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Fastest Path to Success in Network Marketing

What’s the fastest way to succeed in network marketing?

The answer may surprise you because sometimes the fastest way to something is to stop and think.

It’s like the story of the two woodsman competing in a wood-chopper competition.

One is big and burly and works his butt off, chopping wood for hours.

The other is smaller and more petite and seems to take lots of breaks.

At the end of the competition, the smaller guy who kept leaving his post had twice as much wood chopped as the other.

Turns out, he wasn’t taking breaks… he was sharpening his ax, which allowed him to cut faster with less effort.

The reason people want to know the fastest way to succeed in network marketing is because….

Well, it’s for a variety of reasons.

First, the pandemic is wreaking havoc on peoples lives.

Jobs, incomes, and careers are disappearing at a rate we’ve never seen before.

The future of the economy is in question.

Network marketers who haven’t taken their business seriously… are now looking at it very seriously.

People who never thought they’d even consider network marketing… are now considering it.

The good news is, there has never been a time (nor will there be another time in our lifetime) when building a network marketing business fast is super possible.

What do I say that?

Partly because of the internet and partly because of the timing of the market.

Right now, if you implement the tried and true principles of fast network marketing success, your chances of creating a profitable business quickly are dramatically better than at any other time in history!

So pay attention and I hope this article takes you and your business to the next level.

Keep in mind that putting all these systems together takes a little time, but it will speed up your success dramatically if you have all the elements in place.

Just like the woodsman who spent time sharpening his ax.

What’s the Fastest Way to Find Network Marketing Success?

Belief – Understand the Business Model

More often than not, people fail in this business but it’s for only 1 reason…. they quit.

Network marketing, like everything else worth doing, can be difficult.

Sure, there are people who are naturally talented at it and take to it quickly.

Typically, they developed their skills in another industry and brought those skills to their network marketing business (which allowed them to have fast success).

Or sometimes, they’ve had a tough life that has given them unnaturally thick skin or an unnaturally strong drive or unnatural charisma.

The average Joe like you or me though, usually only fails for 1 reason… quitting.

My experience has been that if people don’t have a small success in the first 48 hours… they usually give up.

This comes from mindset issues, wrong expectations, and a lack of belief in the industry.

So if you’re just starting out or haven’t started yet (or started and failed in other companies), the first thing you need to do is sell yourself on the business model.

Study the industry, study people who have struggled and finally found success.

There is no other industry like network marketing and no other industry can give you the lifestyle that network marketing can.

If you really dive into it and how it works, your belief in the industry will go through the roof and you’ll either become successful or die trying.

I told my wife when we started that I’m stubborn enough that I will have success or she’ll see me die trying because¬† I can’t quit on something that can have such a dramatic impact on my family.

Find a the Right Network Marketing Compensation Plan

Okay, once you’re sold on the industry… it’s time to decide on a compensation plan.

Compensation plans have evolved over the years and they’re much more profitable for the distributor than they used to be.

Don’t skip this step.

Before you decide on a company, you should understand and decide on the type of compensation plan that makes the most sense to you.

The worst thing that could happen is you join a company you like, one that gives you goosebumps…. you build a business… you make friends in the industry….

Then you realize your organization is 10X larger than your friends and you move 20X as much product…. but you’re only making a fraction of what they’re making!

Imagine you were a rock star baseball player and were offered a contract by 2 teams.

Team A offers you a 5 million dollar, 10 year contract (so roughly $500,000 per year).

That seams fantastic!…

Until Team B shows up and offers you a 50 million dollar 10 year contract ($5,000,000 per year).

In baseball, no idiot would choose the smaller contract.

But in network marketing, people don’t know they are awesome…. until it’s too late.

I mean, if you build a business that makes you $500,000 a year… it’s hard to walk away and start from scratch (especially if you had a normal job before).

But it’s also hard to be passionate about it if you know the size of your organization could make you that much every month if only the compensation model was different.

(and yes, there are people making that kind of money inside the network marketing industry).

So DO NOT skip this step.

Really think about, consider, and choose the type of compensation plan you want before you start looking at companies.

Use it like a resume.

If their compensation plan (resume) doesn’t line up with what you’re looking for… they’re out.

Move on to the next company.

Personally, I feel the most profitable long term model is the binary compensation plan for a bunch of reasons.

But you have to decide for yourself what’s right for you.

I’ve put together an explainer video to help you understand the four mlm compensation plans.

Join a Legacy MLM / Network Marketing Company

Not all MLM and Network Marketing companies are created equal.

In fact, there are some unscrupulous CEO’s and companies in our industry who do not have the distributors best interest in mind.

Some of these companies don’t even plan to be around for more than a few years or a decade.

They would never tell you that…. but they want to get in, make a bunch of money off the hype, and get out with their profits.

So be selective in which company you pick.

You could pick a company who is already a behemoth and has already been around for decades.

You could

But there are lots of reasons I chose not to do that.

One of those reasons is that there’s something about being around from the early stages and growing with the company that appeals to me.

You get to know them and the leadership better.

You potentially get to be one of the first round of top earners.

You get to go through the first round of exponential growth these companies usually experience.

There are a lot of firsts.

The trick is to pick a company that is young…. but has staying power.

We picked our company based on the leadership, their past success, and their long-term vision for this company (and it’s still early so we’re just getting started!).

If you want to check out what we’re doing or consider joining our team you can do that here or by clicking the image below.

Evaluate the Products

Choose Quality over Price

This is similar to some of the things above.

If you’re going to be representing a brand and building a business to sustain you and your family or even to fund your passion project (I call this a tentmaker ministry), then you’ll want to promote products you can stand behind.

If you’ve studied marketing or even watched shark tank much, you know that trying to compete to have the lowest price product is not the way to be profitable.

The best path to profitability is to sell the highest quality product with higher prices and bigger margins.

It may seem counter intuitive if you’re somebody who always shops for the cheapest.

But from a business perspective, you want to promote quality, top shelf products.

As I said, there is more profit to be made and there is always a market for top-notch quality.

Why do people buy Apple products instead of cheaper versions?… because of the perception that they are better (I also happen to think they actually are better).

Same thing with name brand, top end clothes like the Gucci brand.

So go for quality when picking a company and evaluating their product line.

Choose Consumable over Non-Consumable

You will work hard to acquire a customer.

If you find a customer who buys 1 time you will get a commission 1 time.

For example, if a person buys a dress or a piece of cookware, it’s unlikely they will purchase more of that same product in the future.

You’d have to convince them they need more cookware or another dress.

But if you sell them something consumable, such as a vitamin supplement, they only have to be convinced 1 time that they need that nutritional supplement.

If they start taking it, they will obviously need more every month…. and this will allow you to get paid a commission every month that they re-order.

Consumables are where it is at!

So choose a consumable product.

Evaluate the Leaders

Sometimes you just don’t know if a company is going to be a legacy company or not.

As I mentioned earlier, it can be fun to be around from the beginning.

However, as I also said, many companies aren’t going to stand the test of time.

So how do you evaluate whether and opportunity is a good one or not?

Well, you look at the leadership.

Look at the executive leadership such as the CEO and CFO, the president, anyone on the advisory board.

Who are these people?

What are their backgrounds.

Do they have the experience and ability to scale a company and keep up with growth?

If you can’t find anything about them or they don’t have experience, then look at the previous experience of the distributors.

Do the distributors who are involved have previous successes and past experience in this industry?

If so, they may have already done some of your homework for you.

No matter what though, take some time to really dive into the leadership.

If a company grows quickly and leadership can’t keep up with demand, the product will suffer and so will your business.

We saw this happen recently with LulaRoe and they still haven’t fully recovered.

On top of that, if they aren’t keeping things above board (even if it’s accidental), the FTC could come in and completely shut them down.

So be careful and selective.

Have a Long-Term Vision and Timeline

Two of the most dangerous roadblocks to your success will be your mindset and your expectations (and they are connected).

You can NOT control outcomes.

There is a degree of uncertainty to this business because you may find a strong builder the first time you enroll somebody or you may have to enroll 15 or 20 or 25 people before somebody does anything significant.

However, the law of large numbers states that as the number grows, things will average out.

Network marketing and mlm is just like everything else.

You can count on the 80/20 rule.

80% of your results will come from 20% of your people.

Said another way, 80% of your enrollments will do nothing and 20% will grow your business exponentially.

But you have to have a large enough sample size for this law to take effect.

The problem is, we often think success will come fast.

Part of this is because those fast stories are so inspiring that they get shared from stage the most often.

But fast success stories usually leave out the years of struggle in another industry where the person grew into the type of person who could build a business that fast.

Jordan Adler is my favorite long term success story.

He spent 16 years struggling in this industry and now is one of the highest paid network marketers around.

Do you think the 16 year struggle was worth it to him?


So when you’re building, focus on taking action and don’t get too stuck on timeframes.

If it takes a year, that’s great!

But if it takes 5 years or 10 years to get to the top ranks… it’s still fantastic and better than anything else out there.

As I mentioned earlier, much of it depends on the type of compensation plan you choose too.

I have a friend that spent multiple years earning $40 per month in a binary compensation plan.

All his friends’ businesses were growing like gangbusters and he was stuck making less than $100 per month.

Then (I think it was on year 4) his business exploded and he went from earning an average of $40 a month to making over 1 million dollars in that year alone!

If you’re wondering about the math, a million bucks in a year means he was making $83,333+ per month!

That’s quite the raise.

I bet your boss will never give you a raise like that, even if you work 40+ years.

So take a long-term approach in your mind.

Most traditional businesses take multiple years just to break even financially.

If you adopt that mentality for your network marketing business, you will keep your mindset where it needs to be and increase your chances of having ultimate success.

Build a System

My mentor says “People create systems and systems create wealth”.

In this day and age, with technology at our fingertips, that is absolutely how you want to approach your network marketing business.

The old method is to prospect x number of people everyday.

Let’s say you choose 20.

Prospect 20 people a day to set up appointments.

Realistically, my experience has been that of the 20 people, maybe 2-3 will meet with you.

But let’s assume your numbers are phenomenal and 5/20 will meet with you.

Let’s also say you prospect 5 days a week, times 20 people.

That should get you 25 appointments.

Of the 25 appointments, maybe 1-2 says yes (maybe).

Networkers typically like to get push the hype and act like a lot more will say yes.

Guess what… they won’t.

Of those that say yes, most will quit but some will inevitably stick around and build a business or be a customer long term.

If you want to grow fast, this is a good approach to take in the beginning.

But it sucks long term.

For one, prospecting sucks and is a time killer.

Rejection sucks.
Prospecting sucks.

And it also makes you look desperate.

So how do you create a system that does your prospecting for you?

I’m so glad you asked!…..

Be Part of the Creator Economy

This is where it gets exciting and to be honest, if I didn’t see the power of technology I would have never re-entered this industry.

I literally do not prospect anymore.

Well, I probably talk to maybe 5 people per year….

But I only do that because they are complaining about needing to make more money or something with their health.

I only mention what I’m doing to them because I would feel bad NOT saying anything.

But it’s way different than when I used to actively prospect and feel like I’m trying to “get someone”.

Now I spend my time creating content.

The creator economy is alive and well and it also offers the opportunity to make money on top of your network marketing business income!

I’m just getting started and still at the beginning of my journey, but the cost to run my network marketing business is paid for 100% from other revenue that my content brings in.

I get paid from all of the following “Creator Economy” strategies:

1) YouTube Ad Sense
2) Amazon Affiliate Income
3) Income from other Affiliate Programs
4) Stacked Affiliate Marketing Commissions (my network marketing income)

In fact, if you take out number 4 above, the other 3 pay me enough to cover my network marketing business overhead as well as put profit in my pocket.

So at this point, it’s all gravy!

And I NEVER do traditional prospecting.

So what does a system like that look like if you wanted to create one?

Well, first and foremost, you create content online and that content all points people to a specific page.

That page explains what you are doing and how you and your team is building your business.

The content pulls in the traffic, explains your program, and even allows people to get started.

Once they start… THEN (and only then) do you talk to them.

To see how ours is set up, check it out here.

You’re never convincing anybody of anything!
Never being salesy….
Never being “that guy”….
Never ostracizing friends and family…

It’s a beautiful way to build a business.

You’re just looking for people who happen to be at the right time in life that they are willing to do something about their circumstances…

AND…. they feel that what you’re doing makes sense to them.

That’s it.

When you start building this way, it tens to grows slower (in the beginning) than prospecting.

However, if you can just be patient and think long term….

it starts to grow exponentially!…

The law of sowing and reaping shows up!
The law of large numbers shows up!

I don’t’ know of anybody who can consistently prospect 20 people a day forever without getting burned out.

But if you create enough content online, you can certainly have 20 people a day checking out what you are doing.

Grow it large enough and you could have 100, 200, 300 people (or more) consistently checking out what you’re doing.

There is NO LIMIT!

With traditional prospecting, eventually you hit a ceiling of not having enough time to do anymore.

So be part of the creator economy and point everybody who lands on your content to your system.

Now it’s time for a shameless plug….
We’ve already screened a company for all the key points I talked about above.

The company is relatively new, they have strong leadership, a powerful compensation plan, and will be around for a long, long time.

If you’re already a creator and want to piggyback on our system (or want to join the creator economy and start creating additional income streams), then I encourage you to check out what we are doing by clicking the picture below.

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