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MLSP: Is it right for you?

MLSP, short for My Lead System Pro, is an additional way to provide supplemental income to your business by offering training to other small business owners.

The question is, is it worth it AND is it right for you?

In this post, I’ll cover some of the pros and cons of the program.

Then you can decide if it’s something that would be congruent with what you’re currently doing and if it makes sense for you to be a member.

As a side note, I am NOT a member of MLSP nor am I an affiliate. I used it for over a year when I was just starting out but I’m not using it now.

I mention that because as with everything else… things change.

This article should be seen as a way to get a framework of how it works and what it’s for, but many of the nuts and bolts may have changed since writing this.

Okay, let’s get started and see if My Lead System Pro (MLSP) might be a good fit for you.

What is MLSP?

First and foremost, MLSP is a membership program that offers pre-done training and tools for you to sell within the context of your business.

There are two different paths for you to choose from when you first sign up.

Path 1: Traditional Business Owner
Path 2: Network Marketing Professional

Obviously, as a network marketer, I signed up for the second option, but I’m inclined to believe the same basic tools exist on both sides of the platform.

The MLSP membership program offers a framework for supplementing your existing business by offering digital learning and information products to end buyers.

Most of the products are centered around problems a business owner would have or skills they want to master.

The trainings cover a variety of topics such as:

  • Lead Generation
  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media marketing
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Blogging
  • List and Customer Development
  • Recruiting
  • Webinars
  • Ebook Creation
  • Storytelling
  • Video Marketing
  • And the list goes on….

Almost all of these programs come with pre-built funnels, ads, videos, and tracking so you can promote them and receive a hefty affiliate commission from your sales (while also generating leads for your primary business).

You’re also free to create your own ads and send them to your links if you don’t like the ads provided by MLSP.

You’ll earn revenue on the monthly membership fees of people you refer into the program from your links and affiliate commission on programs they purchase.

Here’s an example of one ad I’ve had the most success with.

The truth is, successful network marketers run their business like a business.

Successful networkers run their business LIKE a Business Click To Tweet

Part of a successful business is maximizing revenue through additional income streams.

MLSP is a way to do that within the network marketing industry, regardless of which company you call home.

Who is MLSP for?

At the end of the day, MLSP is for network marketers or small business owners who want to earn addition revenue (on top of their primary company) by helping others learn how to generate leads and grow their business.

It’s meant for you if you want a source of online income for your business without needing to create your own products.

Face it, many potential prospects for your network marketing business (or traditional business) may not be interested in your product or services, but they may be open to learning how to grow their own business online.

The number of people not interested in your primary company may be as high as 90%.

MLSP give you the opportunity to help those 90% learn how to grow their business, as well as provide additional revenue for you.

What’s the Cost of MLSP?

Costs vary depending on the package you choose. I used the lower end package which runs right around $50 per month.

This is a cheaper (and simpler) alternative to software such as Clickfunnels or Infusionsoft where you are only paying for the software. With MLSP, you also get pre-done training you can market.

Many of your prospects are already in their own network marketing company and are happy where they are.

They have no desire to switch companies, but they do want to learn how to better grow their team.

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) gives you a chance to monetize that interest into commissions and income.

Maybe you fall into this category of readers. You want success, but you’re not sure where to start or what to do.

You are here to learn though, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

In fact, you may also find more value in the other tools that I use to build my business.

How do You Make Money with MLSP?

MLSP is basically an affiliate and membership program rolled into one.

You pay for the membership and then you focus on using their funnels to create leads for your primary business.

Most leads, as you already know, will not be interested in your primary business. That’s the nature of the beast.

However, MLSP gives you a chance to help people learn to grow their business and make extra income at the same time.

Pro’s and Con’s of MLSP

Pro’s of MLSP

There are quite a few pros about this program.

  1. Extensive training platform: Many top earners in a multitude of MLM companies learned their marketing from the MLSP platform. Once you learn the basics you can transfer those skills to your own brand (Ray Higdon, Tanya Aliza, and Todd & Leah Getts- to name a few).
  2. Residual income: MLSP isn’t a multi-level marketing business. It’s more of an affiliate business. However, the memberships you point people to are monthly, so you’ll make residuals on the people that stick around.
  3. High Quality Users: The target market for MLSP users are business people who are serious about building their business. If a person isn’t willing to spend a little to learn and grow, they aren’t very serious about building. This type of person is a perfect prospect for your primary business.
  4. High Quality Products: You also have the opportunity to promote the MLSP trainings and receive a commission from those. Maybe somebody doesn’t want to use the system, but they are interested in learning a specific skill.
  5. Low price point: Some would argue with me that $50 a month is expensive. I’ve seen other programs out there that don’t offer nearly as much for more than double the price.
  6. Turn-Key Program: MLSP is truly a “turn-key” operation. Once you sign up, you’re ready to rock n’ roll. You can start generating leads and sales immediately by funnels that are already set up and linked to your account.

Con’s of MLSP

  1. Cost: It does cost. I don’t think the cost is prohibitive, but it’s not a free resource. Even though this is a con, if it was free, I think that would be a bigger con because it would be a lower quality.
  2. Overwhelming: The program is so inclusive it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. However, you can get a 1-on-1 strategy session if you need it.
  3. Splits Focus: Since you can make income with MLSP and can make really good income if you market it well, it can take energy and focus away from your primary business. The purpose of the program is to help you generate (and learn to generate) leads for your primary business. However, people who are struggling in their mlm can easily find themselves just trying to make money from MLSP instead of focusing on their primary business. That can happen to the people on your team as well.

#3 was a big issue from me. Most the “leads” I generated with MLSP were not interested in my primary business and were not familiar with me once the became a “lead”.

In addition, an MLSP lead basically meant somebody tried out a product or signed up for a free trial. They really were not leads as I define them.

To me, a solid lead is somebody who has reached out to me and basically said “I want to talk about working with you”, so MLSP leads were quite a bit lower quality than the ones who come through my own marketing channels.

Who Would Benefit From MLSP?

New Network Marketers

If you’re new to network marketing or new to online marketing in general, there’s a lot of foundational principles you can learn from being part of MLSP.

Struggling Network Marketers

If you’re struggling to build your primary business and/or generate leads, MLSP is at least worth checking out. It’s focus is to help the struggling networker earn while you learn.

You can get a ten day trial and give it test run, then if you don’t like it you can cancel.

At least you could see what was included and learn a few things during those ten days to implement into your business.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any trial links here because I don’t use it anymore.

Network Marketers Who
Want to be More Profitable

If you have a profitable network marketing business and do any marketing online, on social media, YouTube, etc., you need to have some digital products to offer your team and the prospects who find you online.

Think about it.
Your team already knows, likes, and trusts you.

In the old days of network marketing, the only people who got to supplement their income with training were the top earners.

MLSP allows you to supplement your network marketing income while you’re still growing your team.

Those Without Their Own
Products or Platform

If you’re in the network marketing arena and you don’t have your own website or platform to generate your own leads with… the MLSP program would be a good fit for you.

It gives you a way to capture leads from your social media and marketing efforts, without needing your own website.

It’s great for those who want to start fast and get going right out of the gate or if you’re just not finding success and want to go online in a big way.

Keep in mind though, as a long term strategy, you absolutely want to create your own platform, generate your own leads, and own that list.

This is something you should be working toward on day one, even if you decide to use the MLSP program.

Who is MLSP NOT For?

Belly to Belly- Face to Face Marketers

If you’re most comfortable building your business face to face and aren’t doing much online (and don’t care to), then you might not find much value in MLSP.

BUT keep in mind, the importance of an online presence is not going away.

However, if there are people on your team trying to build online, you would be wise to give them a systematic way to learn online strategies even if it’s not from you.

Otherwise, they’ll go learn from somebody else and if they pay for that learning, whomever they decide to learn from will reap the commission/reward.

You could easily let them know that even though you don’t build online, it’s a viable business building strategy and you’d be happy to send them a link to a system they can use.

Then text and/or email them a link to whatever they’re interested in (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and you’ll get credit if and when they use it.

At least that way, you’re helping them find education that matches their preferred style of business building and you can earn residual income in the process.

A good leader tries to maximize the strength of their team, not make everybody the same. Click To Tweet

Top Level MLM Distributors

Seasoned and profitable network marketing business builders who are already creating tools and training for their teams probably don’t need My Lead System Pro (MLSP).

If you’re at this stage in your business (a legit top level leader), you want to focus on your own training and resources.

Yes, you could include MLSP as a training program, but you don’t control it.

At the end of the day, it’s a rented resource and they’re renting it to you in exchange for a fee.

If you find yourself in this position, you should really be looking at creating your own high-end custom products, programs, and events that are congruent to you, your team, and your message.

If you make your own trainings, you’ll be able to command a higher price point, your audience (who already resonates with your message) will enjoy it more, and your clients/customers will probably get better results because of the congruence with your message and team culture.

If you’re not there yet though (most people are not) or you just don’t feel like creating all those products, MLSP is a great option.

Many big names like Ray Higdon, Tanya Aliza, and other top earners started with My Lead System Pro and then parlayed that experience into creating their own products.

In fact, if you join and take a look at the leader boards, you’ll see that many of these top earners still utilize MLSP, even at this stage of their business.

What’s Included in MLSP?

This is a loaded question because it offers so much, but I’ll try to give some examples to at least give you an idea of what you get.

I won’t be able to cover everything though, just keep that in mind as you read.

To be perfectly honest, I’ll reiterate that the short trial is the best option for seeing if it’s a fit for you.

Most the marketing messages are centered around specific things….

  • How to Use Facebook to Build a Massive Team
  • How to Increase Twitter Followers by a BaZillion
  • How to generate 17,983 Leads in 21 Days using SnapChat.
  • Facebook- Sponsor 6 Reps per day with $5 FB Ads

Okay, so I made some of those up, but you get the idea.

Whether you came into an MLSP funnel from a Facebook marketing message, Twitter message (or a good ole fashioned MLSP message), you basically end up with access to the same training and same content.

When I signed up, I could hardly sleep that night because there was so much to explore and so many good videos to learn from.

It’s fantastic content.
You’ll know way before your ten day trial is up if it’s a good fit for you.

Navigating MLSP

mlsp my lead system pro review

When you log into MLSP, you see a back office that looks like the screenshot above and it’s broken down into the following categories.


MLSP Home. This is the main page with announcements about upcoming trainings and webinars you can watch, new products, funnels, etc.

Medals (Leaderboards)

The little medals icon has a drop down menu with the current (and past leaderboards).

This gives you an opportunity to see who’s leading the charge and gives you something to shoot for if you’re competitive.

Account Tab

mlsp menu

The account tab shows everything related to your specific account.

You can check out and update your profile, set up autoresponders, update your subscription, and navigate your earnings.

The earnings link is quite useful because you can see what your commissions are and where they came from.

I like to easily be able to see who bought what product because it allows me to focus on what is working for my particular audience.

There’s also contact information on this tab for your prospects should you want to email or call them.

This tab provides a really good overview of how well you’re getting results with MLSP.

Training Tab

The training tab has your training library in it. It also has information about webinars, upcoming webinars, and a place to register for them.

There are also special trainings provided for you.

For example, the person who enrolled me in MLSP is doing a training that I can attend if I want to.

There are affiliate resources, affiliate strategies, and samples ads for you to look at and learn from.

Additionally, you can sign up for your personal 1-on-1 mentoring in this section of My Lead System Pro.

My Websites

This tab lists all the funnels, campaigns, and lead magnets available to you.

This tab is where you’ll spend much of your time (at least I do).

You can see the campaigns, see the provided marketing that goes with them, and more importantly, you can see your statistical data in order to assess what is performing and what’s not.

Once you find an ad and campaign that has a high conversion for you, you simply do more of what is working.

Here’s a list of some of the titles and campaigns I used the most:

  • Fire Your Boss
  • Get 1K FB Fans
  • Instagram Funnel
  • Attraction Marketing Bundle ($1.00)
  • Blogging Bundle (Ray Higdon)
  • Social Media Sponsoring – Sponsor 2-5 Reps a Week
  • Secret Sponsoring Formula
  • Ultimate Tweet Leverage
  • Sponsor 6 Reps a Day with $5 Facebook Ads
  • SEO Training- Rank Your Content on Page 1 of Google
  • 24 Reasons Why Business Owners Need MLSP

These are pre-done funnels with whitepapers and videos specifically designed to help you generate more leads as well as encourage people to become part of MLSP.

Here’s an example of one of my best performers (as of this writing).

MLSP: My Prospects

This section is exactly what you think.

When somebody responds to one of your marketing messages and enters their information, they show up in this prospect list.

There are charts and graphs for you to track your activity and results, as well as a complete back office that is a full customer relationship management system (CRM).

I would argue that the CRM (i.e. the my prospects section) is almost as powerful as the marketing info and would be just as valuable if it was a stand alone product.

Seriously, you’ve got all the funnels pre-made, you drive social media and other traffic into those funnels and when people take action (and they will), they end up in your CRM for you to follow up with.

These can be seen as leads for your primary business but most didn’t seem that interested in switching companies (if I could even get them to pick up the phone or answer an email).

But if they did decided to join you, they’d be fantastic business builders.

Think about it, they went out looking for answers on their own! That’s how they found MLSP, they are obviously taking action to build their business.

Even if they cancel before the 10 day period is up, they are great prospects for your primary business.

To be honest, if you implement this MLSP system correctly, it can be another source of revenue, especially if you’re struggling to be profitable.

You have to prospect and market anyway.

Why not use (and teach) a system that is specifically designed to help you with that?…. AND generate additional revenue from sales in the process.

That’s all I got.

If you aren’t willing to give it a shot, you’re probably not as serious about creating abundance in your life and business as you think you are.

I know… harsh… but true.

The worse thing that can happen (and I’m talking ABSOLUTE WORST) is you don’t like it and you cancel.

So give it a go and see what happens.
It could very well be the shift you’ve been waiting for.

Test Drive MLSP NOW. (This link is inactive because we no longer use this software, please click here to learn how we are currently doing things)

We like to end with an invitation. If you would like to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you can do that by clicking here.

We wish you the best and remember…
“If nothing changes… nothing changes.”

God Bless,

Jason and Daniele