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How to Break Chains of Addiction, Limiting Beliefs, & Mindset

If you’ve ever struggled with how to break chains of addiction, belief, mindset, or any other form of bondage then you know that breaking chains can be a daunting task.

Unfortunately, the very word “chain” produces an image in most people’s minds of something solid and impossible to break… basically… you think of an unbreakable chain.

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate situation of trying to pull something with a rope and it snaps, the first solution is often to try to find a chain because they’re harder to break.

So the word lends itself to the thought that a chain cannot be broken.

But the fact is, chains are not unbreakable.

Breaking chains (both physically and metaphorically) is possible.

The act of breaking chains occurs everyday.

To understand how it’s done, it’s good to look at how physical chains are broken, then we can apply similar methods to the chains that bind us in life.

The method for breaking chains will change based on the type and strength of the chain.

Breaking Chains Method #1: Raw Power

Let’s start with a little chain necklace.

The kind that young children wear when they first start wearing jewelry.

Now imagine you hold it with both hands, you pull your hands apart and snap it.

You break it!
It’s now broken and you are an official chain breaker.

This example is to show you that some chains (particularly small or weak chains), can be broken by sheer will power and force.

Any exterior force with more power than the chain can break it with the application of greater force.

Breaking Chains Method #2: Use a Tool

Next, think of a medium sized chain, the type that is usually used to secure gates or fences.

Picture yourself using a set of bolt cutters to cut that chain.

You could never break the chain yourself, but if you combine your own personal power with the right tool, you are able to break the chain with relative ease.

The lesson here is that sometimes you must use a tool or you will never break the chain.

It’s just not possible to do it using only personal power.

You’ve got to combine your power with a tool specifically designed for breaking chains.

Breaking Chains Method #3: A Larger Power

Lastly, imagine a thick chain that is too big even for your bolt cutters.

Got the image?

It should be a tough, solid chain.

If you’re having trouble, try this.

In your mind, go to a cruise liner port by the ocean and notice the massive chain that is anchored in the water.

Imagine that you attach one end of that huge chain to an anchoring point on the shore.

An anchoring point that cannot be moved.

Let’s imagine there is a thick piece of iron embedded in the concrete by the port or if you’re really creative, let’s just say Thor’s hammer is sitting on the dock.

Yeah, that’s more fun!

Thor’s hammer aint going anywhere and it’s not gonna be moved under any circumstances (aside from Thor picking it up).

Still with me?

Okay, now attach one end to Thor’s hammer and the other end to the huge cruise liner or cargo ship.

Now imagine the chain is long and loose and that ship pulls out at full speed…

What’s going to happen when the chain gets tight and the cruise liner is moving a maximum speed?

The boat won’t just stop.

We all know Thor’s hammer isn’t gong anywhere.

So the weakest point is going to be a link on the chain.

The chain will snap.

Is Breaking Chains in Life Possible?

Why am I writing this article?
Why are you reading it?
Why all the verbal images and metaphors?

Because many people pick up chains as they go through life and the enemy would have you believe that you will forever be in bondage to those chains.

They might be emotional chains.
They could be chains of addiction.
Maybe you have chains of negative thinking or limiting beliefs.

Perhaps they’re chains of insecurity, chains that are holding you back from your potential.

Regardless of what your chains are, I bet you have them, most people do.

Otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far.

I’m here to tell you, breaking chains in your life IS possible!

Whether it’s an emotional chain, the chain of trauma or abuse, a habit or addiction…

Whatever the chain is in your life that’s holding you back, it CAN be broken.

And once a chain is broken… truly broken, it is rarely put back together.

You just need to understand how it’s done and some tools you can use to break it.

How to be a Chain Breaker

If you want to start breaking chains in your life, the first step is to believe they can be broken.

The biggest lie you can accept is that there is no way to break your chains.

Don’t accept that!

In the video below I share how to be a chain breaker.

You’ll learn how to break the chains of limiting beliefs and discouragement, which is the first and most powerful chain that most people carry around.

Once you break that chain, you’ll be prepared to start breaking all the chains in your life.

I encourage you to watch it before scrolling on.

How to break chains in life

How to Break the Chains that Bind You

Now I want to share some more practical ways you can start breaking chains in your life.

Understand this though, breaking chains is not easy.

Nothing worth doing is ever easy…
But it’s worth it!

We all have the seeds of greatness inside of us.

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. -Genesis 1:27 Click To Tweet

You have a purpose on this earth and it’s easy to forget that our struggle is not in the physical realm but in the spiritual realm.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” -Ephesians 6:12

I truly believe that most people don’t live up to their potential and it’s not because they aren’t capable.

Rather, it’s because they falsely believe they aren’t capable.

Maybe you believe that…. that life, that thing, that success… whatever “that” is for you, is not possible for you.

But it’s not true.

So sit up straight, prepare your mind and spirit, and let’s look at how breaking chains can take you to another level.

How to Break the Chains in Your Life
(and Why it’s Important)

I talk a lot about financial freedom on this website.

Everyone wants more freedom, especially here in America because we understand how valuable it is.

Unfortunately, people think if they are financially free, then they are truly free.

If you have chains in your life, any bad habits that are holding you back, you are less likely to ever become financially free.

Besides that, even if you get to financial freedom and somehow keep it (many people get it and lose it), you would still be living a life of bondage if you don’t deal with the chains of your past.

These are the chains you’ve picked up in life along the way.

Scripture tells us:

They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity - for people are slaves to whatever has mastered them. 2 Peter 2:19 Click To Tweet

If you want to be really free, you have to break your chains and then set them down and never pick them up again.

Step 1: Identify & Reframe the Problem

The first step is identifying the problem.

Be specific, chains are heavy.

You will never reach your peak performance and capacity if you’re carrying around heavy chains.

So take a moment to list your top 3 chains that are holding you back.

Common Chains include: 

  • A bad habit
  • Lack of belief in yourself
  • Negativity
  • Emotional baggage
  • Making excuses
  • Procrastination
  • Addiction
  • Refusing to forgive (this binds you… not the person who hurt you!)
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear (of anything)

There are hundreds of examples I could give.

You need to identify the problem.

It shouldn’t be hard, you probably already know what some of your chains are.

So figure out 3 to break in the next 90 days.

Step 2: Figure out Your Why

Don’t skip this step.

You have probably downplayed the emotional and spiritual importance of breaking certain chains in life.

You tell yourself that it’s really not a big deal or it’s really not worth it or it will be too hard to stop, etc.


You need to get angry and ticked off.

You need to reach down inside and find a motivating reason why you must break your chains!

They are probably affecting your life and your performance more than you realize.

Remember the scripture I mentioned earlier…
“people are slaves to whatever has mastered them”.

If anything in your life has mastered you, you are a slave to it and it is holding you back (even if you can’t quite see how).

Step 3: Get Accountable

So you’ve identified and named your chain.
You’ve found a reason to break it and found your why.

Now it’s time to make your chain breaking plan public or semi-public.

Find somebody you trust that you can confide in and let them know you’re going to be breaking that chain.

It’s called accountability.

Ask them if you can check in weekly or daily (or hourly) and give them updates.

See if you can call or text them when you’re struggling.

Having somebody who can hold you accountable takes some of the power away from the chain.

It also allows somebody else to put it in perspective and keep your thinking right.

If and when you start thinking “I’ll never beat this thing”… you’ll now have some support.

The mind is our greatest ally but it can also be our biggest enemy.

If you have an accountability partner, you have somebody there to encourage you and say “yes you will beat this thing” or “quit being a pansy and man-up” (or woman-up).

There’s a reason people have more success in everything when they do it with others.

Whether its working out, running, dieting, building a virtual business, or raising kids…

Various studies and experiments show us time after time that people increase consistency and have more success when they do something with somebody else.

It’s been said like this:

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. -Jim Rohn Click To Tweet

The point is, we tend to be influenced by the people around us.

Most of us like to think that’s not true for ourselves, but it’s true for everybody.

So instead of fighting that truth, why not use it to your advantage.

Find somebody you trust and confide in them.

Maybe they’ll want an accountability person too for something they are struggling with.

Step 4: Replacement Therapy

When you put your chain down, you have to pick something else up so you’re not tempted to pick the chain back up.

Just deciding to quit something is not going to work.

You’ve probably already tried that.

What has worked for me (and it took me years to figure this out) is to replace the habit, thinking, or activity you want to get rid of with something else.

For example, if you want to cut back on eating chocolate… then replace it with drinking water or eating something healthy like fruit.

This will help you master yourself instead of being a slave to that which has mastered you.

Substitution seems so simple but it works.

There is theory and then there is what works.

Doing what works and what has been proven to work is never a bad strategy.

Step 5: Prepare for Imperfection

Make Tyson said “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face”.

So true my friend… so true.

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. -Mike Tyson Click To Tweet

The point of that quote is that nothing ever goes completely according to plan.

Part of growth and the learning process is dealing with failure.

Sometimes we break the chains that bind us and then for whatever reason, at some point we pick them back up.

Maybe they filled a void or gave us peace or it’s just hard to let go.

But the key is remember that just because you picked a chain back up, does NOT mean you are still bound by it!

I’m going to tell you a secret that I could have shared earlier but didn’t.

This post wouldn’t have ranked well in google for “breaking chains” if I had told you this secret up front.

Here’s the secret…

Most of your chains are not really binding you.

This is a powerful concept once you understand it.

Your belief that the chain is binding you is really the only chain that needs to be broken.

Your false belief IS the chain!

In most cases, the only reason chains are holding us back is because we believe they’re attached to us.

In reality, we’re just carrying them around and we falsely believe we can’t set them down.

But you can!

I know you think your situation is different.

That’s normal. We all have the tendency to believe our story is different.

But I don’t care what you’re dealing with, it’s been dealt with and successfully overcome before.

I can’t lose weight…
I’m always depressed…
I’ll never beat this addiction…

Guess what?

People have beaten all sorts of addictions including methamphetamine, heroin, alcohol, sex, nicotine, excessive fatness, and the list goes on.

What one person can do… so can another!

The problem is 99% in your mind.
It’s in your belief structure.

Once you conquer your mind the other 1% is easy.

You will never break your chains until you truly believe that it’s possible for you!

So surround yourself with the right people and put positive and powerful thoughts into your mind.

Reframe your beliefs and follow the steps outlined above and you can break (or put down) any chain in your life that you’ve been carrying around needlessly.

Lastly, we are all imperfect sinners who will never be fully free until we are in heaven with our maker.

If you would like to start a personal relationship with the Jesus Christ, the ultimate chain breaker coach, the only one who can forgive you of all your sins and give you eternal life…

Then please go here to learn about the salvation of Jesus Christ.

God Bless,
Jason & Daniele

*If you’d like to be mentored by us and start working toward financial freedom, you can apply here.