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How to Develop Gratitude

Being grateful is difficult sometimes. In this post we explore how to develop gratitude in your life so you can experience more joy and purpose.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

girl giving thanks to show how to develop gratitude This week I had an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend who I haven’t spoken to in many years.

It was an wonderful conversation as we reminisced about the past and wondered about the future.

The conversation reminded me that everyone is fighting a tough battle called life.

I’m fighting that battle.
You’re fighting that battle.

And the person who does something today that really irks you… they’re fighting that battle as well.

Life is a formidable opponent who likes to catch us off guard, knock us to the ground, and then kick us while we’re down just for fun.

But one thing you need to remember, regardless of how bad it gets, is that we always have something to be thankful for.

Remembering that one thing is how you develop gratitude in your life.

There is always somebody who has it worse than you.

To develop gratitude, you need to practice it.
It’s not human nature to be grateful and thankful.

Make it a habit to be grateful everyday, it will transform your attitude and your life.

You’ll start to see the beauty around you and enjoy the moments more.

The scripture I chose today recommends to “rejoice always“… AND “…give thanks in all circumstances.”

That means even in the darkest moments and circumstances, there is something to be thankful for.

Even in the darkest moments and circumstances, there is something to be thankful for. Click To Tweet

What you focus on you get more of.

If you focus on the bad in your life or business, you’ll see all the bad.
You’ll experience more of the bad.
And you’ll feel bad in your spirit.

If you focus on the good, you’ll see the good…
Experience more good…
And feel good in your spirit.

I know this sounds a little Polly-Anna.
Trust me, it’s not and that’s not me.
It’s human psychology and biblical truth.

You can’t stick your head in the sand when bad things are happening in your life or business and hope they go away.

That’s not what I’m suggesting at all.

I’m just suggesting if you want to develop gratitude, then you have to re-calibrate and focus on the positive.

The best way to do this is with a perspective change.

It’s easy to flippantly say, “smile, somebody else has it worst”.

But when you’re in the middle of hard times, it’s difficult to believe other people have it worst because you wonder how it could possibly be any worse.

I know.
I’ve been there.

If you’re currently going through a dark period spiritually, mentally, physically, or financially you should still give thanks.

It sounds difficult and it is, but I wouldn’t say it just to say it.

Learning how to develop gratitude is the secret of joy, peace, purpose, fulfillment, and so much more.

It can actually help your inner turmoil because it leads you to peace.

In that state of peace you will have more clarity and better decision making ability to see what your next steps should be.

If you need help with perspective, this two minute video with Nic Vujicic is worth a watch.

Nic was born with no arms and legs and has learned firsthand how to develop gratitude in life.

how to develop gratitude - nic vujicic

The other thing I would say is pray.

In the scripture for today, sandwiched between the two recommendations to rejoice and give thanks, is the instruction to “pray continuously”.

Prayer is a powerful tool.

Don’t just pray in the hard times, make it a habit to pray every day… continuously.

Questions for Reflection/Action Steps

  1. How to Develop Gratitude?… Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for in your life right now.
  2. What are the top 3 negative things you will stop focusing on so you can have more gratitude?
  3. Develop gratitude on a larger scale: What do you have to be thankful for? Write everything you can think of. Then review it and add to it daily.
  4. How can you help develop gratitude and the habit of thankfulness in your business or team?
  5. Pray: start today to make it a habit to pray everyday and thank God for the things you have.

JOHN 3:16


I know all good things come from above. Thank you God for the blessings I have in my life and for the future blessings that are on the way. I want thank you specifically today for ____________ (fill in the blank).

Jason and Daniele