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How to Get Rich: Make Gangster Income… Without Being a Gangster

So you’re ready to learn how to get rich?

In this article I’m going to explain how to create gangster income, without being a gangster!

This will be fun. We’ll look at the strategies gangster use to get rich and create passive income, then I’ll show you how to apply those in a less risky and legal framework.

After all, if you figure out how to get rich and are arrested or killed in the process, it does you no good.

The Bad News is: You’ll need to develop the skills and mindset.
The Good News is: Higher Education isn’t required.

How to Get Rich

Step 1: Understand Gangster Income

Full disclosure, I stole this concept and idea from Jackie Ulmer but I’m going to unpack it a bit more.

So what is gangster income?

Answer: It’s stacks and stacks of cold hard cash.

Who doesn’t want that?

But to understand the concept a bit more, we need to take a deep dive into how gangster income works and how to get rich from a gangster perspective.

Basically, top-level gangsters make their money by putting quality product in the marketplace and taking a kickback from everyone that falls below them in the pecking order.

This is going to be a fun article to write and I hope it’s just as enjoyable to read!

Note: I’m NOT promoting the gangster lifestyle. I will tie it all together at then end so you can see how to get rich using the gangster model… without being a gangster or breaking the law.

Step 2: Develop Your Leadership Skills

If you think leadership isn’t a gangster character trait you’ve got quite a bit to learn.

Any well run organization (including a gang), has a strong leader at it’s helm.

This leader is the top of the pack, brings order to chaos, and develops other leaders around them.

The only difference between a gang and a fortune 500 company is that when your time is up in a gang, you generally get a different type of exit package when your time is up.


But for a gang to be profitable and orderly, a leader must be in charge and leading the pack.

I’ve spent the majority of my career in education.
I’ve run into my share of bonafide gang members.

One thing I learned early on is that if you can identify the leaders of a gang in your school, it’s a bit easier to get things done.

For example, we once had two rivals gangs getting heated.

It started with a few fights and began to escalate over a period of about a week.

We knew something needed to be done and they could care less if they were suspended or arrested for fighting.

So we called in the two organizational leaders of the gangs and had a “sit down” with them.

After much discussion and reasoning, they agreed violence didn’t need to be at the school.

The agreed to sqaush everything and stop wearing their colors at school.

This was 8AM in the morning.
Things were already very tense that morning.
This was our last ditch effort to make things better.

The leaders left the office.

True to their word, they spoke to their “crews” and it was over… like, really over.

We didn’t even have a hint of another gang issue the rest of the year.

I learned the value of strong leadership in any organization, even within the context of a gang, even with teenagers.

John Maxwell says “Leadership is influence, nothing more… nothing less”.

Disagree with their beliefs, values, and methods, but Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, and even Adolf Hitler were able to exercise tremendous influence on other people.

They were strong leaders regardless of the fact they led people into an abyss.

So step 2 of how to get rich is to start developing your leadership skills.

Every long-term, great, and profitable organization has a tremendous leader running things.

You’ll never get rich being a mediocre leader.

Step 3: Be Fearless

Okay, so nobody is fearless.
Not even gangsters.

But you can be courageous.
You better be.
Nothing worth doing is done without courage.

If you’re going to get rich and stay rich, you’re going to have to go against what the masses are doing because guess what?…

Most people never figure out how to get rich.

Risk is involved.
Boldness is involved.
Courage is involved.

You better develop a good strong sense of courage or you’re won’t cut it.

The marketplace will chew you up and spit you out… and nobody will follow somebody without courage.

Step 4: Find Products to Sell

How do you get rich?

This is the question you originally were looking for.

I can tell you one thing for sure, it’s not from a from a job.

Have you heard of Jim Rohn?
(if not, start reading & listening to his stuff)

Jim Rohn said “Profits are better than wages…. When I learned that, I got rich”.

Gangsters find a product to sell and get it on the streets.

Admittedly, I’m not suggesting you start selling drugs, but we can learn a lot from their methodology.

They buy a product in bulk or make it themselves, mark it up, and sell it at a profit.

That’s where all the money comes from!

If you want to really take a lesson from the gang world, find consumable products to sell.

Products that get used up every week or month means…. what?….


If you sell consumable products that customers love, they will re-order every single month!

Step 5: Buy or Manufacture Tons of Product

If you plan to get rich, you’ll need to move lots of product.

You don’t get rich selling just a little.
You need to sell A LOT.

Let’s go for another quote.
Zig Ziglar this time.

Zig said, “Money isn’t everything… but it ranks right up there with oxygen.”

Money isn't everything... but it ranks right up there with oxygen. -Zig Ziglar Click To Tweet

Zig also said… “If you help enough other people get what they want, you can have everything you want.”

That’s exactly what the cartels and big time gangsters do.

They help a lot of people get what they want, by selling them consumable products and making a profit.

The more customers you have, the more money you make.

It’s not as complicated as you may think.

Step 6: Create a Culture Others Want to Be Part of

What else can we learn from the the way gangs operate?

Why do people join a gang?

It’s not just for the money.

Sure, the money is part of it, but there are other less risky ways to get rich and make money.

Mostly people join a gang to be included in a group, be part of a family, and to be part of a system for making money.

Making money and implementing a proven system to get rich are two very different things.

If you want to learn how to get rich like a gangster (without being a gangster), you’ll need to think about creating a culture and a system that will attract others.

You can’t move massive product without a good system for doing it that allows others to benefit as well.

Step 7: Recruit a Network of Soldiers to Sell the Product

Gangsters know how to get rich by scaling the efforts of others.

We’ve covered finding or manufacturing the product and creating a culture and system others want to be involved in.

Now it’s time to bring that product to market on a massive scale.

Sure, the little guy (the soldier) in a gang makes good money…
but they aren’t making gangster income (yet).

So you found a gang with good products and you’re making some money, but you’re tired of being the little guy.

It’s time to focus your efforts on climbing the ranks.

Imagine for a moment that when you sell your product, you make $10 per sale.

If you make 15 sales a day, that’s $150

Not bad, that would be $4,650 per month on a 31 day month.

But… what if you have other salespeople distributing the product for you?

Think worldwide distribution.

This is how legendary gangsters think.

So you decide to break off and start your own gang (easier said then done, but for this example let’s just say you put in your resignation and it’s all good).

Now you’re the gangster and your product is similar to what you sold before starting your new gang.

As the leader now, you’ve got to get things going.

It’s time to recruit some other soldiers for your gang and your system.

Looking at the numbers you realize you will only make .50 cents when somebody else sells the product if you want to stay profitable.

Sounds like a lot less than your $10, right?

Let’s look at how that might look once we run the numbers.

You only have so many hours in day.

Let’s suppose you can make 15 sales (and $150) or recruit 15 people (a different kind of sale, but still the same type of effort).

You choose on a long term strategy for how to get rich.

You decide to recruit others to sell, instead of selling everything yourself.

At the end of 30 days, you have 450 soldiers (salespeople) moving product for you (15 recruits per day times 30 days = 450).

You notice that they are not all as motivated as you though and the average sale per recruit is a lousy 1 sale per day.

If they average 1 sale per day and you earned $.50 off each sale, you would be making $225 per day (instead of $150) and not doing any selling of the product yourself!

– 450 salespeople x 1 sales a day = 450 sales per day.
– Multiply that by your $.50 per sale profit (450 x $.50=$225)

You’re already are making more than you did by your own efforts and you’re just getting started.

Imagine time passed and you kept doing the same thing… recruiting.

Soon you have 1,500 sales people making 1 sale per day and you’re making a whooping $750 per day!

(1,500 x .50=$750 per day)
$750 x 30 days = $22,500 per month!

That’s called leverage.

(Stick with me, at the end I’ll tie this all together and show you how to do this in real life because this model really is a good system for how to get rich)

Step 8: Create an Infrastructure to Support the Soldiers

Your little gang of selling soldiers is now making you some good money but…

Now you spend all your time managing inventory, production, shipping, packaging, and all the money flowing through your organization.

You’ve hit your ceiling and are having a hard time keeping up with everything.

So you decide (as a professional gangster), it’s time to start treating this like a real business.

So you hire a management team, build an infrastructure, and go digital.

You create a website for you soldiers to log into and track all their sales, the sales of their team, and their projected commission.

Customers can buy online now and even get automatic monthly shipments.
You implement drop-shipping.

Now when a soldier (salesperson) makes a sale, the product is shipped directly to the customer.

You begin to develop and manufacture other products so your soldiers have more to offer their customers.

You even incorporate and hire people to manage everything so you can get back to just collecting checks.

Ah,… now it’s all passive income.
Your system is place.

Customers are happy, the product comes right to their door every month.

Soldiers are happy and making money.
The corporation you created is releasing new products every quarter.
You’re happy and collecting buckets of cash passively.

Now with all your time, you start to think and brood…

You begin to wonder how big this could be now that the infrastructure is in place.

Could the system support more people.
Could you 10x your income?
If so… how?

Step 9: Take a Kickback from
Every Soldier Selling Your Product

You begin to wonder, what if you could give an incentive to your soldiers (salespeople) by redefining how they get paid?

What if you could set it up so they could recruit others and get a kickback of their sales, just like you’re doing?

Let’s review where you were at before you ventured off on your own and created your own company with your own infrastructure.

You recruited 450 soldiers/salespeople who were all making 1 sale of your product every day.

At that point you were making $750 per day or about $22,500 per month.

($750 x 30 days =$22,250)

Now you’re ready to take it to the next level.

Your infrastructure is in place and it’s time for national and then global expansion.

Many of your soldiers/salespeople have told you, “hey, I want to use your system to do what you’re doing. You’re making much more money than me and working less… show me how”.

It’s time to make that possible.

To allow everyone in your organization to do this, you get with your corporate team, your accountant, and your lawyer.

They need to run the numbers and do some projections.

After all, you still want to get paid on their sales but you start to think…

Hmmm… what if I could get paid on the sales of all the soldiers they recruit as well?

Your corporate team runs the numbers and they do indeed figure out how to do it.

You implement it and the next thing you know your gang of selling soldiers grows some more.

It continues to grow and in a few years you have an organization of 15,000 people that spans the globe.

You’re still able to maintain your $.50 commission per sale but unfortunately, not all those soldiers are as good at moving your product.

Sales numbers per person go down dramatically from and average of 1 sale per day (15,000 total) to about 1/2 sale per day (7,500).

Some sell more, some sell less, but the average comes out to about 1/2 sell per day, per person.

It still increased your income.

You were making $750 per day which came out to $22,250 per month.

Now, even though the majority of your selling soldiers aren’t as good as you were, you’re still moving 7,500 sales per day through your new organization which is much larger.

7,500 x .50= $3,750 per day
At .50 cents profit per sale, you’re making $3,750 per day.

$3,750 x 30 days = $112,500 per month!

Now you’re making some serious gangster income!

But you’ve also set the wheels in motion and your organization continues to grow over the years until you’re making more money than you could possibly spend.

You have arrived.

Then one of two things happens:
(1) You get shot by a rival and die and your empire is taken over
(2) You get arrested and your empire falls apart

Which leads us to the real how to get rich question… how do you get rich without being a gangster.

How to Get Rich Without the Risk of a Gangster

The first answer to that question is obviously, you need to do something legal.

That being said, there is actually a business model that very closely follows the gangster model I described above.

It’s actually even more thorough than the system described above because the average soldiers (or salespeople) can get paid but those who work harder can get paid even more.

You don’t have to have a certain education.
Your past doesn’t matter.
Your connections don’t matter.
Your successes and failures to this point in your life don’t matter.

All that matters is that you’re hungry and willing to learn.

While this article was fun to write, it’s difficult to explain in detail how it works in words.

It basically works like the gang model above except it’s not illegal and you don’t have to worry about manufacturing, shipping, etc.

It is by far the best and least risky answer to the question of how to get rich.

But it’s outside the box, I keep it close to the vest, and it’s easier to understand with a video.

So if you’d be interested in learning how to get rich using the method we’re using, we have a video to explain it.

At the time of this writing, the video is about 30 minutes long and you can access it here.

Lastly, if you have a void in your life and you’re not sure if money and success will fill it, I was there not to long ago.

Here’s what worked for me.

God Bless and good luck!

Jason and Daniele