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4 Content Marketing Strategies for Ridiculous Growth!

Content Marketing Compared:
YouTube vs. Blogging vs. podcasting vs. Social Media

This is content marketing for beginners, but what exactly is content marketing?

How do you make money with content marketing?

What’s the best types of content marketing?
Blogging? Youtube? Podcasting? Social Media?

We’re gonna do a deep dive into content marketing today and answer all these questions and more so whether you’re new to content marketing or just getting started, you’re gonna know how to do it right.

If you’d prefer to watch a video on the topic, here’s the same info in video format:

4 BEST Content Marketing Strategies For Beginners

First let’s talk about what content marketing is.

Let’s start with the word “content”.

What do we mean by content when we say content marketing?

What is the content part?

It’s like this.

When you, a company, or any organization, puts out digital information in the form of a blog, a podcast, a Youtube video, or a social media post… that is content creation and it’s the content we’re referring to.

You can create content on anything from racing to health and fitness to raising worms.

The marketing part simply means that you are using content to generate interest or awareness for your company or business.

The goal is to eventually be making money, commonly referred to as monetizing your content.

So content marketing is when you publish content online as way to draw more people and eyeballs to what you’re doing.

There are 4 main content marketing strategies that solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and businesses use to generate leads and additional income.

These four strategies are: Blogging or a website…. YOutube videos…. Social media marketing such as facebook, Instagram, clubhouse, etc. and lastly – podcasting.

Right now, most content marketing falls into one of those categories, so let’s take a look at each one and see which one offers the greatest opportunity to the average person.

Let’s start with blogging.

I started with a blog.

It seems like a good place to start.

What was that line in the famous kevin Kostner movie…. “If you build it, they will come”.

Um… yeah right.

It didn’t work that way Ray, at least not for me.

A blog is a great way to draw in traffic, but unfortunately there are 600 million blogs already in existence and 6.5 billion (yes. Billion with a B)… 6.5 billion new blog posts being published every year.

There are 31 million blog writers who publish content at least once a month.


Source: https://growthbadger.com/

Did you know for most keywords it can take 12 to 24 months before a post even starts ranking and getting organic traffic from google…. And that’s IF it’s going to rank at all!

I can tell you from experience this is pretty much how long it takes and it sucks.

If you have a new site with low domain authority or DA, then you have to wait at least 1-2 years to even see if your post is going to rank.

Did I mention it sucks…. Because does…. It sucks.

I’ve also learned over the years that blogging is super technical and expensive compared to other content marketing strategies.

From the technical side, if you aren’t able or willing to learn wordpress, then don’t bother blogging.

You also have to name image files correctly, use the right keyword density, keep images the right size so they load fast, get lots of high quality backlinks, keep people on your page longer than your competitors, and a bunch of other technical stuff that Google looks at when determining ranking.

You also have to make sure you do all that and still keep your site pages loading super fast.

In fact, if you’re not willing to pay extra every month for a domain name, https security, and a dedicated server with your hosting provider so your site loads faster than others, then you’ve lost before you even started.

Why is that?

Because if you remember, there are 31 million bloggers publishing content every month.

A free wix or weebly site just won’t cut it for content marketing and blogging.

Google search is splitting hairs at this point and rankings are determined by very tiny margins.

Unless you do everything I mentioned and do it exceptionally well, you won’t be able to compete with the people who do all those extra things (or the companies who pay big money for people to do all these things).

With that many competitors, we’re talking about tiny little differences.

For example, maybe your blog page loads in 1.4 seconds, but you have competitors who can get that down to 1.3 seconds…

If that happens, they beat you on speed.

Or what if you have 25 backlinks but you have competitors with 26 or maybe they have 25 too, but their 25 are better domain authority sites… then they beat you again.

I could go on and on about blogging but trust me, it’s not worth it if you’re just starting out.

Save your time, energy, and money.

There are better, cheaper, and less competitive strategies.

With that said, let’s look at podcasting.

Podcasting is starting to grow as a content marketing strategy but it’s not nearly as popular yet as some of the others.

So why are we even talking about it… because it’s early which makes it a great opportunity.

If you like to talk or interview people, this might be a perfect fit for you.

Podcasting does have some cost associated with it because you might want some equipment, but if you don’t want to spend money upfront, you could download the anchor app.

Anchor lets you record and publish podcasts from your phone.

Here are some of the reasons podcasting is a great content marketing strategy.

Number 1…Unlike the billions of blogs, there are only 2,000,000 podcasts and 48 million total episodes.

I know that sounds like a lot but we learned that blogging has 31 million active bloggers who publish every month.

That means 31 million blog posts are created every month.

Podcasting has only 48 million total episodes and only 2,000,000 podcasts in existence. (source: https://podcasthosting.org/)

If you do a podcast on a topic, there’s a good chance you’ll get some traction.

Another thing I like about podcasting as a content marketing strategy is that you have people’s attention for longer.

Podcasting is unlike any other content marketing strategy because with social media, YouTube, and a blogging article, people usually decide in the 1st few seconds if they want to stick around.

With a podcast, often people are consuming the content while driving or doing something else.

They are more inclined to listen through an entire episode.

Since it’s your voice talking they are also more inclined to know, like, and trust you which increases the chances they will look to you OR the solutions you promote when they are ready to buy.

If I had time, I would make podcasting one of my content marketing strategies.

It is currently on my list and I hope to eventually have time to do one.

When I do, I’ll link to it in the description.

Before we get to the best content marketing strategy available right now, let’s look at what is the most popular… social media.

People are forever on social media and many, many people are trying to do content marketing with social media.

This is especially true in my industry which is stacked affiliate marketing.

People like social media because things can go viral.

However, there’s not a lot of rhyme or reason to what goes viral.

Plus, a viral video may mean instant fame but not necessarily income to go with it.

I have no desire for fame but money makes life easier.

As Zig Ziglar said, “Money isn’t everything… but it ranks right up there with oxygen.”

It’s very hard to funnel people from a social media post that went viral to a specific page and monetize that instant viral traffic.

Social media just isn’t set up that way. It’s not driven by users doing searches or by search rankings.

It’s a feed.

Feed and search are two totally different animals.

With a feed, your content starts dying as soon as you create it and publish it.

There is a shelf life, usually 1-2 days, maybe longer if it’s a really popular post.

However, with YouTube, google, or even a podcast, your content will mature and grow as time goes on.

That’s because these platforms are driven by search.

Ranking for those search terms can be very powerful.

For example, I published a blog article about flipping money and after a few years it was ranking for some key search phrases.

It now brings about 36,000 visitors a year to my website and it’s still growing.

It took time to rank and for that traffic to start coming in, but it’s been bringing that many visitors for a few years now.

After seeing how well it did, I decided to do a video on the same topic (flipping money).

It got like 25 views on YouTube the first few days…. A year later it is generating 3,000 views per month and continues to grow.

That’s how the search algorithms work.

Unlike a social media fee which you constantly have to… well… feed…

A social media platform picks up your content, shows it to some people who happen to be scrolling, and then drops your content and stops showing it to people.

It only lives a few days at most.

Search engines work differently.

They show your content to just a few people.

If it’s good content it is shown to a few more, then a few more, and it can continue to expand.

When you focus your content marketing efforts on search engines, it allows you to create content that will grow in popularity.

As it grows, eventually you’re generating enough traffic, leads, and income that you don’t have to constantly feed the machine.

That brings me to what I feel is the best content marketing strategy right now in terms of opportunity and income potential, which is… wait for it…..

content marketing on YouTube!

There are so many reasons why YouTube is a great content marketing strategy right now.

I’m going to go through a few of them real quick.

First, more and more people are starting to watch and use YouTube on a daily basis.

Youtube currently has over 2 Billion logged in monthly users and that doesn’t even count those who are watching without logging in.


Now that wireless streaming is in most homes, YouTube is able to be watched on the television screen in the living room, the bedroom, or wherever there is a television.

That means YouTube is competing with companies like Hulu, Netflix, cable, and Amazon Prime.

I know in my house, we quickly run out of anything good to watch on those other channels so more and more often we are being drawn to watching YouTube videos.

Plus, since YouTube is a search engine, it is much better at making recommendations than any of those other platforms.

The 2nd reason to use YouTube for content marketing is that it’s not as competitive as other content marketing strategies.

We’ve established that more and more people are watching YouTube, so you may be thinking you missed the boat if you want to use YouTube for content marketing.

But here’s the thing, unlike blogging, which is just words, YouTube is video.

There are less people who are comfortable being on video.

That means there the competition is going to grow slower.

New users are flooding the platform in record numbers but content creators aren’t growing as quickly as demand.

It’s the old supply and demand thing.

Also, aside from not wanting to be on video, most people are doing content marketing wrong by ignoring YouTube and putting their energy into social media.

So now is the time to take advantage of the low competition on YouTube.

YouTube right now is like blogging was 10 years ago.

If you build it, they will come. If you build it ray, they will come ray.

If you create good content, they are likely to come and you are likely to succeed.

Okay, Number 3… the 3rd reason YouTube is an awesome content marketing strategy is that it’s video AND it’s interactive video!

First the video part.

Your audience can connect with you much better from a video than they can from the written word.

That’s why I always try to start my videos with my own face so my audience can connect with me as a person.

But YouTube video is also interactive.

Your audience can interact with you in the comments section.

I am always humbled and grateful when I get a comment from somebody.

It’s so neat to think that somebody can connect with me from another state or country just by leaving a comment.

Speaking of comments, please drop your location in the comments below so we can see how far around the world this video reaches.

And… if it’s not too much to ask…. Hit that like button until it turns blue.

Okay, back to content marketing on YouTube.

I mentioned earlier how tough blogging is from a technical standpoint.

YouTube is the opposite… at least right now.

There really isn’t any technical stuff except making a video, which is much easier to learn than SEO and wordpress.

If you have a phone you can start learning right away.

Put out good, quality content and videos with good thumbnails and you don’t have to worry about all the technical stuff that goes with a website.

The icing on the cake for all of this is that with YouTube you can start generating income by building up a channel and participating in the YouTube partner program.

That means YouTube will share ad revenue with you.

So not only are you making sells and generating leads, you can also create revenue just by people watching your content.

Technically, the same type of thing is possible with a blog if you put ads on your site, but there are some problems with doing this with a blog.

For one, you need a ridiculous amount of traffic to make it worth it.

Some of the best paying ad revenue companies require you to have 50,000 page views a month to even be considered.

My blog is ten years old and I’ve been consistently putting content up for the past four years and I only get 10,000-15,000 page views per month.

On top of that, when you put ads on your site, you slow it down and hurt the user experience, which means you will lose SEO and organic traffic because of it.

See, blogging and SEO is just sooo technical.

That’s why creating content for YouTube is the way to go.

If I had to put these content marketing strategies in order from worst to best I would rank them like this.

#1 would be YouTube, the 2nd largest search engine in the world and growing.

#2 Would be podcasting because they are growing in popularity, there aren’t too many out there, and your typical podcaster is a lifelong learner.

Some studies have found that most podcast listeners earn $100,000 or more which means they would make a great fan base because if they want something, they can probably afford to buy it.

Okay, #3 would be blogging. Yes, it’s hard and it’s technical and it’s expensive. I hate to recommend it above anything but it is based on search and putting your energy into ranking for search is a better long term strategy than creating content for a feed.

Which brings me to #4 and the worst way to do content marketing- social media feeds.

Since content on social media typically dies and can’t organically grow, I just don’t see it as a good way to do content marketing because you will always have to feed the machine.

As I get older, I want to be generating the same or more income without working as much…

social media marketing doesn’t get you there but the other content marketing strategies do.

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