Best MLM to Join (by far) in 2019

As the new year approaches, you may be looking for the best mlm to join in 2019.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to start building a direct sales or network marketing business.

At this time of year, you’re probably focused on change in your life.
That natural focus is shared by many and can translate into more sales and more people joining your team.

It’s also a time when distributors who aren’t resonating with their current company begin to think about finding a new company. But before you assume your mlm isn’t the right one and start looking for the next best mlm, take some time to consider if moving is the right choice.

The hard truth is, the skills necessary to build a business are the same skills in every company.

You move product and you recruit reps. If you’re having a hard time doing those things, changing companies may not be the right move.

However, if you’re looking to join an mlm because you’ve never been in the industry and want to give it a shot, or if you have “irreconcilable differences” with your current company, then finding the absolute best mlm is a must.

Picking the right company can be difficult and confusing.
In this article we’ll explore what we believe is the best mlm to join in 2019 and why.

What is the Best MLM for 2019

Before revealing what we feel is the best mlm choice in 2019 I want to go over how we got to that decision. We had been involved in the mlm industry in the past.

Our entrance into the network marketing industry the first time was the way most people get in. It was brought to us, presented, and we said yes. It was a great company, but we didn’t choose it, it chose us.

We made money and did okay until the financial crisis in 2008. At that point, the company was dismantled and sold off in order to pay back investors (at least that’s our understanding).

When we decided to get involved again, we wanted to make sure it was with an company that had all of the key indicators of a promising opportunity as well as staying power. We are building a legacy and bringing people into something that will change their life if they choose to do the work.

I needed to feel confident that it wasn’t going to vaporize once they built an income stream.

We were at the same point you probably are right now. We wanted change, we wanted to help people, and we wanted to make a good solid decision. If you’re here, I know you’re putting thought into your decision and for that, I applaud you.

Below are a few reasons we went with the company we did and why we feel it’s the best mlm to join this year.

#1) Experienced Leadership

Leadership. Many companies have good leaders, some… not so much. Our CEO has the right heart, the right attitude, and the right long term vision.

He has built two successful companies in the past and taken them to over a billion dollars in revenue, so the experience is there.

Just like any other company or leader out there, you can find bad press and tons of opinions on what was good or bad about him and his previous companies and/or decisions.

Yes, he’s made some mistakes, but who hasn’t? I know I have. Ask anybody in the mortgage or real estate industry if they made mistakes and any honest person will tell you yes.

We make most of our decisions based on what we think will happen, that’s what people do.

Our CEO is a person, therefore he made mistakes (yes, owners are people too).

When we got started in this company, I had the opportunity to sit down with a small group of people and the CEO to hear his vision for the company.

Based on that conversation and other interactions I’ve had with him, I firmly believe he learned from his mistakes and wants to make this current company his legacy.

He has a heart for the distributors and started the company to help people (i.e. he doesn’t need the money). One issue with some leaders is that they are in it for the money. When that happens, decisions that aren’t in the interest of the distributors tend to rise to the top.

I genuinely believe he entered the network marketing arena again specifically to change lives of distributors and build a legacy.

That’s important to me because it means I can build something sizable and meaningful, knowing it will be around far into the future.

It also means I can have confidence when I bring people into my organization and not have to worry later about the impact it might have on my integrity and character.

You may be wondering at this point, “okay, so who is it?”. Well, I’m not going to tell you quite yet.

Here’s why.

I want to share with you some more information before you start Googling everything.
I’m a pragmatic person.
I like to think of myself as a thinker.
I know typing something with a negative connotation into google will give you negative information.

Sometimes that information is accurate, sometimes it is not.
Google is a computer, an algorithm.

Google is NOT designed to be a source of accurate information, it’s designed to give you the most popular information based on your request (what you search for).

In fact, the whole algorithm is based on popularity and marketing.

The more clicks a website gets and the longer somebody is on a page, the higher that page ranks.

We all know that negativity sells, just look at the news. That’s why negativity about network marketing dominates the first page search results on Google. The worst the headline… the more clicks it gets.

Unfortunately, that’s an issue in the Google algorithm.

Remember, Google strives to always give you what you want, not necessarily what is accurate.

To prove this point I typed into the Google search box “mother Teresa is a scam artist”.

These results showed up on the first page.

My point is, research is good. But when researching online, try to be a selective and discerning when it comes to what you find.

Just because somebody says it… scratch that,… just because somebody created a website or video, doesn’t make it true or accurate.

#2) The Right Timing

One of the most important factors in getting started with a company is the timing.

Before I get too far into this one, I want to address one of the misconceptions of network marketing. It’s often said that the people who get in early make the most money.

For the most part, this appears to be true, but not for the reasons you think.

There are thousands of people who get into companies every week during a “pre-launch” stage of a company and still don’t make money.

Since a legitimate network marketing company isn’t a pyramid, getting in early doesn’t help if you’re not willing to work.

The reason people who get in early seem to make the most money is because they’ve been doing it longer (imagine that – oh the horror).

The top earners are typically those who have been working it since inception and didn’t quit; because of that, they have the biggest teams and move the most product… hence… they make the most money.

In the pay for performance model…
they have performed the most…
so they make the most.

It has to do with production, not timing.
That’s the reason they’re making more.
They’ve produced more.

On another note, this industry has evolved and it’s quite possible to pass your upline in rank and/or earnings.

I’ve passed plenty of people in my upline in regard to income and I once had a personal enrollment pass me (I don’t plan to let it happen again because I’m a competitive guy).

Because of this competitive spirit, naturally, I don’t want that to happen again. However, it’s quite possible.

The “S” Curve & 3 Stages of an MLM

So what does matter when it comes to timing?

What really matters, is the “S curve”.

The “S” curve is an important factor of timing in a network marketing company. This industry is young, so there isn’t a lot of data about businesses over long periods of time.

One thing we do know from the data though, is that successful companies typically go through a few different phases of growth.

Phase 1: Formulation and Foundation Stage

In this stage, network marketing companies are finding their footing. They are looking for leaders, developing flagship products, tweaking their compensation plan, and working out the kinks of distribution.

Many new companies don’t make it out of this phase. This is a risky phase and time to join an mlm company because even if you work hard, the company might not make it through infancy.

Phase 2: Growth Stage

Once a company has successfully created some quality products and have a systematic process in place to support customers and distributors, they will naturally evolve into the growth stage.

From what I’ve seen, this stage can last for just a few months or years. But once a company enters this stage, the chances they will go out of business decreases dramatically.

This is also the best time to get involved with a network marketing company.

Your risk is lower because they’ve already worked out their products, compensation, distribution, and profitability. There’s less chance they’ll go broke and you’ll lose everything you’ve worked for.

They have a solid and systematic foundation in place to support fast growth.

In addition, your upside potential for quick growth is increased because you’re involved before the brand is a household name and before the coveted “S” curve stage.

Phase 3: Rapid & Phenomenal “Hockey Stick” Growth (S Curve)

There’s almost always a season of phenomenal growth in any network marketing company that actually makes it through the first 2 stages.

During phase 3, belief, excitement, and momentum are at their highest and help drive exceptional growth.

In the mlm world, this is referred to as an “S curve”. In business, it can be described as momentum.

For example, if you’re investing in a stock, you always want to invest as close to the bottom of the S curve as possible. This means you can make bigger profits are a smaller investment in a shorter period of time (might want to read that statement again).

In network marketing, getting in at the beginning of the S curve is similar to buying a stock before it goes through the roof. The difference is, in my opinion, that an S curve in an mlm is easier to predict than an S curve in stock prices.

Plus, as a distributor, you get to add to the S curve and add fuel on the fire… you can’t do that with a stock.

Anywho, phase 3 growth is when there’s momentum across the board in a company and growth is happening at a ridiculous pace.

Getting in during this period of rapid growth is great, but being in before it starts to happen is even better.

Call it what you want, but human psychology lends itself to frenzy.

Rapid company growth sometimes occurs because human nature lends itself to frenzy. Click To Tweet

Just look at the real estate market, the DotCom boom, block-chain technology, and crypto-currency to name a few.

When human emotion and psychology reach their peak in network marketing, people are sometimes carried past their capacity as a leader because of the undercurrent of momentum flowing through the company.

Simply put, they go a lot further, a lot faster, and a lot easier than they could have without this stage.

It’s very exciting stuff!

It seems to me, our choice for the best mlm of the year will be entering into this stage very, very soon.

When it does, because of the combined experience of the distributors and the executive team, it will be a period of rapid and extraordinary growth.

If you’re looking for the best mlm to join in 2019, you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

This will be the period when ordinary people will be promoted to 6, 7, and 8 figure earners and lives will be changed forever!

Phase 3 is the most exciting time of any network marketing business for me because I personally want to help as many people as possible change the financial legacy they leave for their family.

I know average people can leverage the S curve that’s created in phase 3 to help them change their financial future faster than they could otherwise!

 Phase 4: Stabilization and Maturity (w/growth spurts)

This stage happens after the rapid and phenomenal growth subsides.

Growth slows and stabilizes. Excitement weans and leaders get comfortable. In fact, the length of the S curve and phase 3 depend somewhat on the vision of the leaders pushing the movement.

Once they hit their goals and vision, they tend to lose some of their drive. Again, this is human nature.

Momentum often happens in companies years after they’ve been through the initial S Curve. But rarely does it happen company wide. It’s usually in pockets based on the leadership driving the growth of the team.

That’s another reason why an experienced CEO is so important.
They know how to keep this fire burning longer once it starts.

The CEO must know when adding extra incentives and products will help (and not hurt) growth among the distributor base.

I’d like to repeat here that if phase 3 has come and gone in a company, it doesn’t change the fact that any person can create individual momentum in their personal organization and still create abundance in their business.

It’s just much harder to get synergy with other cross-line teams in the company because the essence of phase 3 is that there are multiple teams creating momentum at the same time.

This is hard to manufacture and happens organically as the company grows.

This company wide growth and excitement fuels more growth and excitement.
It’s the nature of human psychology applied to business.

#3) The Right Upline

Another reason we feel our choice is the best mlm to join this year is that the upline (like the corporate leadership) is experienced and they have a deep desire to help people financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

You can have the nicest upline in the world, but if they don’t know what they’re doing or have never done it before, they’re not much help to you. They can’t teach what they don’t know.

It’s harsh… but true.

I think many people fail in the mlm industry because they’re enrolled by a friend who has no idea what they are doing and never get their people connected to somebody who can help them grow.

In addition, if you’ve been following us for any length of time, you know that we place tremendous value in finding a company and upline that’s congruent with your core beliefs.

It’s very hard to completely commit to a company, team, or vision that doesn’t resonate with you.

#4) Great Products with Recurring Revenue

Okay, if you’re offended easily by a viewpoint that is different from yours, you may want to skip this section because not everyone agrees with me on this.

So here goes.

Every company claims to have the best products.
Ever heard these lines?…

– People need our products
– These products sell themselves
– We don’t sell, we just share
Our products have the best blah, blah, blah….

I could go on and on. The fact is, none of it matters and none of those statements are even true.

Yes, I believe people need many mlm products. So what.
Need and want are two different things.

Want is what matters. Nobody needs McDonalds, but tons of people want it, so the company makes money like bees make honey. Nobody needs Facebook… but everybody wants it… so the same results occur.

I have an abundance mindset. As long as a company puts out great products attached to a good compensation plan, you can make your dreams a reality within this industry.

The fact is, most reputable MLM companies have high quality products. I use products from other mlm companies that I don’t promote because I know I’m getting quality (real quality).

One of the benefits of mlm companies not having to pay for advertising is that they have more money for product development, so inevitably they have higher quality products.

That being said, before joining a company, you should ask if their products pass the 2-prong litmus test below:

  1. Are they products people want
  2. Are they consumable products?

Both these things are equally important.

Our top choice company has developed product lines that people want within the health and wellness space.

CBD products, products with probiotics (huge demand right now), weight management (always in huge demand), sleep supplements, energy supplements, etc.

Did I say CBD and weight managment?… yes I did! In fact, as of this writing I’ve lost 25 lbs. already on our weight loss product. Trust me, that gets people’s attention).

So this company has products people want and their products are consumable.

Consumability (if that’s a word), re-orders, and continuity are the building blocks for sustained residual income.

I’ve always struggled with my weight. In the last 2 months I’ve lost 25 lbs. using their weight loss supplement without exercise (and I’m still losing weight). Do you think I’m going to stop using that product?

Um… I think not! My wife would kill me. So I automatically reorder.

Don’t underestimate the power of quality consumable products!

I know many people who have dropped thousands of dollars to get started in companies that sell either non-consumable products (clothing) or products that take months or years to consume (make-up).

Non-consumables make it unnecessarily difficult for you (the distributor) to create residual income.

You need products that are consumed and re-ordered each and every month. That way, you don’t need to keep selling new stuff to people or finding new customers.

The company we finally decided on when we were making the same decision you are right now passed the 2-prong litmus test with flying colors.

#5) Binary Compensation Plan

Before reading this section, just understand that this is a basic overview. Explaining a compensation plan in words on a page (in one section) of a blog post is nearly impossible, but hopefully this will give you an overview.

Also (Legal Disclaimer):
***The opinions set forth in the following section and all sections of this website are the opinions of me, myself, and I…. and I alone. I take no responsibility for any legal ramifications of these opinions and/or accuracy of information. You should do your own due diligence before making any buying decisions (Judge Judy… I hope that covers me). 

Moving on.

Amway basically started this whole multi-level marketing (MLM) thing. They were the pioneers of the industry and since then so many things have changed.

The world has changed.
Technology has changed.
How products are distributed has changed.
Compensation plans have changed.

Ford created the Model-T. But the reason we aren’t all driving around in Model-T’s is because of innovations in the car sector.

I mean, cars have come a long way and continue to do so… just look at the Tesla.

The same thing is true of network marketing companies and mlm compensation plans.
Innovations have occurred that make it possible for ordinary people to earn substantial income.
The binary compensation plan is one of those exciting innovations.

Here’s how it works.

Binary Compensation Plan (In a Nutshell)

Distributors build two teams and two teams only (not 3, not 5, not 10, not ???).

We call these teams legs.

One of those legs you share with your upline. If you have an active upline, this leg will get overflow (people you didn’t put there).

For example, if you were in business with me, anybody I place in business would be placed under you and would benefit both of us in terms of volume calculations for commissions.

I won’t go into this in too much detail.

I’ve posted a video overview below but it still just scratches the surface (forgive me, this is an old video and was done on the fly, but the information is still applicable).

The key thing to remember is that you’re only building 2 teams and your volume calculates for infinity. Only having two teams encourages teamwork because everybody benefits from everybody else.

An important note here (for those of you with experience) is that this doesn’t mean you only enroll two people.

You can still enroll as many people as you want and go as wide as you want.

You’re still awarded credit for those enrollments and the more you enroll in your personal line, the more income you can make.

What it does mean though, is that basic volume calculates for infinity since there are only 2 teams.

This means you don’t have to worry about a rock star getting into business 8 levels below you and it not helping you because your compensation plan only pays 7 levels deep.

If a rock star gets in 100 levels down and builds a team of 50,000 distributors, you would get full credit for the volume of every single one of those 50,000.

I know… it BLOWS MY MIND!

That is the power of a binary and it’s what makes it possible for average people to make above average incomes.

A compensation plan that requires you to build 5 teams means that the average Joe is NEVER going to make substantial income.

It just won’t happen for the average person with the old compensation models because it’s practically impossible with the old models.

#6) Generous Rewards

The binary compensation model is super important when we’re talking about weekly and team commissions.

But team commissions are only one part of the reward plan.
There are other ways to earn money that are very lucrative.

  1. Customer Sales Bonus – Income earned from customer orders
  2. Product Introduction Bonus – This is a bonus on top of commissions for the first order of people you sponsor
  3. Team Commissions – This is the bread and butter of your income in the beginning (refer to the binary compensation model above). This particular commission doesn’t cap out until well over $100,000 (per month).
  4. Team Commission Matching Bonus- These are bonuses you receive on the success you create in your personal lines of sponsorship. They can dwarf Team Commissions over time and there is no earning cap on these.
  5. Leadership Bonuses- These are bonuses earned through leadership points earned from a global pool.
  6. Rank Advancement Bonuses– Bonuses for hitting specific ranks.
  7. Lifestyle Trips- These are free trips earned by hitting specific ranks.
  8. Multiple Business Centers– This allows proven team leaders to build more teams in order to diversify, mitigate risk, and maximize the compensation plan.

NOTE: Multiple business centers doesn’t mean buying extra business centers, it means when you’ve created success you are given another business center and the organization you’ve already built becomes 1 leg of your new one.)

Rank Advancement Bonuses That Top the Charts

I want to take a moment here to pause and go into a bit more depth on the rank advancement bonuses offered and why they make this company the best mlm to join this year.

These bonuses are the most generous rank advancement bonuses in the industry!

Keep in mind, these are bonuses, they are in addition to and on top of the generous compensation rewards outlined above. I’ve heard people say the compensation plan doesn’t matter that much as long as the average person can make money.

I disagree.

If you plan to make just a little extra cash, maybe it’s true. However, if you like the idea of making life changing income, that statement is not accurate.

Besides, even if you want to just make a little cash, I suggest being in a binary and trying to get to $500-$1000 a month. Once you get there, your vision will grow and you’ll be happy you’re in a binary.

Or, the worst thing imaginable could happen.

Imagine you build a profitable business and happen to become a top earner in your company… then you find out that you could have made a lot more money doing the same exact work within the context of a different mlm company and compensation plan.

That would be horrible! I know one person in this situation right now. It’s hard to walk away from $20,000 a month and start over but it’s frustrating looking at your team and knowing that could be $100,000 or more per month.

This is soooo important. If you haven’t digested anything you’ve read so far, take in this one concept.

Additionally, if you want to be able to recruit and retain leaders, your compensation plan must reflect powerful recognition for the leaders who produce the most.

Recognition in today’s world isn’t just a pat on the back, true recognition comes in the form of $$$.

I come from an education background. You’d be surprised how many good, quality educators leave the profession simply because they can make more money doing something else.

Money matters.
Compensation matters.
Income matters.
Bonuses matter.

You must be with a company that recognizes (in the form of direct compensation) it’s leaders.

This will become even more important to you as begin to rise through the ranks, but also as high caliber people consider joining your team.

Somebody who knows they can produce is going to go to the company who will pay them the most for that production. You don’t have to like it or agree with it, but it’s just the way it is.

Our company offers rank advancement bonuses in the amounts below for top distributors:

  1. $100,000
  2. $200,000
  3. $400,000
  4. $600,000
  5. $800,000
  6. $1,000,000

These are 1 time bonuses and stack on top of each other. So when you earn the $400,000 bonus, you’ve already earned the 100k and 200k bonuses.

These bonuses are also on top of the other commissions and bonuses embedded in the compensation plan.

Keep in mind, by the time you earn bonuses at these levels, they’re just gravy… but it’s good to know there’s a gravy train runnin’, right!?

#7) Divine Calling

If you don’t know our story, here it is in a nutshell.

We were praying for more purpose and more financial options.
God told us to do network marketing.
Our response was basically… “Um… no.”
We argued, pitched a fit, and then finally relented.

So here we are, in the mlm industry. It’s not what we initially wanted, but it looks like it was part of God’s divine plan for us and I’m so excited to be back in this industry.

I can’t see what’s out in front.
I don’t know the road ahead.
I guess that’s how faith works.

I don’t know if God will continue to bless our business so He can use our finances to bless others or if we’re just in this business to lift people up.

Either way, I know one thing for sure.
This is where he wants us right now.
He has a plan.
He will bring the right people at the right time.

Deuteronomy 5:32 says “Be careful to do what the Lord your God has commanded you; do not turn aside to the right or to the left”.

So that’s what we will do.

I try to point the Glory back to Him with this website, my emails, and everything I do. As long as I do that, what else matters?
I believe God works on peoples hearts when they land on this site, people who may be searching for one thing and then decide to check out some other content.

Before you know it, they stumble upon something they weren’t expecting in which I plant a seed in their spirit. God can water those seeds and use them to draw people to him.
I’m just happy he’s allowing me to be the person to plant them.

Maybe that’s the whole point, I don’t know for certain.

If any of this post made sense and resonated with you, I invite you to explore joining the best mlm of the year…

Reach out to us. 
I can’t promise you anything.
I don’t know the future.
But I can’t wait to talk to you.

It doesn’t matter to me from a financial standpoint what you decide, so I promise there won’t be any pressure.

I’ll be building this business with or without you until I’m told to stop.
But if you’re reading this and made it to this point, I suspect you’d be a good fit for our team.


Until next time, God Bless and I hope you’re actively working on building the life of your dreams.

I’ll leave you with this verse, it is exactly what happened to me. I prayed for a solution and God brought me something totally different than what I was expecting but He was true to his word, which states:

“Call to me and I will answer you, and show you great and unsearchable things that you do not know” (Jeremiah 33:3)

Jason & Daniele

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