Ramsey likes to say “If you live like no one else, you can eventually live like no one else”.

Chew on that for a minute!

Explore the blog, tweet us, share us, follow us, work with us, join the mailing list… whatever works for you.

DO have fun and DO remember to enjoy the process!

You’ll make mistakes along the way, you’ll be frustrated, you’ll probably even lose some money.

Yep, it happens.

Some things will work, others will fail.

It’s the journey and experience that makes life enjoyable, not just the outcomes.


When you fail, get back up quickly and start again! Good Luck!


skydiving dropping from 13,000 feet



History of Me – My First Blog Post Ever
(transferred below for your reading pleasure)

The post below was my first blog entry on my original blog, but I transferred it here to give you a deeper glimpse into my story (and to remind myself how far I’ve come).

Well, this is my first blog entry.

As I was thinking about what to write I decided to move from the kitchen table to my recliner, so get comfortable if you plan to read all this. In the spirit of authenticity, I want to share my background and story as it relates to this site so you can understand me a little better.

I have always been the entrepreneur and dreamer in the family. I bought my first program for learning about wealth when I was a senior in high school. It was an infomercial product and I told nobody that I bought it.

I even managed to secure a PO box when I was younger so my parents wouldn’t chastise me, but my dad found out anyway. I forget the name of the program, but I can still picture (and hear) the salesman trying to get me to part with my money. They wanted $650 for their “system”.

I negotiated them down to just under $100. I wasn’t a good negotiator, I just had no money and a very small credit limit. So apparently the salespeople had the power to sell at whatever price they could get somebody to commit to as long as it was above their threshold, which was apparently $100.

I had very little capital at that time and what I spent on the product was all I had. I was working minimum wage and paying for my car, gas, and girls. However, I tried some of the stuff and earned a few checks. The product had to do with making money from classified ads.

When it was all said and done, I made somewhere between $200-300 (profit). I quickly spent it and moved on with my life because I thought I needed the money more than I needed to reinvest it (which is what I should have done). But I learned some lessons along the way.

Most importantly, I learned that information can be powerful and regardless of what people around me said or believed, they weren’t always right. I did turn a profit after all. I didn’t lose money and it wasn’t a scam.

Fast forward to college. I bought another product. Carlton Sheets… no down payment. Oh yeah!, I bet some of you reading this got that program too. The quintessential late night infomercial. P90X and Tony Horton had nothing on Carlton Sheets.

I was too young, too broke, and too NOT motivated to try to buy real estate. But, I loved the dream of it and listened to all of the CD’s numerous times thinking about what I would do when I did eventually get into real estate.

To make a long story short, I had some foggy years of college, world travel, and stupid decisions. Before you write me off as a privileged and spoiled kid, let me explain. I certainly did not live a life of privilege. My parents had me when they were teens and got married because I was coming whether they liked it or not.

My dad was a minister at a small church (there were 9 people present on our first day and 5 were my family). My mom was a babysitter until she got her degree in the high paying field of education.

You may be wondering at this point who paid for all of my world travel. I’ve been to more countries than I can think of right now and most of them before age 25. All this travel was courteously paid for by Grandma Mastercard and Grandaddy Visa.

You heard that right, I financed it all and at the highest interest rates possible! Every last cent I borrowed and then borrowed even more money in educational loans just to continue financing my travel lifestyle.

After many summers and spring breaks of travel I entered my last year of college and fell in love. I got married and lived happily ever after… or mostly happy.

Actually, to tell the truth we were very happy until Grandma Mastercard and Granddaddy Visa started demanding their money back.

The ironic thing was, my new wife had grandparents by the same name!

So we bought a house, some cars, toys, got careers going, and began to pay stuff back. We began a family. She already had two children and we added two more together.

All this adds up to lots of money going out but never enough coming in.

We were on a sinking ship. It was sinking slowly too, which really sucks because when you can’t save the ship you kind of wish it would at least sink quick and save you the stress of trying to save it.

At this point, if you’re still reading I applaud you. After all, this is a site dedicated to helping people build wealth and I just told you that in my younger, wiser days…. I did ALL of the following:

– Traveled the world on credit cards and student loans

– Took massive debt into a marriage

– Borrowed extra money on student loans to fund my lifestyle

– And with very little money and two kids to feed… decided to have two more kids.

– Lived a financial life comparable to a sinking ship

So you may be wondering a few things at this point. Maybe you are wondering what I would have to teach about wealth.

Maybe you are thinking I shouldn’t have shared all those financial decisions on the first blog post (or at all) if I want to convince people I can help them.

Hey, maybe you already left and there’s nobody reading this.

Let me share with you why I am so upfront about my finances.

I might lose a few readers who write me off as having poor judgement or being a fool, but I think authenticity and transparency are the most important things for this site and for life in general.

Most people can think of a few dumb decisions they made (especially when young).

A lot of these decisions happen when we value whatever we want over what we know is the wise thing to do, which is exactly what I was doing at that age in my life (don’t even get me started on the dumb non-financial decisions I made).

I wanted to live the life before I earned the life.

Most people want to live the life before they earn the life. Click To Tweet

The important thing is that I learned from my experiences, I’ve turned my finances around, and I can help you do the same thing.

After wading through the mucky waters of financial idiocy and broke-ness, I got focused on learning about wealth and generating wealth.

I did have a wife and kids to think about now, didn’t I?

So I began trying different methods and models and learning everything I could.

I am now quickly doing damage to my total debt. I have my first rental home as well as a 5 Bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 2900 square foot dream home… it’s almost the dream home.

Actually, it was a dream home when I bought it but my dreams have grown.

I can still think of some things to change on my next house at which point this home will probably become a passive income generating vacation rental machine.

The most ironic thing is that I kept all the Carlton Sheets stuff from when I was younger. Some of the strategies in it have saved me hundreds (if not thousands) in regard to my first rental that I have.

I’m also socking away money into a retirement account and I’m only… well, i’m young enough to enjoy my success.

I’ll end here so this first entry doesn’t get any longer, but my finances have turned completely around and I can’t wait to use this site to help you make some changes you may need to make.

You can move forward financially, it’s not a losing battle. Just learn to get back up and try again.

NEVER stay down.

Be sure to bookmark this blog, subscribe, or just check back often (whatever people do with these things) and learn how you can start to wealthanize your life as well.

It won’t happen overnight, but you can make change happen by degrees.

Feel free to contact me via the contact page with any questions or topics you would like to hear my thoughts on.