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How to Easily Fix Clickfunnels Error “Something is Broken”

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve had issues logging into ClickFunnels and I always get the error that says:

“This doesn’t happen often, but it looks like something is broken. Head back to the home page. There might be more information on our status page.”

Well, it does happen often.
Every day to be precise.

Doesn’t matter what computer or location I log in from?

It’s super annoying and frustrating because if I can’t use ClickFunnels, I can’t modify my landing pages or view data.

I’m hemorrhaging money from my ads without a purpose.

This is what the error looks like….

fix clickfunnels error something is broken

This might be my shortest post ever but regardless, today I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to fix (and bypass) this error in the next 5 minutes…

How to Fix ClickFunnels
Something is Broken Error

First, as I was dealing with this it was super annoying.

After all, Clickfunnels is not a free service (far from it!) and I don’t want to deal with this crap if I’m paying good money for something.

ClickFunnels Customer Support

I found out quickly that Clickfunnels support is not set up to help much.

Trying to find out how to contact them was the first issue.

They dominate first page rankings of Google. So when you’re trying to find information, your search will generally bring up their pages, which point to FAQ’s and other documents.

Since people are actively searching for problems, they spend a lot of time looking through the questions like I did, only to find the answer is not there.

The problem of course, is that Google uses time on page as a ranking factor.

So all that reading causes those pages to rank even though they don’t answer the question.

By the way, if you want to help this page rank for others when you see how easy this fix is, please do these three things:

  1. Give us a dofollow backlink or we’ll never completely outrank clickfunnels
  2. Leave the page open when you’re done for as long as possible
  3. When you do close it, completely close it. Don’t go back to Google for another search.

Anyway, back to my story.
ClickFunnels support wasn’t much help once I did figure out how to contact them.

I sent an email and it took a few days to get a response.

In addition, most the time I respond to their emails, it usually takes at least 24 hours to get any response.

Clear Browsing Cache to fix Clickfunnels Error

The first email from Clickfunnels error support suggested I clear my browsing cache.

Um… duh.
I already did that.

I hate when companies tell me that.

You have to clear everything and then you’ve got to retype in passwords and credentials for every site you frequently visit.

I had this issue with GoDaddy and eventually figured out that even though they kept telling me it was an issue on my side… it really wasn’t.

Once I figured that out I switched from Godaddy to another provider.

Turned out that issue was just a symptom of a much larger systematic problem.

When I switched from Godaddy, my page speed shot through the roof and I doubled my traffic in the first 45 days.

Needless to say, if you have GoDaddy for domain hosting, I recommend switching to another provider immediately.

If you want to know who I use you can always subscribe to my emails and then reply to one and ask, I’ll be happy to tell you.

But that’s not what this post is about.

Use Incognito Mode to fix ClickFunnels Error

This was the 2nd suggestion from ClickFunnels Support.

It worked occasionally and truth be told, I had already tried that.

But it didn’t work every time.

Using Incognito mode can’t be the ultimate solution.

Simple Fix for ClickFunnels Error: Something Went Wrong

So here’s the simple fix.

I’m still waiting to hear back from the company and you should definitely reach out to them while waiting.

But in the meantime, when you log into clickfunnels, change the URL from “/dashboard” to “/funnels”.

For example, when you log in and get the message you will see your URL at the top.

It starts with your account and ends with “…clickfunnels.com/dashboard”

Just change the “/dashboard” to:

That should do it.

I don’t know if ClickFunnels Support will ever figure out a real fix, so this is what I do every day now.

I even saved it as a favorite on my browser because it worked so well to fix the error.

If you’ve been as frustrated as me about this particular ClickFunnels Error Message, please do everyone who is searching for the problem an issue and do one (or all) of the following 3 things below.

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  3. When you do close the window, completely close it. Open up a new window for your next Google search.

And if you’re feeling really generous, you can open a new Google Search and type your original search phrase as well as the word “wealthanize”.

This will give us some branding juice when people search for this term.

I’ve been dealing with this every day for weeks, so I want to help the next person only have to deal with it once.

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God Bless,

Jason & Daniele

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